2 Cent Tuesday: Peyton Manning Retires at the Right Time

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday post focuses on Peyton Manning’s retirement. Unequivocally, the time is right for The Sheriff to walk away from the game that he so eloquently said he reveres. Yesterday, #18 shared with an expecting sports world that … Continue reading

Cam Newton: New Face of NFL or Same Old Petulant Child?

Is Cam Newton, the new face of the NFL, the same old petulant child? That’s what his detractors have wanted us to believe all along. But, during last night’s post-game Super Bowl 50 press conference, Newton sadly demonstrated that he … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: Super Bowl 50 vs. The First Super Bowl

Today’s #TBT sports blog rewinds football fans’ love affair with this weekend’s Super Bowl way back to January 15, 1967. That’s the notable day that the now most watched television event in American history made its debut. However, the initial … Continue reading

A Super Bowl 50 Story to Trump All Others

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog spotlights what I believe is the best story surrounding this weekend’s Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA. No, it’s not about Denver Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning’s probable swan song. Nor does it concern … Continue reading

International Opposites Day: Peyton Manning and Cam Newton

For today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog, I’m calling an audible about Super Bowl 50 QB’s Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. That’s right, as savvy QB’s do at the line of scrimmage, I’m veering from the way I normally do … Continue reading