Sports Comic Book: Favorite Sports Quotes

Favorite Sports Quotes combines 25 of my all-time favorite sports quotes with clever, individual sports comics.

Each brief chapter offers a bit of history about the actual quote and the person responsible for it.

Laugh when recalling a boxer who feared he would slide into “Bolivia” instead of oblivion.

Smile when remembering a fumble mouthed sportscaster who regularly reported on “spews norts” instead of sports news.

Recite “yes!” and “no mas!” – two of the simplest, but arguably most famous, sports quotes that we’ve all utilized in our own lives.

Learn about the genesis of Diaper Dandies and the NFL linemen known as The Electric Company.

More Favorite Sports Quotes

Recall the brazenness of two NBA icons. One said, “Those young guys are out there playing checkers, while I’m out there playing chess,” and the other boasted “I just wanted to see who would finish second.”

Find out which NBA Hall of Fame giant said, “Nobody roots for Goliath,” and which tiny MLB Hall of Fame outfielder attributed his incredible hitting prowess by stating, “Hit ‘em where they ain’t.”

Smile at the chubby sportscaster who claimed, “I may be wrong, but I doubt it,” and the likeable extra-large former NFL lineman who said, “I was big even when I was little.

Even if you can’t “pair up in threes,” won’t “believe in miracles” or don’t “float like a butterfly or sting like a bee,” you’ll still enjoy this sports comic book.

Reading Favorite Sports Quotes is fun. To safely download the ebook from Amazon for only 99 cents, simply click HERE or on the yellow cover above.

But, just remember that the ending “ain’t over til it’s over” and definitely not until “the fat lady sings!”

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#TBT Sports Blog: Phillies’ Hall of Fame 3B Mike Schmidt

Philadelphia Phillies' Mike SchmidtToday’s #TBT sports blog remembers Philadelphia Phillies’ Hall of Fame 3B Mike Schmidt.

Voted in 1983 as the greatest player in franchise history, this slugger spent his entire 18 year career in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform.

More than 25 years after hanging up his cleats, Mike Schmidt, or Schmitty, still holds 12 individual offensive records as a Phillies player.

Whether with a bat at the plate or a glove at third base, Schmidt’s total body of work in Philadelphia was impressive.

A sure-handed third baseman, Schmidt won 10 National League Gold Glove Awards while protecting the hot corner on the lightning fast synthetic turf of Philadelphia’s old Veterans Stadium.

Schmitty also utilized his raw power as a sculpted 6’2” and 205 lb. slugger to win eight home run titles during his career.

Schmidt Ranked 15th All-Time in MLB HR’s

In spite of an unorthodox batting stance, Mike Schmidt finished 15th all-time in Major League Baseball history with 548 dingers.

Schmidt kept himself in such great shape that legendary teammate Pete Rose made the following comment in his authorized biography Pete Rose: A Biography by David M. Jordan. “To have his (Schmidt’s) body, I’d throw in mine and my wife’s and some cash, too!”

He’s also an easy walk-off pick for my #3 spot in my FREE sports comic book  Philadelphia Sports Icons.

Philadelphia Sports Stars and LandmarksIn addition to winning the National League MVP award in 1980, 1981 and 1986, the 12-time all-star retired with an enviable .267 batting average, 2,234 total hits and 1,595 RBI’s, 36th all-time.

Perhaps the highlights of Schmidt’s career were twofold: he hit four home runs in one game on April 17, 1976, and he won the MVP award while guiding the Phillies to the franchise’s first ever 1980 World Series title against the Kansas City Royals.

It’s no surprise that baseball writers voted Mike Schmidt into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1995 on the first ballot with 96.52% of the total vote. That ranks as the 4th best all-time.

The Phillies formally retired his #20 in 1990. In addition, the franchise honored Schmidt by adding him to the team’s Wall of Fame in Citizen’s Bank Park and erecting his statue. It was fittingly placed just outside the stadium’s third base gate to the ballpark.

The Sporting News Honored Mike Schmidt Twice

The Sporting News recognized Schmidt’s stellar career twice. The publication named him Major League Baseball player of the decade in the 80’s. It also honored Schmidt as #28 on its list of top 100 greatest players ever and as the highest ranking third baseman on the esteemed list.

A rotator cuff injury derailed Schmidt’s career in 1989, but his memory continues to flourish in Philadelphia.

That’s why this Baseball Hall of Fame third baseman is an easy choice at #3 in Philadelphia Sports Icons and the subject of today’s #TBT sports blog.

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2 Cent Tuesday: The Heckler: Irritating or Entertaining Sports Fan?

the hecklerToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday blog focuses on the Heckler – the sports world’s most irritating and entertaining fan.

