2 Cent Tuesday: NBA Got It Wrong to Not Suspend Draymon Green

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog will more than likely kick Golden State Warriors star Draymon Green right in his %@$#!

That’s because my post cites the obvious and exposes the NBA’s poor and unequal decision making.

After ruling that Cleveland Cavaliers’ back-up Dahntay Jones must sit out a game in the Eastern Conference Finals for punching Toronto Raptors’ center Bismack Biyombo in the family jewels, the league dramatically reversed course.

The NBA got it wrong, very wrong, by not doling out similar judgment and not suspending Draymon Green for kicking OKC Thunder center Steven Adams in his unmentionables.

Same area of the body effected, same body parts accosted, but not the same unbiased verdict on the NBA ruling.

After scrutinizing Green’s actions from infinite angles and countless slow motion replays, the NBA powers-that-be opted to fore go suspending Green for his apparently obvious, direct kick to Adams’ private area.

The ruling begs me to ask.

Who comprised the NBA disciplinary committee that adjudicated on Green’s blatant cheap shot? Bill Laimbeer? Charles Oakley? Or, maybe former Warriors’ Rick Barry, Wes Unseld Al Attles?

Is the NBA serious?

How do you make journeyman reserve Jones sit out a game for a sneaky punch to the privates and overlook rising star Green’s overt, flailing kick to Adams’ groin?

Do television ratings wield such influence in league offices to prompt such an illogical and wrong conclusion?

Did league officials actually watch the same video replays we all witnessed?

Known for his animated personality, pesky defense and high energy game, Draymond Green stirs up controversy every time he takes to the NBA hardwood.

A highly intelligent and immensely skilled player, Green has made a huge impact in his three brief years in the NBA. He can defend multiple positions, handle the ball like a guard, shoot the three, pass off the dribble and, also, aggravate the heck out of opposing players and fans alike.

A Defining Moment in Draymon Green’s Career

Sunday night’s kick to Adams’ cojones will stand as a defining moment in Green’s young career. There’s no going back, no removing his size 16 sneakers from Adams’ groin and no rewinding the video of his seemingly intentional action.

What matters most to Green now is to keep his ever motoring mouth shut, play as hard as he always does and lead his team to victory.

Green got a mulligan from the NBA for his unnecessary action.

Let’s hope he’s learned his lesson.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

MIKE on sports!

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Friday Sports Funny: The Runner Was Caught Napping

MIKE Sports Comic: Caught the Runner NappingToday’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on the old baseball cliche “the runner was caught napping.”

I always enjoy bringing old, but easily recognized sports cliches to life in clever comics. And, today is no different.

One of our illustrators nailed this comic where you see a serious umpire, an unemotional second baseman and a totally innocent runner who just got caught napping – literally!

The MLB Network would more than likely broadcast this scenario over and over again – if it ever really occurred.

That’s because one of Major League Baseball’s most colorful clichés is to say that a careless base runner was caught napping after he’s picked off base by an alert pitcher or catcher.

In this comic, the runner is literally napping.

He’s peacefully sleeping beneath his bright red blanket while holding a teddy bear and his beloved bat.

This is an easy call for the umpire, and a legitimate reason for the sleeping player’s coach to be upset at the napping runner.

MLB managers would cringe if snoozing or otherwise daydreaming base runners on their baseball team were caught napping.

If you enjoyed this  “caught the runner napping” comic, then write me at mikeonsports@yahoo.com and suggest a future Friday Sports Funny.

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#TBT Sports Blog: New York Rangers Mark Messier

MIKE sports comic - former New York Rangers Mark MessierToday’s #TBT sports blog remembers one of the greatest NHL players ever. This former New York Ranger earned his fitting nickname – the Messiah – in the Big Apple in 1994.

The Messiah moniker was a clever adaptation of New York Rangers’ hockey savior Mark Messier’s name.

That’s because New York sports fans attribute the Rangers’ first Stanley Cup Championship in 1994 to this 33-year-old hockey Hall of Famer. Messier boldly led his team to “Hockey’s Promised Land.”

Messier’s lore got its genesis just prior to facing elimination in Game 6 of the 1994 NHL Eastern Conference Finals against the New Jersey Devils. Messier audaciously predicted a Rangers’ victory in the same fashion as Babe Ruth prophesied his “called shot” and Broadway Joe Namath predicted his “Super Bowl III guarantee.”

