Favorite NFL & NCAA Football Cliches

During the recent holiday weekend, NFL and NCAA football games dominated sports coverage on television. It was impossible to miss the cliché laden language of those in the broadcast booth covering the games. The announcers’ exaggerated expressions, at times, poetically … Continue reading

October: Best Time of Year to be a Sports Fan

October always ranks as the best time of the year to be a sports fan. The breadth of exciting games across multiple sports on television doesn’t get any better at any other time of the year. Summer is officially over … Continue reading

Sports Adage: That’s Why We Play the Games!

Legendary University of Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp popularized the famous sports adage, “That’s why we play the games to see who wins.”

Rupp’s basketball quote surprisingly found its way onto the DecoTurf tennis surface of Arthur Ashe Stadium yesterday, ringing especially true at this year’s US Open men’s semifinals.

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book: Telegraphing the Pass

Technology changes so fast that iPhones, iPads and Macs will soon be replaced by newer, faster and more impressive gizmos.

You’d think that popular sports expressions would keep up with changes in the way we communicate, but it’s just not so.

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MIKE’s FREE Football Comic Book Features “Gut Check Time”

You’ll never see an ESPN highlight reel with woefully out-of-shape football players like the ones pictured in this comic.

However, sports fans should immediately recognize how this comic brings to life the universally understood expression gut check time.

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Remembering The NBA’s and NCAA’s Admiral and All U.S. Veterans Today

The highest rank in the U.S Navy that he ever held was Lieutenant Junior Grade. However, this former U.S. Naval Academy basketball star will always be known by his notable nautical nickname, The Admiral.

Today, Veteran’s Day, is the perfect day to remember this exceptional athlete – perhaps the NBA’s most famous veteran. David Robinson stands very tall as an example of the mryiads of other men and women, whom we honor today, who have faithfully defended our nation.

In The Admiral’s case, not only did he distinguish himself as an officer in the U.S. Navy, but he also excelled on the NBA hardwood following his mandatory service in the military following an amazing basketball career at Navy.

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NCAA Sweet Sixteen: March Madness Over Four Ohio College Basketball Teams

It’s suddenly chic to talk about Ohio sports! No, I’m not referring to Ohio State’s anticipated resurrection to BCS prominence under new coach Urban Meyer. Nor am I alluding to any news pertaining to the state’s professional football, basketball, soccer or baseball sports teams. However, … Continue reading

NCAA College Basketball Tournament: March Madness’ Nail Biting Officially Begins Today

Today, America’s annual Nail Biting Binge officially begins. Once again, those thin transparent plates covering the upper surfaces at the top of the end of your fingers are in big trouble; if you’re a serious college basketball fan – that … Continue reading

Western Kentucky University: NCAA March Madness’ Least Likely Cinderella

One of tonight’s Cinderellas has heard all the names. Unlikely under-dog, sleeper, dark horse, improbable entry, long shot, very long shot! However, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers laugh away the names and dismiss all the cheap shops. Because, beginning at 6:35pm EST … Continue reading