Because I enjoy his antics, this big mouthed sports fan is an easy choice for my weekly post.

This bumptious babbler has been barking from the stands at sporting events since Rome’s first chariot races and Greece’s original Olympic Games.

He’s that garrulous guy who plays the role of the annoying fan at games. He’s been seen and heard at every pro game in every sport for as long as fans can remember.

Many observers would say he’s just as bothersome, or entertaining, “now” as he was back “then” at sports events like at Rome’s Coliseum!

Today, the colorful and, at times, irritating big mouth sits court side at NBA games, in the end zone at NFL games or behind home plate at Major League Baseball games.

The obnoxious or entertaining blow hard creatively maligns the opposing team’s players. His duty is to toss barbs at the other team and their fans.

Super Fan: The Heckler

Universally known as the Heckler, this super fan ironically may not boast too many fans of his own.

Some fans may find him irritating and insulting, but I like him and think he’s an expected, entertaining part of attending a professional sports event.

He’s pretty funny, especially if he’s rooting for the same team.

Plus, I can handle his non-stop heckling – provided he’s seated far enough away and doesn’t make the little hairs on the back of my neck stand at full attention with his non-stop jibber-jabbering.

And, I get a kick out of watching rival fans deal with the Heckler during a game. The guy’s entertainment factor wears off quickly, especially when he’s not cheering for their squad.

Soon, opposing fans within earshot realize this guy has a bullhorn for a voice box and no off switch for his grating trash talk.

During the rest of the game, these same rival fans are constantly on edge, much to my delight and that of all of my fellow fans.

For the rest of the game, I’m entertained by watching these rival fans try to keep themselves in check.

In a fight to the end, they struggle to restrain themselves from dumping their beer on this loud mouthed Heckler.

Because of the entertainment factor the Heckler has always provided at games since fans can remember, this timeless irritant and big mouthed sports fan secures a spot in today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog.

Out of curiosity, whether you find the Heckler irritating or entertaining, what’s your favorite Heckler line?

Let us know.

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MIKE Sports Comic Book: MLB Favorites

MIKE MLB Favorites

Volume 2 of the MIKE Sports Comic Book Series focuses on my personal picks for all-time MLB Favorites.

MLB Favorites transports readers through the Fall Classic months of October and even November.

It also spotlights baseball legends from recently retired to a lifetime ago.

My baseball favorites include one incredible team from a century ago and a baseball landmark that has wooed fans and players for 100 years.

This book includes eight famous big leaguers. Six are in the Baseball Hall of Fame and one will be there soon.

Another worthy choice is someone many believe should be inducted because of his record breaking career and all out hustle whenever he took the field.

Each of my player picks has positively impacted baseball for their accomplishments on the field. None are still active on an Major League Baseball roster.

You’ll recall a colorful catcher who stopped everything behind the plate and hit everything thrown to him in front of it.

You’ll also read about the tiniest player to ever play the game of baseball. He dominated the sport with both speed and a unique ability to hit pitches whenever – and wherever – he wanted.

More MLB Favorites

One of my choices, a dominating, machine-like team, is a perennial fan favorite.

Big Red Machine Cincinnati Reds

Plus, we’ll celebrate a famous piece of Boston baseball real estate that is one of the most revered and recognized icons in all of sports.

All in this book are worthy of being recognized by unique, immediately recognizable nicknames like the sports comic below.

Fenway Park's Left Field Wall

In addition to the comics, I include a little history in each chapter about my selection. I explain why I believe my choice belongs in MLB Favorites.

Lastly, my affiliate partner – Sports Memorabilia – features lots of Major League Baseball sports merchandise. Check out the site if interested. And, yes, I do earn a small commission if you happen to buy something, so thanks.

Sports MemorabiliaIf you don’t see your favorite in the MIKE sports comic book MLB Favorites, then I definitely want to hear from you.

Email me at and state your case.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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#TBT Sports Blog: Chicago Cubs’ Ernie Banks

Mr. Cub Ernie Banks

Today’s #TBT sport blogs remembers Ernie Banks, the greatest player in Chicago Cubs history.

To Banks, the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field served as home for 19 Major League Baseball seasons.

Affectionately known as Mr. Cub, the soft spoken Ernie Banks easily stole the hearts of loyal Chicago Cubs fans.

Defined by his passion and purpose for the game, Banks excelled in a multitude of ways for the only Major League Baseball team he ever knew.

However, during his lengthy and storied baseball career in Chicago, the beloved #14 amazingly never saw post season action. Never!

