Football’s Instant Replay: A Game Changer in Sports Viewing

NFL instant replay

More than 40 years ago this week a significant game changer in sports television viewing occurred.

On December 7, 1963, CBS Sports introduced Tony Verna’s instant replay concept during the Army vs. Navy football game at the old Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia, PA.

Verna’s creation initially confused some Army vs. Navy game viewers who ironically thought they were witnessing their team scoring again in the exact same way.


However, the instant replay concept quickly caught on and has been forever embraced by fans in every conceivable sport.

The Directors Guild of America presented Verna with its Lifetime Achievement Award and named his instant replay creation as #33 in the greatest moments on television.

Since 1963, Verna’s legacy has flourished and today’s sports fans probably could never imagine watching a game without it.

Impatient NFL Fans Now Mutter That Instant Replay is Anything But Instant Anymore

However, some highly impatient NFL fans now mutter that Verna’s football instant replay is anything but instant anymore.

Complaining about booth reviews and the seemingly endless time NFL refs spend under the hood, football fans claim they can read thousands of pages of Congressional legislation – twice – faster than a ref can sort out the very same play that he and his NFL officiating crew just witnessed live only a few minutes before.

Football fans at home even weigh in on the now controversial topic. They believe they can raid the refrigerator, hit the head and update their fantasy picks, then find themselves stewing on the sofa as the zebra clad man slowly and seriously studies replays from every conceivable angle.

A ref’s decision should be easy, but it’s NOT. The implications of instant replay are too far reaching to get the call wrong.

The actions of the main man in stripes always seems slower than that of a slug’s. But, in spite of the painful waiting time, the officials’ calls are preponderantly correct.

And, fidgety sports fans have the late Tony Verna to thank.

R.I.P. Tony Verna. And, thanks for envisioning the concept of instant replay in spite of how endlessly long it has become on occassion.

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FREE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Football Comics

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You’ll laugh when talented corner backs apply actual blanket coverage on opposing receivers and cagey players literally steal a play from the other team’s playbook.

The impenetrable Steel Curtain may make you feel a bit restrained and a frightening buzz saw may motivate you to prepare for challenges and avoid running into to one yourself.

Whether you root for a blue collar team or a really young team, you’ll want to play your tail off at gut check time.

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Friday Sports Funny: Coach Had to Burn a Time Out

MIKE Sports Comic: Coach Burned a Time Out

Today’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the utterly ridiculous.

Imagine watching an NFL game on a Sunday afternoon only to witness New Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin or Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett setting fire to their play book on the stadium sidelines.

Now, that would be a hoot!

The commonly used sports cliche – Coach had to burn a timeout – spawns this Friday Sports Funny’s silly imagery.

The sophomoric expression applies to just about any sport. It painfully explains how a coach must, at times, needlessly spend a time out when his team is struggling.

From the downcast looks and slumping shoulders of the Lions’ players, the coach’s time out is unexpected and is bound to lead to some butt chewing in the huddle.

No doubt, the picture of a coach strolling the sidelines and pulling a lighter out of his pocket to set his play sheet ablaze would obviously never happen. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if unpredictable Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan pulled the stunt one day.

Enjoy today’s brief blog and email me at if you have an idea for a future Friday Sports Funny.

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#TBT Sports Blog: 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner RGIII

MIKE Comic 131 RGIII

Today’s #TBT sports blog remembers 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III or simply RGIII.

A former quarterback of the Washington Redskins, this 2011 Heisman Trophy winner suffered a career altering knee injury during the 2012 NFL Playoffs.

He was sidelined for the remainder of that year’s NFL campaign in order to prevent additional strain on his ailing knee. Unfortunately, RGIII never returned to the promising form he exhibited in 2012 as one of the league’s future stars.

As we look forward to the Heisman Trophy presentation later this month, let’s now look back at this deserving player who won college football’s most coveted prize. Known as RGIII, this Baylor University star is also featured in my book NCAA Football Favorites.

RGIII: 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner

Robert Griffin III utilized an amazing combination of skill, speed and smarts to win the 2011 Heisman Trophy and, less than one year later, become one of the NFL’s brightest new stars.

The 6’2” and 217 lb. Griffin enjoyed the greatest season in Baylor University football history in 2011. During his junior season, RGIII set eight single game records and 26 single season records when he threw for 4,293 yards and 37 touchdown passes.

His amazing 72.4% passing accuracy and 189.5 overall passing rating proved that this incredibly athletic star was also an extremely bright and skilled quarterback.

