Friday Sports Funny: Coach Pleading Case with Umpire

MIKE Sports Comic: Coach Pleading Case with Umpire

Today’s Friday Sports Funny depicts the obvious as a baseball coach is frantically pleading his case with an umpire.

In spite of the large LCD screen in the background showing a clear replay of what just transpired on the field, it does not appear as if the judge, er umpire, is being persuaded to see what the coach had seen.

Ironically, the home plate umpire pays no heed to the coach’s defense and lifts a red mallet to pronounce his verdict.

Until Major League Baseball enacts a reasonable review policy like the NFL and NBA, the scene depicted in this comic will always yield the same predictable result.

A baseball coach can passionately and correctly plead his case with the umpire.

However, in the case of Major League Baseball action, unlike an NFL or NBA official, the ump’s original ruling will always stand!

The pleading coach in this comic demonstrates that when it comes to baseball, the umpire is the judge, jury and prosecuting attorney – and he’s always right.

Case closed – but as this clever Friday Sports Funny reveals, it was really never open in the first place.

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#TBT Sports Blog: On This Day in 1972 Title IX Became Law

Title IX

Today’s #TBT sports blog recounts the ground breaking bill known as Title IX that changed the landscape of women’s sports in our country.

On June 23, 1972 former President Richard M. Nixon signed into law the landmark civil rights legislation known as Title IX.

Long overdue in American education, this transformational living law not only protected against discrimination in education.

But, it breathed life into moribund and nearly non-existent women’s athletic programs at the United States collegiate level.

Women’s sports constituted only one of 10 key areas that Title IX addressed. However, the sweeping Title IX legislation brazenly broke down doors for women to compete and succeed in college sports like their athletic male counterparts.

Title IX’s athletic reach was astounding.

Before Title IX, no official university or college level athletic programs existed for women. Back then, cheerleading and square dancing (seriously!) were recognized as the two most popular, though unofficial, sports for women.

During the early 1970s, less than 2% of a college’s athletic budget was spent on women’s sports.

At the time, only one out of 27 high school girls participated in sports.

Title IX Becomes Game Changer

When Title IX came along, it instantly became the game changer in women’s sports and afforded female athletes, like former UConn basketball champion Sue Bird pictured in the comic below, to excel on the college level.

Former USA Olympian Sue Bird

This ground breaking legislation, plus its 20 subsequent amendments and Supreme Court reviews, brought a greater balance of gender equity in college sports.

Because of Title IX, thousands of eager, purposed and talented female athletes have flourished while competing on the college level in sports they love.

I can offer a list of incredible athletes who have directly gleaned from the opportunities that Title IX presented and who, after college, emerged as Olympic or world champions.

Take Olympic track and field legend Jackie Joyner-Kersee (UCLA).

heptathlete Jackie Joyner Kersee

Consider WNBA greats Lisa Leslie (USC), Candace Parker (Tennessee), Sheryl Swoopes (Texas Tech), Cheryl Miller (UCLA) and former UConn National Champions Swin Cash, Sue Bird, Maya Moore, Tina Charles and Diana Taurasi.

Former WNBA great Lisa Leslie

Ponder soccer stars Abby Wambauch (Florida), Alex Morgan (Cal), Mia Hamm (UNC), Christie Rampone (Monmouth) and Julie Foudy (Stanford).

Ponytail Princess Mia Hamm

And, remember softball pitchers Jennie Finch (Arizona) and Lisa Fernandez (UCLA).

Certainly, Title IX paved the way for and was instrumental in their amazing individual successes.

However, let’s not forget the legions of unknown female athletes at little known colleges and universities. These young women have skated on the ice, run on the track, dribbled on the soccer pitch or basketball court, slid on the softball diamond, sprinted on the lacrosse field, dove into the swimming pool, volleyed on the tennis court and bumped, set and spiked on the volleyball court.

Before Title IX Only Cheerleading & Square Dancing

Before Women’s World Cups and NCAA Women’s College Basketball Tournaments, female college athletes had few opportunities other than cheerleading or square dancing.

As a collective piece of legislation, Title IX profoundly impacted women’s sports and leveled the playing field for aspiring females.

