2 Cent Tuesday: Dallas Cowboys’ Greg Hardy Has Got To Go

Dallas Cowboys’ DE Greg Hardy has got to go. Now! Since Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones lacks the courage to pink slip the talented defender, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must step in to banish Hardy immediately. Jones’ and Goodell’s silence and … Continue reading

Forbes Lists America’s Team Dallas Cowboys Most Valuable in Sports

Today’s 2 Cent Sports Blog reports on the exorbitant valuations of the top franchises in professional sports. According to Forbes Magazine, the Dallas Cowboys, widely known as America’s Team, is now considered the world’s most valuable sports franchise. With a … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog: Dez Bryant & Diva NFL WRs

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys proves once again that no other position in professional sports produces more me-first, egotistical personalities than the NFL wide receiver. Bryant gave Cowboy Nation an ultimatum that should he not receive a max contract … Continue reading