#TBT Sports Blog: The NBA Showtime Lakers

Watching the Golden State Warriors dominate this year’s NBA Finals has prompted me to pen today’s #TBT sports blog. My post remembers a talented tinsel town team that perfectly fit the Hollywood hype of its spot on Showtime nickname. This … Continue reading

Miami Heat Benefit BIG with Goran Dragic on Busy NBA Trade Day

The former “BIG” marketing campaign proved to be an instant NBA media success. Its simple, but brilliant, message quickly resonated with fans. Seen across television, web and social media outlets, the “BIG” campaign captured what fans already knew about the … Continue reading

#TBT Sports Blog: NBA Finals, Magic Johnson & Showtime LA Lakers

Just in time for tonight’s NBA Finals, today’s Throw Back Thursday sports blog features a now struggling NBA franchise that was once a dominant and exciting fixture in nearly every NBA championship series during the 1980s.

This talented tinsel town team perfectly fit the Hollywood hype of its Showtime nickname.

With their quick paced form of fast break basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s electrified NBA fans. Their style of play entertained the many movie, music and television celebrities who attended their home games at the old Great Western Forum.

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Retiring David Stern Stood BIG as NBA Commissioner

He stands small in stature when compared to the height of his league’s players.

But, Commissioner David Stern and his impressive legacy will forever be remembered as BIG – like the NBA’s brilliant marketing strategy and business operations he so meticulously managed.

Stern officially retires from his post as Commissioner of the NBA tomorrow. His long time associate Adam Silver will assume his duties and attempt to accomplish the impossible of filling his former boss’ BIG shoes.

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