The NFL Draft’s Final Pick: Mr. Irrelevant

Mr. Irrelevant

It’s the dubious distinction given to the very last or 256th pick in the NFL Draft.

Paul Salata, a former NFL wide receiver is credited with starting the good natured Mr. Irrelevant movement way back in 1976.

At first, some football fans snickered at the title given to the NFL Draft’s final selection.

And, many NFL prospects bristled at the thought of being picked last in the draft and then being jokingly called Mr. Irrelevant.

But, newly appointed Mr. Irrelevants have ample reason to celebrate.

By no means does carrying the mantle of Mr. Irrelevant imply that a player is inconsequential, insignificant or unimportant.

Upon further analysis and without any booth review, players and fans alike find that just the opposite is true.

Indisputable media evidence quickly proves that donning the Mr. Irrelevant moniker is NOT a bad thing after all.

Just ask these former final picks in previous NFL Drafts:

Mr. Irrelevant 2014 Lonny Ballentine signed a four year, $2.3M contract with the Houton Texans.

Mr. Irrelevant 2009 rookie kicker Ryan Succup tied an NFL record by converting 86.2% of his field goal attempts.

Mr. Irrelevant 1999 Jim Finn basked in Super Bowl 42 victory with the New York Giants.

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Over the years, nearly every Mr. Irrelevant has made an NFL roster.

Plus, the final draft picks unexpectedly find their social calendars busier than ever imagined.

They all join in the fun as their dubious honor is playfully mocked – all in the name of good will and charity.

In addition to being awarded the Lowsman Trophy – the opposite of the Heisman Trophy in which a player is shown fumbling a football – Mr. Irrelevant and his family are lavishly celebrated in Newport Beach, CA each July as guest of honor at the Mr. Irrelevant golf tournament, regatta and roast.

That’s right.

What some people have viewed as a dubious distinction, others, especially the actual Mr. Irrelevants, feel more like lottery picks for being the last player taken in the NFL Draft.

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