Friday Sports Funny: Favorite Funny Sports Quotes

Favorite Sports Quotes

If you love funny stuff, then some of the following funny sports quotes should give you every reason to break out in a belly laugh.

This group of funny sports quotes comes in at #3 in my sports comic book available on Amazon called Favorite Sports Quotes.

Here’s a sample of what’s in the book which is available on Amazon. Bust a gut!

“I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.” ~ FOX Football analyst and four-time Super Bowl Champion Terry Bradshaw.

“If horses can’t eat it, I won’t play on it.” ~ Former MLB player Dick Allen commenting on why he won’t play on Astroturf.

“When I am right, no one remembers. When I am wrong, no one forgets.” ~ Legendary MLB umpire Doug Harvey.

Judge: “Your actions are community service and a fine. Do you have any regrets?” Charles Barkley: ”Yes, I regret we weren’t on a higher floor.” ~ NBA Hall of Famer in court after throwing a man through a ground floor bar room window.

“It’s a partial sell-out.” ~ Unknown author, but a very clever response to a poorly attended basketball game.

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.” ~ retired PGA champion Gary Player.

“There are no fours.” ~ Never shy, now broke long range NBA shooter Antoine Walker on asked why he shoots so many threes.

“Nobody roots for Goliath.” ~ Dominating NBA Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain.

“Whoever said, ‘It’s not whether you win or lose that counts,’ probably lost.” ~ Legendary tennis player Martina Navratilova.

“We have a great bunch of outside shooters. Unfortunately, all of our games are played indoors.” ~ funny Valaraiso University basketball coach Weldon Drew.

When sportscaster Bob Costas asked then Houston Oilers Coach Phillips why he always took his wife on NFL road trips, he responded, “She’s too ugly to kiss good-bye.”

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#TBT Sports Blog: Michael Jordan’s Awkward HOF Speech

Former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan

Today’s #TBT Sports Blog rewinds the calendar back to 2009 and recalls my post on NBA icon Michael Jordan’s awkward Basketball Hall of Fame speech.

Jordan retired as arguably basketball’s G.O.A.T. or greatest of all-time. But, his regrettable words during his enshrinement speech usurped what otherwise could have been an incredible evening: to reminisce about his extraordinary accomplishments, acknowledge friends and former foes and exhibit genuine gratefulness to those who helped make him a global star.

Watch his speech from that evening and then read my commentary on “Air” Jordan who grounded himself on what should have been a remarkable night.

Here ya go…

“…On that strange night in September 2009 in Springfield, MA, his tears were definitely genuine.

At first, he appeared poised, once again, to soar above all mere mortals in the basketball world.

However, the monumental chip on Michael Jordan’s shoulder loomed larger than any words 23 uttered during his Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

His speech, filled with petty remarks and delivered at times with a mean spirit, is an authoritative slam dunk in my FREE sports comic book Worst About Sports.

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Worst About SportsJordan’s inexplicable words at first baffled, and then essentially grounded perhaps the NBA’s greatest player in the eyes of expectant, but bewildered contemporaries, teammates, coaches and fans.

On a special night when MJ could have perpetuated his larger than life legacy, he tethered himself to the induction ceremony’s podium in a self made pair of cement Air Jordans.

This iconic Hall of Fame athlete should have demonstrated gratefulness and appreciation for the people whose paths he crossed during his unprecedented, storied career.

However, he only showed a deep rooted angst and a surprising, agitated spirit.

Sadly, I will always remember Jordan’s induction speech as one of the worst moments in recent sports history.

Jordan’s inexplicable words sullied his outer-worldly reputation as one of generation’s greatest overall athletes.

His speech reduced a man viewed larger than life to a small minded, petty, retired athlete who had something to prove.

Jordan unnecessarily took shots at vanquished opponents and coaches when none were necessary.

Jordan pontificated about his profound competitiveness when no one ever questioned it.

Jordan punctuated his speech with selfish, snarky remarks when he should have followed the new Hall of Famers previously inducted that evening with self-less comments filled with grace and heartfelt thanks.