Bravo to all the female athletes who have benefited since Title IX’s 1972 passage.

And, let’s cheer on the young females who will take advantage of this groundbreaking legislation in the future!

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2 Cent Tuesday: Final Thoughts About NBA Finals

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses exclusively on my final thoughts on the NBA Finals and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ unprecedented comeback.

Here are my 2 cents:

LeBron James

A deserving NBA Finals MVP who not only demonstrated he’s still unquestionably the best all-around player on the planet. But, the 31 year-old superstar also showed that his resilience and maturity as a great leader.

The Chase Down Block

James’ now legendary, late fourth quarter chase down block on a seemingly certain Andre Iguodala lay up should be remembered as one of the greatest plays ever in a championship game in any sport. Give credit to James for never giving up on the play and utilizing incredible timing and athleticism to thwart Iguodala on this game altering play.

Ayesha Curry

Steph Curry’s Twitter happy beautiful wife went eerily silent following her ugly tweets after the Golden State Warriors dropped Game 6 in Cleveland. No more whining. No more senseless outbursts. And, no more conspiratorial theories on why her man’s team failed to win one out of their remaining three season games to clinch a back-to-back title. Thank you, Ayesha, for refraining from sharing your immature thoughts with the rest of the Twitterverse.

Steph Curry

Wow! The Golden State Warriors’ #30 actually looked human in the Cavs versus Warriors 7 game series. The two-time NBA MVP actually struggled at times shooting and even taking care of the ball. However, his most glaring weakness during the NBA Finals was unquestionably how badly he was exposed defensively on clever Cavaliers’ mismatches. Kudos to Cavs’ coach Tyronn Lue for recognizing Curry’s Achilles heel.

Kevin Love

Basketball fans just need to back off the guy and allow him to bask in his first title. Without doubt, the series also exposed Love’s defensive weaknesses and proved he just may not be the max player others thought he was. However, he’s a champion, and he played a part in bringing Cleveland its first title.

Draymond Green

His suspension more than likely cost the Warriors a chance to close out the series in Game 5 in Oakland. However, Green established himself as a star on the court. Plus, he earned my respect by the way he sought out and congratulated LeBron James after the series ended on Sunday evening.

Tyronn Lue

Just a terrific, story book ending to an otherwise awkward, seemingly ill-timed Cavaliers’ coaching change this season. Congrats to Lue who guided the Cavs to their first title in spite of operating under the shadow of LeBron James’s real or perceived influence. Also, happy to see how Lue handled the situation involving his friend, mentor and former boss David Blatt with maturity and class.

The City of Cleveland

Thanks for believing in your Cavaliers knowing your city had endured 53 years without an NFL, MLB or NBA championship. Sports fans everywhere (well, maybe not in Northern California) are celebrating with you and title starved cities like Buffalo, San Diego and Oklahoma City are buoyed with hope because of you. Congrats to the sports loving fans in Believeland for never giving up.

One of my marketing partners, the NBA Store, has plenty of Cleveland Cavaliers gear to help you celebrate and remember the team’s first ever NBA title.

NBA Store CavsAnd, that’s my 2 cents this Tuesday.

Write me at with comments. I’d love to hear from you.

MIKE on Sports!

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Happy Father’s Day: FREE Sports Comic Book

Best About SportsWishing every dad a Happy Fathers Day by offering the 2nd edition of my FREE sports comic book Best About Sports.

The fun book will confirm that the subject of sports always triggers debate.

Pick a star player, celebrate a title winning team or remember a championship moment, regardless of the sport, and I guarantee that a lively discussion will quickly follow.

Animated, verbal altercations about any accomplished athlete or team embroil sports fans everywhere and foster what I believe is Best About Sports.

Once again, I bring to life about what I believe is best about sports in the updated second edition of my FREE sports comic book.

In a relative’s living room, at a neighborhood bar or around the office water cooler, the mere mention of a certain player or team will instantaneously ignite colorful conversation and more than likely ruffle some one’s feathers.

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Reference the New York Yankees & impassioned Boston Red Sox fans will be eager to engage in an animated verbal altercation.

