#TBT Sports Blog: Retired NBA Guard Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues

Today’s #TBT sports blogs looks back on a tremendously undersized point guard who enjoyed a brilliant NBA career. Celebrating his 50th birthday this week, this tiny playmaker made a huge difference every time he set foot on the basketball court. … Continue reading

Pocket Hercules: One of my Favorite Undersized Athletes

Naim Suleymanoglu, otherwise known as Pocket Hercules, ranks as one of my favorite all-time undersized athletes.

This Turkish Olympic weightlifting champion, along with nine other vertically challenged athletes, is featured in my sports comic book that allows me to refute a common misconception that “bigger is always better.”

It’s not always true – especially in sports. That’s why I wrote the book specifically touting my all-time favorite Undersized Athletes.

If we used the same logic that “bigger is always better,” then we’d want bigger headaches, bigger holes in our pockets and even bigger cases of jock rash.

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FREE NBA Comic Book: Tyrone Muggsy Bogues

Standing just 5’3” tall, Tyrone Bogues had to be really tough to excel in a sport dominated by much larger athletes.

Bogues was a great ball handler, a terrific passer and a fantastic defender. His aggressive, mugging style of defense led to this tiny player’s tough guy nickname, Muggsy. Plus, his speed and quickness resulted in steals or complete disruption of the other teams’ plays.

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