The audience laughed awkwardly at MJ’s snide comments and applauded dutifully when 23 exited the dais.

Sure, perhaps the best player on the planet was acknowledged and rightfully so. However, a once adoring basketball world was left to wonder what Michael still wanted to prove.

In the eyes of many that evening, Air Jordan’s hubris grounded himself!

However, here’s hoping that the next time 23 takes a stage somewhere, Michael leaves the monumental chip in the locker room or his posh Florida mansion he now shares with his beautiful wife.

A less self-absorbed Michael Jordan will allow him to soar once again to basketball greatness – un-tethered and unencumbered.”

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How a Sports Fan Goes Green on Earth Day

going green on Earth Day

It’s Earth Day today.

Americans can thank the late Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson for championing the need for our nation’s growing environmental awareness way back in 1970.

The lawmaker’s vision subsequently spawned the Environmental Protection Act, the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. Most would agree that all of these bills of legislation have contributed to protecting our beautiful country while also adding to the United States’ already bloated bureaucracy.

In the sports world, every team regardless of their color palette, should recognize this special day of global observance. Players, fans and franchises need not discriminate because of the absence of green in their team uniforms.

Therefore, fans of the Syracuse Orangemen, Cleveland Browns, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Red Wings, Army Black Knights, Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, New York Red Bulls and Chicago White Sox must set aside their own color preferences today in order to honor this international day of ecological and environmental significance.

I’m Going Green, Too, Today

To celebrate this annual Earth Day, I’m going green, too.

But, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not a left leaning, hybrid driving, granola crunching, tree hugging environmentalist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

No, I’m not measuring my carbon footprint, taking shorter showers or even recycling any of my toilet paper.

Instead, as a die hard sports fan and now nationally recognized sports columnist, I’m creating my own Earth Day tradition. I’m celebrating in a way that’ll make not only make Mother Earth proud, but is sure to impress Commissioners Roger Goodell, Adam Silver and Robert Manfred, Jr.

How am I doing this?

I just purchased an awesome green and yellow Green Bay Packer Titletown hoodie. A kelly green Celtics sweatshirt. A Fence green (that’s right, look it up!) Boston Red Sox tee shirt with a replica of the Green Monster.

Plus, all this merchandise is certified hand made on pedal-push sewing machines using organically grown cotton. I’m told the products will be delivered to NFL, MLB and NBA warehouses by socially sensitive vegetarians who will transport the merchandise by fervent anti-fossil fuel cyclists.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the way a true sports fan goes green.

Check out today’s podcast to learn more about how I’m going green the way a true sports fan should go green on Earth Day.

MIKE on sports podcastClick on the yellow cover above to listen to the podcast.

So, sports fans, Happy Earth Day as you skip today’s shower, ride your bike to work and show off those swanky new green tights in yoga class tonight!


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#TBT Sports Blog: Former Baltimore Orioles Brooks “Hoover” Robinson

Brooks Robinson or Hoover

Today’s #TBT sports blog features a Hall of Fame athlete with a household appliance for a nickname.

Brooks Robinson played the hot corner for the Baltimore Orioles better than anyone else in baseball history.

Instead of an oven or a stove top grill, this third baseman was known as Hoover, short for the old American standard in vacuum cleaners. He sucked up every baseball hit his way.

In the same way Hoover vacuums were the predominant household appliance of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Brooks Robinson was the undisputed best fielding third baseman who ever played the game.

Named to Major League Baseball’s All Century Team in 1999, Robinson played third base for the Baltimore Orioles for an incredible 23 years.

Brooks Robinson Won 16 Gold Gloves in His Career

Robinson’s skill at third base is legendary. With fast hands, quick feet, uncanny expectation and an accurate strong arm, Robinson won an astounding 16 consecutive American League Gold Gloves from 1960 through 1975. He was also named to 15 consecutive American League All-Star teams during the same time. In addition, he finished tops in fielding percentage among third basemen 11 seasons in a row and was voted American League Most Valuable Player in 1964.