Criticize Kobe and Los Angeles Lakers lovers will immediately compare the Black Mamba to MJ as well as list Bryant along with Magic, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq and even Mikan in their long line of NBA titles.

Praise the Pack and surely Steelers, Saints and Patriots faithful will some how seek to metaphorically kick you right in your Cheesehead.

Wear a FC Barcelona jersey in public and you’ll quickly feel the glaring eyes of Manchester United hooligans lurking ominously nearby.

Sports chatter stirs the embers of conversations from yesterday’s big game as well as from championship games played decades ago.

Fans who can’t remember what they ate for lunch have amazing recollection of events on the ice, hardwood, pitch, end zone or home plate from decades back and always seek outlets to share their passion, opinions and angst.

Plus, the fact that sports are universal is one of the things I truly find what’s best about sports!

Sports Transcends Religion & Cuts Through Cultural Ties

Sports transcends religion, cuts through cultural ties, eludes ethnicity, ignores bank account balances and fails to distinguish between sex, weight, age and even familial allegiance. Your team is your team. Not your dad’s, your sister’s or even that of your spouse. Your inalienable right as a sports fan is to root for whomever you want.

Your choice may defy logic, strain family ties, break stereotypes and shatter urban myths, but it’s your choice, never to be forced upon you.

The right to root for your team and your favorite player is buried deep down in your DNA. It’s your privilege and your prerogative in spite of what others think. That’s why this book is so important to me. It’s the culmination of the top 25 things I like, no love, about sports.

My top 25 in Best About Sports includes names and teams, stadiums and sports, plus sights, sounds and even a little trash talk.

Remember, it’s my book! My opinion. My prerogative. My top 25.

So, enjoy the FREE sports comic book and Happy Fathers Day.

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Friday Sports Funny: New York Yankees Babe Ruth’s Famous Quote

MLB Hall of Famer The Sultan of Swat Babe Ruth

Today’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on this famously funny quote uttered by New York Yankees icon Babe Ruth.

“No, I had a much better year than him.” ~ Babe Ruth

When questioned if his huge 1927 baseball salary, which amounted to more than United States President Herbert Hoover earned at the time, was too high, the Sultan of Swat confidently quipped that he had a much better year than our nation’s leader.

Ouch! Imagine the bruhaha of one of today’s mega sports stars dares to challenge the job performance of POTUS.

Nearly 90 years later in a world of telephone number sized sports salaries, I wonder how the super-flush Cleveland Cavs’ LeBron James, New England Patriots’ Tom Brady or Los Angeles Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw would respond.

Each athlete makes more in one professional start than former President Hoover and the beloved Babe Ruth did in one year.

Also, in our world of political correctness and an always eagerly awaiting, overly sensitive press and twitter-verse, curious how outspoken the Sultan of Swat would be if he laced up his cleats in 2016.

Probably not nearly as blunt or as talkative.

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Sports MemorabiliaEnjoy checking out Sports Memorabilia for some neat stuff on the former New York Yankees Sultan of Swat as well as other iconic, but now retired athletes.

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#TBT Sports Blog: MLB All-Time Hits Leader Pete Rose

MLB great Pete RoseToday’s #TBT sports blog spotlights one of my favorite MLB players ever.

Even during Spring Training, full throttle was the only way Pete Rose played the game of baseball.

During a meaningless pre-season game, New York Yankees’ skipper Whitey Ford gave Rose the Charlie Hustle nickname when the Cincinnati Red bolted to first base after drawing a base on balls.

Playing with a “pedal to the metal” attitude every time he took to the diamond, Pete Rose lived up to his Charlie Hustle nickname. He remains one of baseball’s most famous players, even though he agreed to be banned from the game in 1987 after betting on baseball.

Because of his epic on-field baseball successes, Rose would have been a certain first ballot Hall of Famer. Surprisingly, his first minor league manager didn’t think very highly of his talent.

According to Daven Hiskey, writing for, Pete Rose’s first manager in the minor leagues once told the Reds that, “Rose can’t make a double play, can’t throw, can’t hit left handed, and can’t run.” But, Charlie Hustle proved him wrong. He eventually became one of baseball’s all-time greats and was named to Major League Baseball’s All-Century Team.

