MIKE on sports podcastMy MIKE on sports! podcast is for every American sports fan who loves to laugh and learn something new about sports.

Here’s where I dish out clever quips and fun loving facts that ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports fail to report.

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 MIKE on sports! chronicles great sports stuff that never grabbed the headlines – ‘til I got a hold of the mic.

Mike on sports! side steps last night’s scores, today’s standings and tomorrow’s big games.

You see, my schtick is to focus on timeless observations and often overlooked peculiarities from our American sports culture.

Here’s where I scrutinize things like teams, nicknames, mascots, sports expressions, single named icons and famous sports landmarks.

I also pontificate about the sports world’s greatest sights, sounds and smells.

Plus, I NEVER miss the opportunity to lampoon players, coaches and sportscasters when their words or deeds just beg to be skewered.

MIKE on sports! covers uniquely entertaining sports related EXCEPT what big named stars like LeBron James, Russell Wilson and Mike Trout did in their most recent game.

Come on now, every true fan knows that sports transcends religion and politics and NEVER distinguishes between race, sex, age, height, weight, money or even family allegiance.

That’s why there’s just so much to share in my MIKE on sports! monologues.

You’ll be laugh out loud listening to some nutty sports stuff that you probably never heard on the major networks – like my narratives about Racing Weenies, Dippin’ Dots, Geezer Jocks, the Zamboni driver, the Fat Lady, the Sports Bra and even Touchdown Jesus.

Plus, don’t miss my musings on a new Heavyweight Division in Gymnastics, Quitting Spitting in Baseball, Stoppage Time in Soccer, Grunting in Tennis, the Missed Free Throw Celebration in Basketball, Flopping in Soccer, Football’s not-so-Instant Replay and How a Sports Fan Goes Green on Earth Day.

My shows aren’t rocket science.

They’re just a fun way for me to voice my quirky, and at times, unconventional observations of things pertaining to sports.

So, listen to MIKE on sports! for good fun and better reporting on the best stories that you always knew existed, but had to wait for someone like me to deliver them to you.

Straight talk. No static.

This is MIKE!

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