2 Cent Tuesday: Donald Trump’s Locker Room Talk Comments

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses on the media hullabaloo surrounding Donald Trump’s recorded unacceptable, sexually explicit, “locker room comments” about women from 2005. The outcry from media outlets and social sites has been categorically correct in decrying Trump’s … Continue reading

Roc Nation Sports CEO Jay-Z: American Royalty?

Earlier this week at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, visiting British Royals William and Kate attended their first NBA game. During a break in the action between the Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers, the British Royal couple exchanged pleasantries and … Continue reading

JayZ Should Not Get Free Pass From NFL, MLB and NBA

Has anyone from the NFL, MLB or NBA offices ever delved into JayZ’s recording history to determine whether his catalog of songs best represent the spirit of their sports? More specifically, do JayZ’s musical messages extol women in a positive light or denigrate women to testosterone-infused men who think of them as meat for their sexual appetites or punching bags for their frustrations?

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