Pete Rose NOT Ichiro Suzuki MLB Hits Leader

When he retired as a player in 1986, Charlie Hustle set numerous Major League Baseball records. In addition to being the game’s all-time leader with 4,256 hits, 3,562 games played and 14,053 at bats, Rose won more games than any other player in history – 1,972.

Though Miami Marlins’ Ichiro Suzuki surpassed Pete Rose’s overall baseball hit total yesterday by notching his 4,257, many baseball purists believe Rose is still the true Hit King. That’s because Ichiro collected 1,278 hits while playing professionally in Japan before joining the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees.

Ironically, Rose created some controversy by commenting on Ichiro Suzuki breaking his record, “Next they’ll be counting high school hits.” Whoa, Charlie Hustle, them’s fightin’ words!

In 24 Major League Baseball seasons, Rose set records with 23 consecutive 100+ hit seasons and 10 straight seasons with 200 or more hits. Charlie Hustle ended his career as the most accomplished switch hitter ever, with 2,156 runs scored, 746 doubles, 5,752 total bases and 1,566 walks.

One of the best players in Major League Baseball history, Rose won three World Series titles with the Reds. He also won nearly every imaginable individual award: National League Rookie of the Year (1963), National League Most Valuable Player (1973), World Series MVP (1975), two Gold Gloves (1969 and 1970), three National League batting titles (1968, 1969 and 1973) and 17 all-star appearances.

Whether you think he deserves to be inducted into Cooperstown or not because of his well documented gambling history, let’s just agree on one thing. Pete Rose proved to the doubters who mocked him that he possessed a lot more than grit whenever he laced up his baseball cleats.

When given the chance, Charlie Hustle bolted out of the batter’s box and sprinted his way into baseball’s record book as Major League Baseball’s all-time hits leader and one of the sport’s greatest players ever.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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2 Cent Tuesday: NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Bill Simmons & More

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog once again recaps my observations on the top trending sports news like the NBA Finals, Draymond Green, Bill Simmons and more.

NBA Finals Game 6 – Happy to see that a legitimate championship series has re-emerged between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Two-thirds of Cleveland’s Big 3 came up huge last night as both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving scored 41 points to force a series return to the shores of Lake Erie.

Draymond Green – Most fans outside Oakland, CA have grown weary of hearing Draymond Green’s name in the news as well as witnessing his poor sportsmanship and non-stop whining with officials. Green is a terrific player who needs to mature quickly; otherwise, he’ll be branded a cheap shot and baby in spite of his fabulous ability on the hardwood.

Bill Simmons – Draymon Green’s crying and unnecessary petulance pails in comparison to this talented former ESPN personality. Simmons needs to squelch his pouting and eschew any future feuding with ESPN boss John Skipper. Many fans already view Simmons as a whiner, so there’s nothing to be gained by exacerbating an untoward reputation.

A Gordie Howe Hat Trick – The sports world lost one of its most iconic stars last week.However, while reading about Mr. Hockey’s incredible accomplishments during his 28 year career, I learned the genesis of a “Gordie Howe Hat Trick” or scoring a goal, assisting on another and getting into a fight.

Hockey great Gordie Howe

Tecatito – That’s right. Remember the name and check out the diminutive Mexican striker Jesus “Mecatito” Corona on You Tube today. His sensational dribbling through and scoring on Venezuela last night to earn his team a 1 – 1 draw and advance to the knock out stage of the 2016 Copa America Tournament.

More 2 Cent Tuesday: European Soccer, MIA Kevin Love, Jason Kidd and Nate Robinson

European Soccer Violence – Hooligans have wielded their ugly heads at Euro 2016 in France. Authorities are taking aim at a group of Russian fans and may be deported some back to their homeland for violent behavior directed at English fans when the two teams faced off last weekend in Marseille. No room for hooligans in sports. Pack ‘em up and send them home – quickly.

Jason Kidd Gets Contract Extension – Reports indicate that the Milwaukee Bucks will offer their second year coach a 3 year, $15 million extension. Wow! Kidd led the Bucks to a 41 – 41 record last season following a disastrous ending to his abbreviated stint as a part-time owner and unsuccessful coach with an irresponsible DUI conviction with the Brooklyn Nets.