Thanks in large part to Brooks Robinson’s consistent stellar play at third base and at the plate, the Baltimore Orioles boasted the best record in all of baseball during Hoover’s 23 years with the organization. Robinson ended his career with a very respectable lifetime batting average of .267 and 2,848 total hits, 268 home runs and 1,357 runs batted in.

Hoover participated in four World Series. He won two of them with the Birds, one in 1966 and again in 1970 in which he was named the Most Valuable Player.

The Orioles retired Robinson’s number five jersey in 1977. He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1983 during his first year of eligibility.

This former Baltimore Oriole is also my #23 overall pick in one of my sports comic books Favorite Sports Nicknames.

Favorite Sports NicknamesNow an accomplished public speaker, Brooks Robinson may be the most popular player in the history of the Baltimore Orioles organization.

Comparing Robinson to baseball legend Babe Ruth, Gordon Beard, an Associated Press Baltimore-based sports reporter remarked about the player called The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, “Brooks never had a candy bar named after him.

But, in Baltimore, people named their children after him.”

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Boston Marathon’s Heartbreak Hill Represents Boston Strong

Since 1897, the Boston Marathon has been recognized as the world’s oldest and most respected long distance running race.

Today, as New Englanders officially celebrate Patriots Day, the revered race returns to a once shaken city that suffered through two horrific finish line bombings just three years ago.

The tragic events took lives, maimed victims and shed an unwelcome, ponderous pall over a proud and marvelous city.

As all Americans adopt a Boston Strong spirit today to honor the victims stricken in the 2013 tragedy, I’ve chosen to feature the race’s famous Heartbreak Hill in my sports blog.

It’s no longer just a piece of real estate that separates excellent long distance runners from the truly elite.

That’s because Heartbreak Hill unwittingly now stands as a universal symbol of indomitable strength and immovable belief for the better in all of us.

The hill no longer just represents triumph for exhausted runners racing in Boston.

But, it also serves as a beacon for every hurting American seeking to overcome death or despair in order to emerge victoriously.

Allow me to take a look back at this sleepy suburban real estate.

A Patriots Day Tradition

On Patriots Day each spring, Heartbreak Hill entertains teeming crowds of New England spectators who watch thousands of runners courageous enough to scale it. The surprising hill appears after Boston marathoners complete their first 20 miles of the race.

Amateur and professional runners who complete the 26.2 mile course each year suffer from more than dehydration, sore knees and blistered feet. Boston Marathon runners can get their hearts broken at this spot on the hilly course where they first catch glimpse of the finish line.

Located along Commonwealth Avenue in Newton, an affluent suburb of Boston, Heartbreak Hill is the fourth in a series of shorter rolling hills, none rising more than 90 feet in elevation. Heartbreak Hill’s peak stands at only 236 feet above sea level, but its unexpected, 800 feet gradual scale surprises participants with another late climb.

Around the 20 mile mark, marathoners typically find themselves warding off the physical challenge of “hitting the wall.” In the case of the Boston Marathon, runners hit Heartbreak Hill.

Origin of the Name Heartbreak Hill

The nickname originated in 1936 during a surprise lead change at the 21st mile mark of the race. Boston Globe’s Jerry Nason reported that eventual champion Ellison Brown streaked past front-runner and reigning champion John Kelley.

This lead change took place after Kelley already passed him on one of the previous hills and extended an encouraging tap on his shoulder.

Brown’s sudden surge supposedly broke Kelley’s heart and the Heartbreak Hill nickname was thus born. The name captured this legendary location. It also marked the exchange of fate it signaled for a former, reigning champion.

Many broken heart runners have succumbed to Boston Marathon’s biggest challenge over the years.

Despite its daunting presence, serious runners from around the world prepare annually to scale it.

That’s why today a myriad of resilient runners and afflicted fans will both physically and metaphorically ascend Heartbreak Hill.

They’ll remember the painful memories of 2013’s marathon bombings, but they’ll all emerge stronger than ever – Boston Strong!

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Major League Baseball Celebrates Jackie Robinson Day

MLB great #42 Jackie Robinson

Brooklyn Dodgers’ #42 Jackie Robinson

On April 15, 1997 Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig mandated an unprecedented edict. It was never before witnessed in any American professional sport.

