Soccer Royals Advance to World Cup Semi-finals

In yesterday’s penalty kick shootout victory over Costa Rica, Netherlands star striker Robin Van Persie was held in check and failed to find the back of the net in 120 minutes of action.

Ironically, so were other celebrated scorers from the three other high powered teams whose recent victories enabled their countries to also advance to the 2014 World Cup Semi-finals.

Neither Thomas Muller of Germany, Lionel Messi of Argentina nor Neymar of Brazil were able to score in their sides’ respective wins. Like Van Persie, Muller, Messi and Neymar were heavily marked during their entire matches.

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The Old Sports Cliche: Team Has Lots of Weapons

In all of sports, there may not be a more intimidating warning than hearing that the opposing team has lots of weapons.

In this comic, this armed and dangerous metaphoric expression is readily apparent.

In the sport of soccer consider closely the prowess on the pitch of club teams teams like Real Madrid, Manchester City and Bayern Munich or national teams like Brazil, Argentina, Germany and The Netherlands.

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Undersized World Cup Stars Prove Bigger Not Always Better

The extraordinary play in this year’s World Cup of some of international football’s best players refutes a timeless adage.

On the soccer pitch of Brazil’s stadiums, Lilliputians like 5’6″ Lionel Messi of Argentina, 5’7″ Philipp Lahm of Germany, 5’7″ Alexis Sanchez of Chile, 5’7″ Dries Martens of Belgium, 5’8″ Giovani dos Santos of Mexico and 5’9″ Neymar da Silva Santos of Brazil have made a mockery of the common misconception in sports that “bigger is always better.”

These scintillating stars have proven that if we used the same logic that “bigger is always better,” then we’d want bigger headaches, bigger holes in our pockets and even bigger cases of jock rash.

This weekend’s World Cup games showed that you can never measure the indomitable spirit that drives athletes, regardless of their physical size.

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Missing 2014 World Cup Story Lines

In its first week of group play, the 2014 World Cup has satisfied nearly every eagerly expectant international football fan.

From high scoring matches (like Holland’s 5 – 1 thrashing of Spain) to nail-biting nil – nil finishes (like yesterday’s Brazil versus Mexico scoreless tie), the quadrennial event has failed to disappoint.

However, the preponderance of press coverage dedicated to the USA’s stunning victory over Ghana as well as the tournament’s marquee, goal scoring stars like Messi, Ronaldo, Van Persie, Mueller and Neymar has unintentionally kept other obvious World Cup stories quietly beneath the media’s radar in Brazil.

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Brazil’s Neymar Enraptures FIFA Soccer Fans with Goals and Hairstyles

This brilliant Brazilian and FC Barcelona striker may be better known for his assortment of eclectic hairstyles than his remarkable ability to put the soccer ball in the back of the net.

Oft compared to Brazilian soccer icons Pele and Ronaldinho, Neymar da Silva Santos, or simply Neymar, has tempted the tabloids and worldwide sports sites with more than tantalizing athleticism and surreal soccer skill.

Neymar has also captivated an international audience that eagerly awaits his next sensational goal as much as it does for his latest creative haircut.

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