Former NBA All-Star Jason Kidd

Nate Robinson – The 5’9” NBA Slam Dunk Champion desires to become the first ever athlete to play in both the NBA and NFL. An incredibly athletic 32 year-old, Robinson is trying out with his home town Seattle Seahawks as a kick returner. Here’s hoping the feisty and resourceful Robinson earns a spot on the team. If he makes the squad, I’ll be an instant fan.

MIA Kevin Love – Where oh where is Kevin Love? He should have been reported as missing in action with his anemic stat sheet of 2 points in 33 minutes is not indicative of a $20 million member of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Big 3. Some one find out where Kevin Love disappeared.

And, that’s my 2 cents on today’s sports news.

MIKE on sports!

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History of the NHL Stanley Cup Trophy

Stanley Cup trophyThe 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final may be decided tonight.

Therefore, I thought I’d share the storied history behind the sports world’s most prized, tradition rich championship trophy – the Stanley Cup.

Hockey players may not be able to touch this venerable silver chalice before earning it. However, they can certainly read about it here.

Considered the most revered championship trophy in all of professional sports, this coveted Canadian cup was originally advocated by a genuine British royal.

Appointed by Her Majesty Queen Victoria, British-born Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord of Preston and Earl of Derby, became the Governor General of Canada in 1892.

During his first winter in Canada, Lord Stanley attended the Montreal Winter Festival and immediately fell in love with the sport of hockey.

As a result, he formally commissioned the Dominion Hockey Championship Cup in 1893, which eventually evolved into a cultural symbol for Canada.

The Stanley Cup: Holy Grail of Hockey

The Holy Grail of Hockey was originally a challenge cup, but was not exclusive to any particular league. However, in 1910 the Dominion Hockey Championship Cup officially changed hands, and the now defunct National Hockey Association took possession of the 7.26 inch tall, 11.42 inch wide and 35.25 inch long silver trophy.

Sixteen years later, the cup transitioned again. In 1926 the NHL assumed control and established the Stanley Championship Cup as the de facto championship trophy of the NHL.

With 23 titles to their credit, the Montreal Canadiens lay claim to winning the most Stanley Cups in NHL history. Henri Richard holds the record for the most wins as a player with 11. His teammate Jean Beliveau boasts the most (17) Stanley Cups with 10 as a player and 7 as an executive with the team.

Ironically, Phil Housley is the longest tenured NHL player to have never drunk the champagne toast from the Stanley Cup. Housley skated from 1982 – 2003 and played in an amazing 1,495 NHL games, but never enjoyed the victory skate around the rink while cradling the 34.5 lb. coveted cup.

The Great One Wayne Gretzky

Hockey’s greatest player ever, Wayne Greztky or The Great One, claims four cups on his otherwise unparalleled personal hockey resume.

MIKE Comic 140 Sidney Crosby

Maybe tonight, Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby, dubber The Next One, may be able to skate around the ice with the coveted cup.

Tradition holds that after an NHL champion is crowned, winning players, now empowered to actually touch the cup, can drink victoriously from the silver chalice while basking in their celebratory skate.

Further adding to the lore and mystique of this revered NHL award, a replica of the cup will journey to the home city of the winning team for up to 100 days. Fans get to photograph it, but, like most other regal treasures, never get to actually touch it.

During that limited 100 day time span, the winning players may admire their newly engraved names that are listed alongside previous Stanley Cup winners.

To maintain its lofty and royal status, the original Stanley Cup remains under lock and key, safely housed in a bank vault at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada.

Regardless of whether hockey fans see the real cup or merely its replica, this cherished silver chalice is arguably the most prestigious championship trophy in professional sports.

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Friday Sports Funny: Baseball’s Pinch Hitter

MRO 79 Pinch hitterToday’s Friday Sports Funny about baseball’s pinch hitter pretty much nails it!

Talk about poor communication between the catcher and his coach.

The smiling, eager catcher in this comic believes he’s actually following his coach’s direction. He’s literally pinching the batter.