Selig ordered all Major League Baseball teams to officially retire the #42 jersey in honor of Brooklyn Dodgers great Jackie Robinson.

Selig’s historic move recognized Jackie Robinson on the 50th anniversary of his 1947 debut. On that day Robinson became the first black baseball player in the modern era to cross the color barrier that existed in the sport.

Its hard for us to image today, but Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson’s bold, courageous decision to break the color line in 1947 opened the gates for other worthy, yet unfairly discriminated against, black baseball players. Thanks to Robinson, other talented black baseball players quickly followed and begun playing on other previously all white teams in Major League Baseball.

As a player with the Brooklyn Dodgers, #42’s fortitude also kindled dialogue beyond the baseball diamond when it came to our country’s ugly segregation policies. Many attribute that Robinson’s brazen baseball move of crossing the color barrier helped propel the long overdue and ultimately successful Civil Rights Movement.

The Movie 42 Tells Robinson’s Story

Robinson’s heroic and individually spectacular personal life story was told in the motion picture 42 (release date: April 2013). It chronicled Robinson’s struggles and success as one of America’s most respected athletes ever.

When he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 as a 28 year-old rookie, #42 overcame significant public scrutiny as well as regular cruel and unnecessary racial abuse. He was the target of ugly taunts, knock-down pitches and hateful insensitivity directed at him because of his skin color.

However, the Dodgers’ tough talking manager Leo Durocher took a firm stand in defense of Robinson. Also, legendary Dodgers shortstop Pee Wee Reece’s comment in support of Jackie Robinson will never be forgotten. While standing with his arm draped around Robinson’s shoulders, Reece said, “You can hate a man for many reasons. Color is not one of them.”

The son of a Georgia sharecropper and a Southern California domestic laborer, Jackie Robinson immediately proved his mettle and demonstrated his athletic excellence. Despite the racial abuse he suffered, Robinson rose above the fray.

Instead of fighting back on the low ground, he immediately made an impact on Major League Baseball and quickly became a rising star.

Robinson was voted Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year in 1947. Soon after, he won both the National League batting title and the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1949.

Jackie played his entire ten year career with the Brooklyn Dodgers. A first-time ballot Hall of Fame inductee, Robinson’s career accomplishments included six all-star games, a World Series Championship in 1955 and impressive lifetime stats of a .311 batting average, 1,518 hits, 137 home-runs, 734 runs batted in and 197 steals.

In addition to being selected to Major League Baseball’s All-Century team, Jackie Robinson was named #44 on The Sporting News’ list of top 100 baseball players ever.

As a result of what he accomplished after formally hanging up his baseball cleats in 1956, this remarkable athlete became a cultural icon.

Robinson is widely admired and credited for overcoming other barriers beyond the baseball diamond. He broke additional color lines that existed in mainstream America at the time.

Jackie Robinson Broke Through Other Racial Barriers

ABC Sports hired Jackie Robinson as the first ever black sportscaster ever to cover Major League Baseball. In the late 50s, Robinson crossed a business barrier and became the first ever black Vice President of a major United States corporation when appointed by Chock full ‘o Nuts Coffee.

Before his death in 1972, Robinson accumulated a never-to-be duplicated resume as a distinguished retired athlete.

Besides his Major League Baseball Hall of Fame induction, Robinson chaired the NAACP.

Plus, he received our country’s two single greatest non-sports related individual honors; i.e. the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Medal of Honor.

TIME Magazine named Jackie Robinson among the top 100 most influential people of the 20th Century.

TIME Magazine’s ranking not only honored a most worthy athlete, but also a courageous American who helped transition our country away from its ugly discriminatory past.

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#TBT Sports Blog: The NBA Showtime Lakers

NBA Los Angeles LakersToday’s #TBT sports blog remembers a talented tinsel town team that perfectly fit the Hollywood hype of its Showtime nickname.

This once dominant NBA franchise just completed its 2015 -16 season with the second worst record in the league. Plus, loyal fans witnessed perhaps its greatest player in franchise history, Kobe Bryant, formally retire last night.