The Hockey “Messiah’s” Prophecy

Ensuring that his “prophecy” came to fruition, the Rangers’ long awaited hockey Messiah found the back of the net three times in the decisive third period to close out the series.

Messier cemented his legacy as a New York sports legend when the Rangers advanced to defeat the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals. It marked the New York franchise’s first title in its 54 year history. The Messiah’s goal in the second period of Game 7 turned out to be the deciding factor in the Rangers’ victory.

Winning Stanley Cup Trophies was not new to Messier. He remains the only player in NHL history to captain two different teams to championships. The 26-year NHL vet won five titles when he played in his hometown in Alberta, Canada with the Edmonton Oilers.

Also known as Moose because of his strength and aggressiveness on the ice, the rugged Hockey Hall of Famer did more than accumulate team awards.

A 15-time all-star, Messier also won the sport’s highest individual accolades during his lengthy NHL career. He won the Hart Trophy in both 1990 and 1992 as league MVP. He was also awarded the Conn-Smythe Trophy as MVP of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals.

A crowd favorite, Messier pocketed two ESPY awards for Best NHL Player and for Outstanding Performance Under Pressure. The NHL acknowledged Messier’s storied career by naming one of its annual trophies the Mark Messier Leadership Award. And, Hockey News recognized him as #12 on its list of greatest players ever.

Messier Inducted to Hockey Hall of Fame in 2007

In 2007, the Hockey Hall of Fame inducted the Messiah in his first year of eligibility. The hockey legend’s staggering NHL career statistics guaranteed his spot. The former Ranger and Oiler retired as second all-time in regular season points (1,887), playoff points (295) and regular season games (1,756).

Though he may be remembered as one of hockey’s best players to never have won an Olympic medal, Mark Messier will never be forgotten as New York’s hockey Messiah.

Because of his brilliant play and leadership that led the Rangers’ to its first Stanley Cup Championship in 1994, Mark Messier is an easy open net goal at #9 in New York Sports Icons.

New York Sports Stars and LandmarksClick on the purple cover above to safely download my FREE sports comic book New York Sports Icons and read about Hockey’s Messiah.

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2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: Steph Curry’s Unnecessary Game 1 Flexing

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

My 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog may border on the sacrilegious for some hoops fans.

More than likely, it’ll offend basketball purists and prompt an onslaught of hate mail for its publication.

Scorners, especially from Northern California, will unleash venomous rebuttals, while excoriating me and, in all likelihood, unsubscribing from my blog.

But, the truth needs to be told. His action was totally unnecessary.

While watching last night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder, I finally witnessed reigning NBA MVP, and my favorite NBA player, Stephen Curry do something unsettling on the basketball court.

No, I’m not referring to his annoying habit of gnarling his dangling mouthpiece.

Nor am I citing his seven turnovers in last night’s game or his quick trigger on a number of long range missed shots that we’ve all grown accustomed to his making.

What unnerved me was the spaghetti armed Curry flexing his anemic muscles. He preened unnecessarily after inexplicably converting an off-balance circus shot while bouncing off the stout defending 7 foot and 265 lb. OKC center Steve Adams.

Curry’s brief Herculean pose at the 4:59 minute mark of the first quarter may have been innocently dismissed by chuckling TNT announcers.

However, mark my words. It did not go unnoticed by Thunder players or fans like me who look for salient, motivating moments in big games or important series.

Come on, Steph, did you have to flex your scrawny biceps?

Was it necessary? You’re better than – even if your probable NBA Finals rival LeBron James has been known to pose in similar fashion.

Steph Curry’s Unforeseen Flex in NBA Western Conference Finals

Curious if Thunder Coach Billy Donovan makes mention of Curry’s unforeseen flex in the next team meeting.

Or, was the unexpected pose witnessed by all of his squad’s players and seared in their psyches as more motivation to knock Curry and his talented Warriors team off their NBA perch?

Am I over-reacting? Maybe.

Will Curry’s pose provide some locker room chatter? Probably.

Did the Thunder’s much taller and brawnier players witness the NBA MVP’s momentary preening posture? Of course.

And, will Curry’s action galvanize the underdog Thunder in Game 2. Absolutely!

Bad move, Steph, but you’re still my favorite NBA player.

And that’s my 2 cents.

MIKE on Sports!

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Friday Sports Funny: Other Team Runs Like Deer

Today’s Friday Sports Funny, the other team runs like deer, is self-evident.

