#TBT Sports Blog: The Emancipation of the Chicago Cubs Monkey

Monkey on back

Today’s #TBT sports blog celebrates the emancipation of the Chicago Cubs monkey.

That’s right.

I’m acknowledging that annoying animal cleverly captured in the comic to the left.

Every Thursday for the past 108 years he’s clung to the backs of Chicago Cubs players.

Well, that monkey is now a memory. He’s officially unfettered.

Yup, that clinging creature that has lived rent free within the Chicago Cubs franchise for far too long is now a thing of the past. He’s now become a Throw Back Thursday memory.

For decades, diehard Chicago Cubs fans have reluctantly muttered “wait until next year” while bemoaning their annual frustrating fortunes.

That’s because that meddling monkey would never leave.

But, as fast as you can say Harry Caray, he’s now gone.

Last night’s incredible World Series Game 7 finish witnessed the eagerly awaited extrication of what seemed like a timeless monkey that had resided on the backs of Chicago Cubs players since 1908.

Not just baseball fans in the Windy City are basking in the Cubs’ dramatic series comeback to win the Fall Classic.

Baseball fans from all walks of life are enjoying the Cubbies’ miraculous comeback as well as the irritating rascal’s new found freedom.

Chicago Cubs and the Gorilla Sized Monkey

Ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers prevailed with an NBA title earlier this year, the Chicago Cubs were widely considered the most famous gorilla-sized monkey-on-the-back franchise remaining in professional sports.

In their case, the monkey was old, very old, and hadn’t let go for what seemed like an eternity.

That’s because the Chicago Cubs hadn’t won a World Series since 1908. They appeared in only one Fall Classic since then, and that was way back in 1945.

However, this perennial underdog baseball team for whom most of America was rooting, finally broke the curse and broke loose from the monkey.

Congratulations, Cubs! On this Fall 2016 Thursday, don’t look for the monkey. He’s now gone and it’s time to toast your team.

On another note, similarly frustrated Cleveland Indians fans who have not tasted a baseball championship for 70+ years can borrow the famous jingle from celebrating Chicago Cubs fans by also reciting the same meme, “Wait until next year!”

Unfortunately, the Tribe has lingering monkey issues of its own. However, the team is stacked with talent and now has this Fall’s 3 – 1 series debacle as motivation to return to, and win, next year’s World Series.

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