So, a fast break down memory lane should buoy the sunken spirits of its proud Purple and Gold fan base.

Check it out…

With their quick paced form of fast break basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s electrified NBA fans. Their style of play entertained the many movie, music and television celebrities who attended their home games at the old Great Western Forum.

Much of the Showtime nickname is credited to Lakers star Earvin Magic Johnson. This 6’9” point guard and overall number one pick in the 1979 NBA Draft became famous for his no look passes and extra bright smile. He led the Showtime fast break like an expert director of a major motion picture.

Johnson handled the basketball like his namesake – a magician. His recipients were Hall of Fame forward James Worthy and a tireless group of smart, athletic teammates. His fellow Lakers included Jamaal Wilkes, Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, Norm Nixon and Kurt Rambis.

Magic Johnson was also as good a passer in the half court game. He smartly fed fellow Hall of Fame center Kareem Abdul Jabbar for easy points in the paint.

Hall of Fame coach Pat Riley scripted and managed the widely admired Showtime attack. The Lakers flourished in the 80s and advanced to the NBA Finals eight times during the decade.

Showtime Lakers Won Five NBA Titles

The Showtime Lakers captured five NBA crowns during that popular era. They were so popular a draw, that the most popular celebrities of the time like Jack Nicholson, Dyan Cannon, Arsenio Hall, Walter Matthau and assorted members of the Jackson singing family sat courtside to cheer them on.

The surroundings of the Great Western Forum, both on and off the court, transformed the Showtime Lakers. They went from being an entertaining basketball team to a team of star-studded Hollywood entertainers who also happened to play basketball.

Los Angeles Lakers Now Worth $2.7B per Forbes

Nearly 30 years later and with 16 titles to their credit, the Lakers remain one of the NBA’s most successful franchises.

Thanks in a major way to Magic Johnson and his Showtime Lakers teammates, the Lakers are ranked as the league’s most valuable team.

With an estimated worth now of $2.6 Billion+, the Lakers’ Showtime teams of the 1980s helped create a Hollywood blockbuster by any industry standard.

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Kobe Bryant’s Last NBA Game: His Departure is Overdue

NBA star Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba Kobe Bryant

Tonight, Kobe Bryant will lace up his Nike basketball shoes and play his final NBA game against the Utah Jazz.

And, I’m particularly happy, no ecstatic, that the Black Mamba will finally be slithering away. His departure is overdue.

The 2008 NBA MVP’s much ballyhooed exit is happening nearly two years too late.

One of the very best players in league history, Kobe Bean Bryant overstayed his pro basketball welcome.

A shell of Kobe Bryant lingered longer than it should.

A broken Bryant battled badly these past two years as a brittle, older baller against young men poised to one up him at every turn.

And, a remarkably gifted athlete allowed hubris to dictate his exceedingly painful exit causing so many hoops fans like me to wince.

Kobe became what Michael Jordan tried to accomplish with the Washington Wizards and Brett Favre with the New York Jets.

Unfortunately, Kobe Bryant’s results were exactly the same.

Kobe Bryant Lost Badly to Father Time

Bryant, too, lost badly to invincible Father Time and his bloated two year contract set his Lakers franchise back years in rebuilding.

Injuries hadn’t just plagued him these past couple years, they derailed him.

Winning games, a common occurrence during his storied 20 year career, eluded him, especially during this year’s anemic 16 win season.

High shooting percentages abandoned the normally reliable Bryant who suffered through one of the worst of his NBA playing campaigns. He shot only 35.4% from the field and a woeful 28.5% from beyond the arc.

Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour

This evening marks the finale of the tirelessly long, overly flattering and fawning Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour.

Sure, the guy was great as a player. He’s a five-time champion and the youngest player ever to amass 30,000 career points.

Obviously, he’s been a fan favorite and will be a first time ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

He’s amassed a $300 million net financial worth.

But, what will his teammates or rivals say about his worth as a man?

Remember, he ruffled feathers regularly, disparaged opponents unnecessarily, ridiculed teammates openly, talked trash incessantly and shared narcissistic comments proudly with the press.

Yes, tonight may be the end of one chapter in Bryant’s young life.