Intimidation is written all over the faces of these three runners.

Fear grips them as they gaze at the ominous shadows of powerful deer their opponents cast onto the track.

How ironic that these opponents are only shadows and real runners cannot be seen anywhere in the picture.

What a great lesson to learn in any sport.

Sometimes our imagination plays tricks on us.

Negative, fearful thoughts can make our challenge, or in this case our opposition, appear bigger, stronger and faster that they really are.

Intimidation and fear can quickly paralyze athletes in any sport whether it’s football, baseball, basketball hockey or soccer.

Imagine stepping into the batter’s box in an MLB game and facing the imposing 6’10” Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson on the mound.

Imagine having to guard LeBron James in an NBA Finals Game.

And, imagine trying to defend Megatron Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions in the open field.

Yup, I’d be a little apprehensive, too.

However, unlike the fearful runners shivering in apprehension as they look at the shadow of the much larger deer with hinds feet, we do not need to follow in their foot steps if we’re prepared and are poised to give our best.

Hey, but let’s not forget that this is only a comic, or my Friday Sports Funny, because the other team really doesn’t run like deer.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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#TBT Sports Blog: NBA “Iceman” George Gervin

Ice Man

NBA legend George Gervin

Today’s #TBT sports blog highlights one of my favorite NBA players who is also starring in a clever Gatorade Frost commercial with the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade.

An uncommon cool on the basketball court, coupled with an icicle thin stature, earned this NBA Hall of Famer the nickname The Iceman.

Silky-smooth George Gervin possessed a feathery shooting touch. He repeatedly made very difficult shots look easy during his high scoring ABA and NBA playing days. One of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, The Iceman’s brilliant stroke and dizzying array of shots made him impossible to guard.

At 6’7” Gervin was too long for shorter guards to cover as he easily shot over them. At 185 lbs. Gervin was also too quick and athletic for taller players to guard. He easily drove by bigger opponents and finished his drives with a stop-on-a-dime pull-up jumper, a fluid reverse lay-up or his signature finger-roll shot.

George Gervin Inducted into Naismith HOF in 1996

A 1996 Naismith Hall of Fame inductee, Gervin was also selected as one of the NBA’s Greatest 50 Players and voted as a member of the ABA All-Time Team. Gervin’s storied professional career began after two years of college ball at Long Beach State and then Eastern Michigan University.

The Iceman earned a spot in 1972 with the Virginia Squires in the upstart ABA after hitting 22 of 25 three point shots during a tryout. Gervin played alongside the legendary Dr. J. with the Squires, but was surprisingly traded to the San Antonio Spurs in 1974 in a cash deal. Shortly after the trade, the Squires franchise folded.

The Iceman’s career flourished with the Spurs where he led the NBA in scoring on three different occasions – 1978, 1979 and 1980. He won his first scoring title in 1978 by dropping 63 points on the then New Orleans Jazz on the final game of the season. The Spurs retired The Ice Man’s #44 jersey in 1996.

After 14 NBA seasons, Gervin ended his career with 26,595 points and an impressive 25.1 ppg average. He carried an amazing 50.1% career shooting percentage. He also collected 5,602 rebounds and dished out 2,798 assists. A five-time NBA All First Team selection, The Ice Man was also voted to play in nine NBA All-Star games and won the game’s Most Valuable Player award in 1980.

Gervin helped transform the pro game into the fast-paced, high-flying sport played by highly skilled athletes today.

Because of his timeless, ultra cool nickname, The Iceman is featured in my sports comic book – Favorite Sports Nicknames – available on Amazon for only 99 cents.

Favorite Sports NicknamesThough today’s top NBA players may be cultural icons exuding super cool personas, let’s never forget that there will always be just one finger-rolling, rail thin NBA Hall of Fame player known for playing his game ultra cool – The Iceman.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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Friday Sports Funny: Favorite Funny Sports Quotes

Favorite Sports Quotes

If you love funny stuff, then some of the following funny sports quotes should give you every reason to break out in a belly laugh.

This group of funny sports quotes comes in at #3 in my sports comic book available on Amazon called Favorite Sports Quotes.

Here’s a sample of what’s in the book which is available on Amazon. Bust a gut!

“I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.” ~ FOX Football analyst and four-time Super Bowl Champion Terry Bradshaw.