In addition, during his 2011 Heisman season, Robert Griffin III ran for another 699 yards and 10 touchdowns. He went on to lead the Baylor Bears to an overall 10 – 3 record, an Alamo Bowl victory over the University of Washington and the school’s highest national ranking in several decades at #15.

Griffin’s incredible speed and athleticism contributed greatly to his success at Baylor, both on the football field and on the track. In 2008, Griffin won the Big 12 Conference 400 meter hurdles and qualified for the 2008 United States Summer Olympic Trials.

After graduating from Baylor, RGIII’s speed was immediately evident on the football field. He clocked the fastest 40-yard dash time ever at 4.41 for a quarterback at the NFL Combine.

What distanced Robert Griffin III from the rest of the pack of other fantastic college athletes was his intelligence. This 2011 Associated Press College Player of the Year and Davey O’Brien Award winner for the nation’s top quarterback possessed not only speed and skill, but lots of smarts too.

RGIII Also Excelled in Classroom at Baylor

RGIII also excelled in the classroom. His high IQ enabled him to quickly solve problems arising out of text books as well as read blind side blitzes from defenses. The number two overall pick by the Washington Redskins in the 2012 NFL Draft graduated from Baylor with an impressive 3.67 GPA as a Political Science major.

With intelligence, incredible athleticism and a megawatt smile, it’s no surprise that RGIII has quickly hurdled over all would-be competitors to become one of the NFL’s brightest new stars.

May RGIII heal completely from all his injuries and return to the field next year as the player with the Cleveland Browns thatNFL fans grew to love for his exciting play during an outstanding rookie year in 2012.

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2 Cent Tuesday: My Favorite Sights in Sports

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog highlights the best things I believe sports fans love to see whenever watching a big game.

The following is my list of my 20 favorite sights in sports:

20. Lighting the flame in the Olympic stadium – Gotta love the awesome tradition of the tireless journey of the Olympic torch. After an arduous trip of being passed from torch bearer to torch bearer across many continents, the flame finally lights the bowl prominently positioned in the Olympic Stadium and officially marks the beginning of the games.

19. Capacity crowds – Cheering fans all clad in team colors and packing out a 100,000+ seat stadium or filling a rickety old high school gym is always a wonderful sight.

18. Not having to see these guys in uniform anymore – In spite of their skill and athletic excellence when they played, I love NOT having to see the likes of Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Manny Ramirez, Jose Canseco and Chad Ochocinco in uniform anymore. It’s very doubtful anyone would disagree.

17. Fly-overs at big games – USA fighter jets buzzing a capacity filled stadium immediately after hearing the National Anthem may now be a thing of the past. But, what a thrill it was to witness these fly-overs in person.

16. Expertly groomed field for baseball game – I love gorgeously manicured grounds! Think of all the suburbanites who would give anything to have their front lawns look as pristine and expertly mowed as your favorite baseball infield or outfield at Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park.

15. Crunching hit on the boards in hockey – This bone rattling play on the ice looks like a train wreck coming right at you if you’re seated anywhere near the glass in the rink.

14. Soccer goal celebrations – You may have to wait endlessly for them during a nil – nil match, but inventive and exuberant post goal parties on the field are always worth the wait.

13. Dimming the lights for introductions – Gotta love the darkening of arenas, anticipating the choreographed starting line-up introductions accompanied by strobe lights, pulsating music and maybe even smoke and pyrotechnics.

12. 4th and inches in a tied 4th quarter game – If you’re watching at home, this sight will force you to put down the chips, place conversations on hold and move to the edge of your seat. If you’re watching from the bleachers, this sight will always bring you to your feet.

11. 5-4-3 double play in baseball – In spite of the brief moments it takes to complete this complex task, turning a double play in baseball is a smooth, quick and efficient sight made to look extraordinarily easy. It immediately excites one set of fans, while totally deflating another.

Shop for Official Game Day Gear at Fanatics!10. Marching bands – We all love to watch perfectly aligned students wearing swanky costumes and plumed hats while they march in unison. This sight reaches a whole new level as gleaming tubas, clarinets, trumpets, xylophones and drums complete this beautifully choreographed picture.

9. Punt return in football for TD – Sports fans love watching this for two reasons. One is to anticipate a thrilling return and the second is to witness the possible figurative decapitation of the punt returner that will be replayed endlessly on ESPN Sports Center.

8. Championship celebrations – Balloons, bear hugs and falling confetti are accompanied by grateful thanks, bumbled (yet easily forgiven) comments, champagne baths, tears of joy, proud boasts and the raising of expensive trophies. The entire spectacle makes staying up past midnight worth the wait – at least if you live on the East Coast.