However, I’m curious how he’ll handle the next chapter.

A Bryant quote from June 28, 2015 is most telling, “Friends come and go, but championship banners hang forever.”

The Staples Center will certainly continue to showcase the championship banners that Kobe won during his stellar career.

But, will all the people, teammates and rivals the Black Mamba has bitten over the years stay away. The list is long, very long.

Here’s hoping they don’t because most would agree that friends trump championship banners any day of the week.

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Friday Sports Funny: Team Left Gym with a Big “W”

MRO 13 Left with WToday’s Friday Sports Funny brings to life the oft used sports cliche of a team leaving its opponent’s gym with a big #W.”

You didn’t need to watch this year’s NCAA national championship tournament to hear this tirelessly overused basketball cliche.

Sportscasters and fans talking about a visiting team’s win often fall victim to employing the old basketball cliche of an away team leaving its opponents gym with a big “W”.

So, it prompted me to write about it and bring the sophomoric phrase to life in the form of a comic that starts this blog post.

The comic brings new meaning to the old adage about leaving an opponent’s gym with a big “W”.

I can almost hear ESPN’s Dickie V screaming at the highest decibel level about a team’s big “W” or surprise win.

However, in this case, leaving with a big “W” carries more than one meaning, even though you’d probably never see ESPN cover this scene following an NBA or NCAA game.

These basketball players are ecstatic over their big win.

They’re also beaming as they transport a giant letter “W” from the Wildcats sign they’ve literally removed from the home team’s gym.

Yup! They’ve left with a big “W” in more ways than one.

MIKE FREE Sports Comic BooksFor more clever basketball comics, download my FREE Clever Sports Comics book by clicking on the purple cover below.

Enjoy the read. Email me at if you have any comics or cliches that I can bring to life in my next book.

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#TBT Sports Blog: England’s Giraffe: Jack Charlton

The Giraffe Jack Charlton

Soccer’s The Giraffe Jack Charlton

This British athlete carried a distinct advantage every time he ran onto the soccer pitch. He easily heads his way into today’s #TBT sports blog.

The leg up Jack Charlton easily enjoyed over the competition was actually his neck.

The 6’3″ Charlton towered above most opponents on the soccer pitch. The nickname Giraffe was born when a rival English coach remarked that the red haired, freckle faced Charlton kicked like a mule and headed the ball like a giraffe.

Along with legendary Dutch star footballer Marco Van Basten, the lean and long necked Jack Charlton is considered the best header of the soccer ball to have ever taken the pitch in international football.

Charlton’s lengthy playing career spanned an incredible 21 years, all with the same Leeds club in England. During his days with Leeds as center back, the lanky Charlton scored 70 goals in 629 appearances. Leeds eventually named Charlton as one of the club’s best eleven players ever. The Giraffe also accumulated 35 international caps for England and put the ball in the back of the net six times.

Charlton’s greatest accomplishment as a player occurred in 1966. Teaming with his more famous and athletically gifted brother Bobby who played for Manchester United, the Giraffe played an integral part on England’s World Cup Championship squad. They defeated West Germany 4 – 2.

After retiring in 1973, Charlton was voted into the England Football Hall of Fame. He continued his success in soccer, but next as a team manager. In his first foray into football coaching, Charlton excelled at the helm of Middleborough. He was named Manager of the Year.

Charlton Once Managed the Republic of Ireland Squad

The Republic of Ireland eventually offered the Giraffe the opportunity to manage the Irish National Team. Charlton guided the small Irish nation to an incredible #6 position in the 1990 FIFA rankings. They earned a first ever World Cup appearance. The country endowed their beloved Charlton with Honorary Irish Citizenship, Ireland’s highest award.

A little known, yet noteworthy, fact is that Jack Charlton quit his job in a coal mine as a teenager in order to give football a shot. For a guy who left work in the depths of the mining industry, Jack Charlton flourished above ground.

The Giraffe’s revered stature as a manager and soccer statesman after his retirement has stood just as tall off the pitch as this long necked footballer’s accomplishments towered above the soccer pitch.

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