2 Cent Tuesday: I Opted Out of NBA Free Agency!

Hey, NBA fans, in today’s 2 Cent Tuesday Sports Blog, I must confess. I opted out. That’s right! A few weeks ago, I officially opted out of following this summer’s NBA free agency. Sure, I am diehard NBA fan, and … Continue reading

2 Cent Tuesday: The Future of OKC’s Kevin Durant

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog begs basketball fans to refrain from asking NBA superstar Kevin Durant the obvious question. Well, at least for now. Less than an hour after the Thunder’s crushing defeat to the Golden State Warriors in … Continue reading

NBA News: Guess Who’s Now Opting Out?

  Hey, NBA fans! Guess who’s now opting out? Me! That’s right! I’m opting out of all news reports and discussions involving speculation, impassioned predictions and muckraking melodrama surrounding pending NBA free agency. I’ve had enough of the non-stop media … Continue reading