7. Technology like the FOX box, yellow 1st down line and ESPN scrolling squeeze box at bottom of the screen – How did sports fans ever survive without them in the days before our multi-media, multi-tasking world?

6. Home run robbing catch – The sight of an athletic outfielder climbing a 12 foot fence to extract a baseball out of mid air that’s about to leave the ball park is both heart stopping and priceless.

5. Perfectly executed screen play in football – With a simple flick from the quarterback and several pulling 300 lb. linemen, successful screen passes will always make the sports highlight reels on ESPN Sports Centers’ plays of the day.

4. Perfectly executed pick and roll in basketball – Especially if they’re run as effortlessly and efficiently as those we see executed by John Stockton and Karl Malone highlights, no basketball fan would want to miss this sight.

3. Perfectly executed squeeze play in baseball – Even when you instinctively know this risky and lightning quick play is coming, it always seems to catch everyone by surprise.

2. Alley oop pass – There’s a reason why the beautiful and exciting sight of high flying flushes off precise alley oop passes always make ESPN Sports Centers’ plays of the day. They’re poetry in motion.

1. March Madness upset – Skipping work on a Thursday afternoon to watch a Cinderella #15 seed upset a heavily favored #2 seed is exactly why we all readily embrace the spring sickness known as March Madness. Kids of any age will find every excuse under the sun to play hooky from work, school and family commitment.

Contact me at if you have a few favorite sights of your own for my list.

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Sports Comic Book: Favorite Sports Quotes

Favorite Sports Quotes combines 25 of my all-time favorite sports quotes with 25 clever, individual sports comics.

Each brief chapter offers a bit of history about the actual quote and the person responsible for it.

Laugh when recalling a boxer who feared he would slide into “Bolivia” instead of oblivion.

Smile when remembering a fumble mouthed sportscaster who regularly reported on “spews norts” instead of sports news.

Recite “yes!” and “no mas!” – two of the simplest, but arguably most famous, sports quotes that we’ve all utilized in our own lives.

Learn about the genesis of Diaper Dandies and the NFL linemen known as The Electric Company.

More Favorite Sports Quotes

Recall the brazenness of two NBA icons. One said, “Those young guys are out there playing checkers, while I’m out there playing chess,” and the other boasted “I just wanted to see who would finish second.”

Find out which NBA Hall of Fame giant said, “Nobody roots for Goliath,” and which tiny MLB Hall of Fame outfielder attributed his incredible hitting prowess by stating, “Hit ‘em where they ain’t.”

Smile at the chubby sportscaster who claimed, “I may be wrong, but I doubt it,” and the likeable extra-large former NFL lineman who said, “I was big even when I was little.

Even if you can’t “pair up in threes,” won’t “believe in miracles” or don’t “float like a butterfly or sting like a bee,” you’ll still enjoy this sports comic book.

Reading Favorite Sports Quotes is fun. To safely download the ebook from Amazon for only 99 cents, simply click HERE or on the yellow cover above.

But, just remember that the ending “ain’t over til it’s over” and definitely not until “the fat lady sings!”

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Friday Sports Funny: XOXO is a Football Play!

MRO 82 XOXO is a playToday’s Friday Sports Funny sheds new meaning about the term XOXO.

Any reasonably intelligent individual can determine that the XOXOs pictured above refer to a football play.

However, the red faced football player in the comic appears confused. He doesn’t realize that all the XOXO references on the chalkboard combine to form a totally different meaning than the abbreviated definition for hugs and kisses.

XOXO is a Football Play!

NFL and NCAA offensive coordinators routinely design intricate plays with lots of X’s and O’s to catch their opponents off guard.

When viewed on the chalkboard, sophisticated plays might look more like advanced math equations than routine football plays.

With offensive audibles at the line of scrimmage, zone reads and blitz schemes cover two coverages on defense, it’s understandable how some players can get confused about what coaches write on the chalkboard.

That’s because not all of today’s NCAA and NFL players aced the Wonderlic test or scored perfectly on their SAT’s.

Check out my podcast on the Wonderlic to give you a better feel for the obligatory test administered to prospects before each annual NFL Draft.

Click on Yellow Cover to Listen to Wonderlic Test Podcast

MIKE on sports podcast

More than likely, many players with more brawn than brain may struggle in understanding the complexity of expertly diagrammed football plays.

But, the exaggerated Friday Sports Funny – XOXO is a Football Play – can give every football fan a hearty laugh.