However, he’s wrong, and his coach is trying to correct him.

Obviously, the batter is a pinch hitter, or a substitute hitter, called on to provide a key hit during a critical time of the baseball game.

This comic is one of 25 included in my FREE sports comic book about baseball humor and many of the peculiarities of the sport.

Just click on the purple cover below to safely download the sports comic book titled Volume 2 Baseball Comics. Remember, it’s FREE.

MIKE FREE Sports Comic BooksOn a 26 man Major League Baseball team roster, there’s always one guy the team’s manager can direct to the batter’s box when some offensive firepower is warranted.

That person always needs to be ready to produce some late game heroics even after he’s been sitting at the end of his team’s bench for the past two or three hours.

MLB’s Best Pinch Hitter: Lenny Harris

None in Major League Baseball history was better than journeyman infielder Lenny Harris. He’s the answer to the baseball trivia question concerning who’s the most successful pinch hitter of all-time.

Harris’ 217 career pinch hits is still a Major League Baseball record.

And, it doesn’t appear as if any current player will surpass his mark any time soon.

Now Harris was truly a guy his team could call when they were in a pinch!

MIKE on sports!

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#TBT Sports Blog: NBA Finals Hero Willis Reed

MIKE sports comic - former New York Knicks Willis Reed

Today’s #TBT sports blog rewinds the game clock to the 1970 NBA Finals when this basketball hero provided New York Knicks fans with perhaps the most memorable entrance in Big Apple sports history.

Over 40 years later, Knicks fans still vividly recall when an injured Willis Reed limped out of the dark tunnel from his locker room and onto Madison Square Garden’s brightly lit center court.

Many fans can even recite New York Knick radio announcer Marv Albert describing Willis Reed’s entrance prior to Game 7 of the NBA Finals. “Now here comes Willis… and the crowd is going wild!”

Despite a torn lower leg muscle, Reed’s courage to play on May 8, 1970 energized Knicks fans and inspired his teammates during Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

The Garden erupted early in the game when the hobbled Knicks lefty center scored the game’s first two baskets. Though he did not play much during the remainder of the game, Reed’s heroics helped the New York Knicks defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 113 – 97. That’s when the Knicks captured the franchise’s first ever NBA crown.

That NBA Finals victory capped an incredible year for the under-sized Reed. At 6’9” Reed battled against the league’s much taller opponents like 7-footers’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain.

During the 1969-70 season, Reed guided the Knicks to their best record in team history. In doing so, he became the first NBA player in league history to be named MVP of the NBA regular season, the NBA All-Star Game and the NBA Finals.

During his entire 11-year career, #19 played in the pivot for only the Knicks. Drafted as the #8 pick in the second round out of Grambling State University, Reed compiled a brilliant NBA resume. When he retired in 1975, his career numbers included 18.7 points per game and 12.9 rebounds per game in 650 total games.

The seven-time NBA all-star repeated as NBA champion in 1973. In that year the Knicks upgraded their roster by adding Jerry Lucas to an already formidable frontcourt and signing Earl “The Pearl” Monroe to pair with Walt “Clyde” Frazier as the NBA’s best back court.

Reed Voted One of Top 50 NBA Players Ever

Voted as one of the 50 greatest NBA players ever, Reed continued in the game after he officially stopped playing. He coached in both the college and professional ranks at Creighton University and St. John’s University as well as the Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks.

Willis Reed enjoyed his greatest sidelines success when he was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of the New Jersey Nets. The NBA Hall of Famer’s front office basketball knowledge was instrumental in helping the Nets advance to the NBA Finals in both 2002 and 2003.

Since Reed’s retirement in 1975, the Knicks’ franchise fortunes have never really flourished again at the same level.

However, the muscular lefty remains New York’s most beloved Knick, and the city’s never-to-be-forgotten 1970 NBA Finals hero.

Without a noticeable limp long gone, Willis Reed also makes his expected grand entrance into the #5 spot in New York Sports Icons.

New York Sports Stars and LandmarksClick on the purple cover above to safely download your FREE copy of my sports comic book New York Sports Icons.

Read about legendary New York Knicks Willis Reed and other iconic sports figures in New York City history.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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