Being Mike Tyson: The Real Deal Series Debuts on FOX Sports!

The six-part reality television series Being Mike Tyson: The Real Deal premiered Sunday on FOX. The show’s debut immediately boxed me into a corner and will force me to tune in for the second round of the retired fighter’s intriguing docudrama.

The initial episode lived up to its title as the iconic lead character Mike Tyson truly personified the real deal; i.e. engaging, broken, childlike, fragile, likeable and complex.

It’s only fitting that the conflicted Tyson appears unrefined and ineloquent as well as compelling and genuine in front of the camera. The former heavyweight champ, and once mega-rich athlete, unwittingly captivates viewers with raw, entertaining and guileless recollections. Tyson’s honesty is evident, especially his reunion with former foe Evander Holyfield. Yet, the series still begs for the former champ to reveal much more to an expectant FOX audience in the five remaining episodes.

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