Any gridiron player should know football is a game of X’s and O’s and that hugs and kisses are the last thing to expect on the playing field – especially if JJ Watt or Richard Sherman are lined up opposite the quarterback.

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#TBT Sports Blog: Boston College’s Doug Flutie

ESPN announcer Doug Flutie

The subject of today’s #TBT Sports Blog, Doug Flutie of Boston College, almost never got the chance to prove what he could do on the football field with a pig skin in his hand.

Boston College was the only Division I school to recruit the 5’9” and 175 lb. Doug Flutie and offer him an athletic scholarship.

Diminutive by big time college football quarterback standards, BC’s Doug Flutie didn’t have to wait long to prove to skeptics that he was a natural leader and an elite NCAA football play maker.

During an October 1981 game against Penn State, Flutie seized the opportunity as a fourth string freshman QB when unexpectedly called on in the fourth quarter during a blowout loss.

Flutie surprisingly passed for 135 yards in less than 15 minutes and showed uncommon cool and amazing athleticism for a freshman. Following the Penn State game and for the rest of his Boston College career, Flutie started every game as QB.

Matt Ryan & Doug Flutie: BC’s Best Players Ever

Along with Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, Doug Flutie ranks as the most celebrated athlete in Boston College history. The 1984 Heisman Trophy winner also received the two other most prestigious college football honors that same year. Flutie won the Davey O’Brien Award as the nation’s top quarterback and the Maxwell Award as the top overall college football player.

In addition to his athletic achievements on the football field, Flutie’s alma mater recognized his academic excellence in the classroom by nominating him for a Rhodes Scholarship.

Doug Flutie finished his storied career in New England as Boston College’s all-time leading passer with 10,579 yards.

He is probably best remembered for his improbable pass in November 1984. During a high scoring, rain-soaked game, a scrambling Flutie threw a desperation pass more than 60 yards on the game’s final possession. Flutie’s Hail Mary pass found wide receiver Gerard Phelan in the end zone to give the Eagles a thrilling 47 – 45 victory over the favored Miami Hurricanes.

Flutie’s amazing pass is often remembered as one of the most incredible plays of all-time in any sport.

Boston College Retired Doug Flutie’s #22 Jersey

Boston College may have retired Doug Flutie’s #22 jersey, but the little quarterback’s legacy still looms large on the school’s campus.

A bronze life-size Doug Flutie statue greets fans as they enter Boston College’s Alumni Stadium to remind them of the always improvising, highly elusive, under-sized quarterback.

Now, a polished and extremely insightful broadcaster for NBC Sports, Doug Flutie will always be remembered for his magical days as a truly talented and poised 5’9” quarterback at Boston College.

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2 Cent Tuesday: My Favorite Sounds in Sports

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog lists my all-time top 20 sounds in sports.

While consuming lots of turkey this week, sports fans can also feast on the non-stop college and professional football, basketball, soccer and hockey games available on television.

In addition to being grateful for the amazing plays and the smorgasbord of sights we witness while watching these games, sports fans should also be thankful that big games don’t merely satisfy our visual appetites.

As sports fans, we also eagerly drink in the alluring sounds that add to our experience as spectators.

Here’s my list of my favorite top 20 sounds in sports.

20. Swish of Net in Basketball

This is not only a beautiful sight. The sudden rippling sound that accompanies the dancing basketball net indicates that a sweet stroking shooter has just buried a jumper.

19. Eruption of the Home Team Crowd

A home court or home field advantage is never more evident than when diehard fans simultaneously erupt in boisterous applause. This thunderous din is a welcome sound whenever a touchdown in football, a basket in basketball or goal in hockey gives the locals a lead.

18. British Soccer Announcer Ian Darke

Few Americans know of this silky smooth British broadcaster. However, Ian Darke’s World Cup coverage for ESPN showcased an unparalleled skill that expertly, efficiently and poetically broadcasts soccer on the sports world’s highest level.

17. Crack of Bat in Baseball

The crack of the bat is undeniably one of the most beautiful sounds in all of sports. Whenever fans hear this sound, they turn in unison to see where the ball is headed.

16. Tee Shot Off a Big Bertha Driver in Golf

Seems like the after-socks of its reverberating sound can be heard miles away from the golf course.

15. National Anthem at Super Bowl

Always gives me goose bumps and makes me proud to be an American.

14. Crushing Hit in Football

The powerful collision of shoulders pads and helmets (ouch!) may sound like a car wreck at times, but the palpable sound nearly always leads to a replay that more than likely makes a Sports Center Top 10.

13. Starter’s Gun in Any Sport

Clearly determines that the action, whether in the pool or on the track, has officially begun and the cheering, howling and nail biting can now begin.