“If horses can’t eat it, I won’t play on it.” ~ Former MLB player Dick Allen commenting on why he won’t play on Astroturf.

“When I am right, no one remembers. When I am wrong, no one forgets.” ~ Legendary MLB umpire Doug Harvey.

Judge: “Your actions are community service and a fine. Do you have any regrets?” Charles Barkley: ”Yes, I regret we weren’t on a higher floor.” ~ NBA Hall of Famer in court after throwing a man through a ground floor bar room window.

“It’s a partial sell-out.” ~ Unknown author, but a very clever response to a poorly attended basketball game.

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.” ~ retired PGA champion Gary Player.

“There are no fours.” ~ Never shy, now broke long range NBA shooter Antoine Walker on asked why he shoots so many threes.

“Nobody roots for Goliath.” ~ Dominating NBA Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain.

“Whoever said, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose that counts,’ probably lost.” ~ Legendary tennis player Martina Navratilova.

“We have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all of our games are played indoors.” ~ funny Valaraiso University basketball coach Weldon Drew.

When sportscaster Bob Costas asked then Houston Oilers Coach Phillips why he always took his wife on NFL road trips, he responded, “She’s too ugly to kiss good-bye.”

For more Favorite Sports Quotes, click HERE and download the sports comic book for only 99 cents on Amazon.

Plus, feel free to write me with funny sports quotes you think should have made my list: mikeonsports@yahoo.com

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#TBT Sports Blog: Michael Jordan’s Awkward HOF Speech

Former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan

Today’s #TBT Sports Blog rewinds the calendar back to 2009 and recalls my post on NBA icon Michael Jordan’s awkward Basketball Hall of Fame speech.

Jordan retired as arguably basketball’s G.O.A.T. or greatest of all-time. But, his regrettable words during his enshrinement speech usurped what otherwise could have been an incredible evening: to reminisce about his extraordinary accomplishments, acknowledge friends and former foes and exhibit genuine gratefulness to those who helped make him a global star.

Watch his speech from that evening and then read my commentary on “Air” Jordan who grounded himself on what should have been a remarkable night.

Here ya go…

“…On that strange night in September 2009 in Springfield, MA, his tears were definitely genuine.

At first, he appeared poised, once again, to soar above all mere mortals in the basketball world.

However, the monumental chip on Michael Jordan’s shoulder loomed larger than any words 23 uttered during his Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

His speech, filled with petty remarks and delivered at times with a mean spirit, is an authoritative slam dunk in my FREE sports comic book Worst About Sports.

Click on the yellow cover below to safely download.

Worst About SportsJordan’s inexplicable words at first baffled, and then essentially grounded perhaps the NBA’s greatest player in the eyes of expectant, but bewildered contemporaries, teammates, coaches and fans.

On a special night when MJ could have perpetuated his larger than life legacy, he tethered himself to the induction ceremony’s podium in a self made pair of cement Air Jordans.

This iconic Hall of Fame athlete should have demonstrated gratefulness and appreciation for the people whose paths he crossed during his unprecedented, storied career.

However, he only showed a deep rooted angst and a surprising, agitated spirit.

Sadly, I will always remember Jordan’s induction speech as one of the worst moments in recent sports history.

Jordan’s inexplicable words sullied his outer-worldly reputation as one of generation’s greatest overall athletes.

His speech reduced a man viewed larger than life to a small minded, petty, retired athlete who had something to prove.

Jordan unnecessarily took shots at vanquished opponents and coaches when none were necessary.

Jordan pontificated about his profound competitiveness when no one ever questioned it.

Jordan punctuated his speech with selfish, snarky remarks when he should have followed the new Hall of Famers previously inducted that evening with self-less comments filled with grace and heartfelt thanks.

The audience laughed awkwardly at MJ’s snide comments and applauded dutifully when 23 exited the dais.

Sure, perhaps the best player on the planet was acknowledged and rightfully so. However, a once adoring basketball world was left to wonder what Michael still wanted to prove.

In the eyes of many that evening, Air Jordan’s hubris grounded himself!

However, here’s hoping that the next time 23 takes a stage somewhere, Michael leaves the monumental chip in the locker room or his posh Florida mansion he now shares with his beautiful wife.

A less self-absorbed Michael Jordan will allow him to soar once again to basketball greatness – un-tethered and unencumbered.”

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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How a Sports Fan Goes Green on Earth Day

going green on Earth Day

It’s Earth Day today.

Americans can thank the late Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson for championing the need for our nation’s growing environmental awareness way back in 1970.

The lawmaker’s vision subsequently spawned the Environmental Protection Act, the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. Most would agree that all of these bills of legislation have contributed to protecting our beautiful country while also adding to the United States’ already bloated bureaucracy.

In the sports world, every team regardless of their color palette, should recognize this special day of global observance. Players, fans and franchises need not discriminate because of the absence of green in their team uniforms.

Therefore, fans of the Syracuse Orangemen, Cleveland Browns, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Red Wings, Army Black Knights, Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, New York Red Bulls and Chicago White Sox must set aside their own color preferences today in order to honor this international day of ecological and environmental significance.

I’m Going Green, Too, Today

To celebrate this annual Earth Day, I’m going green, too.

But, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not a left leaning, hybrid driving, granola crunching, tree hugging environmentalist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

No, I’m not measuring my carbon footprint, taking shorter showers or even recycling any of my toilet paper.

Instead, as a die hard sports fan and now nationally recognized sports columnist, I’m creating my own Earth Day tradition. I’m celebrating in a way that’ll make not only make Mother Earth proud, but is sure to impress Commissioners Roger Goodell, Adam Silver and Robert Manfred, Jr.

How am I doing this?

I just purchased an awesome green and yellow Green Bay Packer Titletown hoodie. A kelly green Celtics sweatshirt. A Fence green (that’s right, look it up!) Boston Red Sox tee shirt with a replica of the Green Monster.

Plus, all this merchandise is certified hand made on pedal-push sewing machines using organically grown cotton. I’m told the products will be delivered to NFL, MLB and NBA warehouses by socially sensitive vegetarians who will transport the merchandise by fervent anti-fossil fuel cyclists.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the way a true sports fan goes green.

Check out today’s podcast to learn more about how I’m going green the way a true sports fan should go green on Earth Day.

MIKE on sports podcastClick on the yellow cover above to listen to the podcast.

So, sports fans, Happy Earth Day as you skip today’s shower, ride your bike to work and show off those swanky new green tights in yoga class tonight!


MIKE on sports!

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#TBT Sports Blog: Former Baltimore Orioles Brooks “Hoover” Robinson

Brooks Robinson or Hoover

Today’s #TBT sports blog features a Hall of Fame athlete with a household appliance for a nickname.

Brooks Robinson played the hot corner for the Baltimore Orioles better than anyone else in baseball history.

Instead of an oven or a stove top grill, this third baseman was known as Hoover, short for the old American standard in vacuum cleaners. He sucked up every baseball hit his way.

In the same way Hoover vacuums were the predominant household appliance of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Brooks Robinson was the undisputed best fielding third baseman who ever played the game.

Named to Major League Baseball’s All Century Team in 1999, Robinson played third base for the Baltimore Orioles for an incredible 23 years.

Brooks Robinson Won 16 Gold Gloves in His Career

Robinson’s skill at third base is legendary. With fast hands, quick feet, uncanny expectation and an accurate strong arm, Robinson won an astounding 16 consecutive American League Gold Gloves from 1960 through 1975. He was also named to 15 consecutive American League All-Star teams during the same time. In addition, he finished tops in fielding percentage among third basemen 11 seasons in a row and was voted American League Most Valuable Player in 1964.

Thanks in large part to Brooks Robinson’s consistent stellar play at third base and at the plate, the Baltimore Orioles boasted the best record in all of baseball during Hoover’s 23 years with the organization. Robinson ended his career with a very respectable lifetime batting average of .267 and 2,848 total hits, 268 home runs and 1,357 runs batted in.

Hoover participated in four World Series. He won two of them with the Birds, one in 1966 and again in 1970 in which he was named the Most Valuable Player.

The Orioles retired Robinson’s number five jersey in 1977. He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1983 during his first year of eligibility.

This former Baltimore Oriole is also my #23 overall pick in one of my sports comic books Favorite Sports Nicknames.

Favorite Sports NicknamesNow an accomplished public speaker, Brooks Robinson may be the most popular player in the history of the Baltimore Orioles organization.

Comparing Robinson to baseball legend Babe Ruth, Gordon Beard, an Associated Press Baltimore-based sports reporter remarked about the player called The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, “Brooks never had a candy bar named after him.

But, in Baltimore, people named their children after him.”

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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