12. Hockey’s Shushing Sound

You know what I mean! Shushing sound a hockey player makes when he stops suddenly and sprays ice shavings off his skates.

11. Singing at an English Premier League Game

A wonderful British soccer tradition even when sung by drunken, unruly, off-key hooligans. I could never see Cheeseheads in Green Bay, Hogs in DC, Terrible Towel wavers in Pittsburgh or any other NFL team fans adopted this tradition in their city.

Anyway, I just love the singing, especially in the English Premier League.

Shop for Autographed English Premier League Collectibles and Memorabilia at SportsMemorabilia.com10. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Okay, you’re lying if you say you haven’t used this legendary Indianapolis 500 starter’s saying before backing out of your garage.

9. Knock Out Punch in Boxing

Ouch! This immediately identifiable sound usually comes with a listener’s personalized grimace.

8. Pop of the Catcher’s Mitt in Baseball

Even if you’re seated in the most distant from the plate in Pigeon Heaven in a stadium filled with 50,000 fans, you can hear, almost feel, this beautiful baseball sound. Plus, with your binoculars, you focus on the catcher and look for the accompanying little puff of smoke arising from his mitt.

7. Silence After An ESPN DickieV Telecast

Dick Vitale may be passionate for NCAA college basketball, but his incessant screaming, Pollyanna platitudes and corny expressions makes me seasick. I usually mute the game.

6. Puck clanging Off the Post in Hockey

This distinctive sound always seems accompanied by a hush as fans in the arena know that the scoring of a goal was just missed.

5. Marching bands at a NCAA BCS Game

Love to watch perfectly aligned students in swanky costumes and plumed hats march in unison while playing tubas, clarinets, trumpets, xylophones and drums.

4. “Gooooooooooooooooooooooooal!”

We’ve all burst out in celebration and “borrowed” this infectious expression while watching a soccer match on television or scoring our own goal in a rec game or even fuseball at a local bar.

3. Hammond 3 Organ

Would never listen to organ music in my car or add it to my play list. But, hearing a Hammond B3 pipe out Take Me Out to the Ball Game at a baseball game or tickle the keys with an energetic dunt dunt dunt da dunt to get the crowd revved up at a hockey or basketball game is nothing short of a religious experience.

2. Hockey Horn

The perfect sound for a rough and tumble sport that sounds like a cruise ship is ready to dock in your living room.

1. ESPN’s Da Da Dunt, Da Da Dunt

Without doubt the siren song of sports guaranteed, when heard, to interrupt dinner or any conversation anywhere.

So ends my top 20 all-time favorite sounds in sports.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

Email me if I missed one of your favorite sounds in sports.

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MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

MIKE Sports Comic: All Sports Footer


Sports Comic Book: Favorites Sports Comics 3rd Edition

Favorite Sports ComicsIf you like laughing, you’ll definitely enjoy reading my sports comic book Favorite Sports Comics.

I love to laugh, too. Who doesn’t?

Plus, I love sports!

So, mix sports and laughter, and, wham! You get a home run, a slam dunk, a hat trick, a perfect 10 score and a touch down celebration all in one sports comic book.

As author of this series of sports comic books, I’ve combined sports stories and comics to develop a whole new genre in sports entertainment.

In the 3rd Edition of Favorite Sports Comics I’ve compiled a new collection of clever sports comics. None have appeared in any of my previous sports comic books.


These comics were illustrated for fans who like to laugh, love worn out cliches and are passionate for sports.

The sports comics in this book, along with brief corresponding stories, cover the gamut in sports. Click HERE to buy the book for 99 cents from Amazon.

Favorite Sports Comics Features Funny Sports Cliches & Ridiculous Sports Expressions

They bring to life commonly used sports clichés and ridiculous sports expressions that describe teams, players, plays or games.

In this book, you’ll see the old, the trite, the over-used and the obviously outrageous.

Laugh as saber wielding pitchers duel it out on a pitcher’s mound.

Watch football defenders flail helplessly back on their stiletto heels.

See a bus of winners drive vanquished opponents to school.

There’s also a napping base runner, a smart fowl (not foul) and a football team that left everything – clothes included – on the field.

Enjoy this new collection of my top 25 favorite sports comics. Just click HERE.

If I missed presenting a comic of one of your favorite sports comics, email it to me at

In addition to safely downloading Favorite Sports Comics, don’t forget to check out my author page on Amazon for my other MIKE Sports Comic Books on NFL, MLB, NBA, FIFA and NHL favorites.

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