Ernie Banks Enjoyed Only 1 Winning Season in 19 Years

Ironically, Banks experienced 18 out of 19 losing seasons with the Chicago Cubs. As a result, he became known as the consummate good sport. He never complained openly about the Cubs’ losing ways.

Because of his bright smile, gentle spirit and always positive disposition, Banks also picked up the appropriate nickname Mr. Sunshine.

In spite of the Cubs’ futility, Banks gained a 1977 first ballot entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He posted impressive career statistics as both a shortstop and then first baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

A two-time National League MVP in 1958 and 1959, Banks retired with 512 dingers, 2,583 total hits and a lifetime .274 batting average.

Although Banks was named to baseball’s All-Century team in 1999, he often expressed during his playing days that he wanted to be remembered as more than a baseball player.

Fortunately, he has.

Since his retirement in 1972, Banks has been revered for the way he comported himself both on and off the baseball field.

In addition to his stellar play as an athlete, Banks brilliantly followed Jackie Robinson’s lead as an esteemed example of baseball integration.

The Baseball Hall of Fame player also was greatly respected for advocating for assistance for Chicago’s poor.

In 2013 President Barack Obama Presented Ernie Banks with Presidential Medal of Freedom

What is perhaps this Chicago sports legend’s greatest lifetime achievement came to fruition in 2013. That’s when President Barack Obama presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The award not only acknowledged Banks’ outstanding baseball career, but, it recognized #14 as an extraordinary human being. Despite a quiet demeanor, Ernie fought racism in our country with an excellent and courageous spirit.

His example to overcome adversity through quiet strength and determination helped unite people of all races.

For that reason, Mr. Cub will always be remembered as more than the Chicago Cubs’ greatest player ever. It pleases me to pen this #TBT sports blog.

Ernie Banks will be forever recognized as both a hero and a great man who proudly represented baseball as the sport’s unofficial ambassador.

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2 Cent Tuesday: Favorite Baseball Cliches

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog focuses on my top 10 favorite baseball clichés.

I think they’re a grand slam!

Plus, they’re included in my FREE book Best About Sports for fans of MLB, Babe Ruth League and Little League Baseball to enjoy.

My list captures the ridiculous, inventive and, at times, exaggerated way we report on or describe America’s favorite pastime.

A perfect example is the see-saw baseball comic that begins this article.

MIKE Sports Comic: See Saw Battle

Baseball fans instantly get these sayings. They’re confidently spoken in the familiar lingo of metaphors and hyperbole that all sports fans understand.

Here’s my top 10 list:

10. Stranded three ducks on a pond – What a sight it would be to actually watch three mallards quacking away on the bases in frustration as a batter takes a third called strike to end the inning.

9. The batter hit a frozen rope – It would be pretty neat to see an icicle encrusted 350’ long rope extend from the batter’s box to the left field wall.

8. The pitcher handcuffed the batter – Too bad we’ll never actually witness a pitcher leave the mound with a set of cuffs in his hand and head toward home plate to shackle the batter.

7. The infielders are throwing the ball around the horn – It would be a literal blast to see four infielders sitting around the pitcher’s mound, playfully tossing a baseball around a giant trumpet?

6. The outfielder got on his horse to chase down the fly ball – This would never happen, but it would be hysterical to see a center fielder catch a long fly ball with his glove in one hand, while his other hand holds the reins of the horse he’s riding?

5. The pitcher took something off the ball – One day, I’d love to see this actually happen – a pitcher standing on the mound after a pitch holding a frayed baseball cover in his throwing hand.

MIKE Sports Comic: Pitcher Took Something Off the Ball

4. The batter reached for the fences – How ridiculous a sight this would be watching a batter at home plate extend his arms like a transformer robot and actually touch the right field wall.

3. This team is manufacturing runs – Just imagine a team turning its dugout into a manufacturing plant’s assembly line.

2. It’s a pitcher’s duel – Duels don’t happen anymore, but it would be a blast to witness two saber wielding pitchers squaring off around the pitcher’s mound.

1. The base runner got caught napping – The word picture associated with this comic probably says it all. It’s a wonderful way to end this featured list on my favorite baseball cliches.

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#TBT Sports Blog: Former Baltimore Orioles Brooks “Hoover” Robinson

Brooks Robinson or HooverToday’s #TBT sports blog features Brooks “Hoover” Robinson – a Hall of Fame athlete with a household appliance for a nickname.

Brooks Robinson played the hot corner for the Baltimore Orioles better than anyone else in baseball history.

Instead of an oven or a stove top grill, this third baseman was known as Hoover, short for the old American standard in vacuum cleaners. He sucked up every baseball hit his way.

In the same way Hoover vacuums were the predominant household appliance of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, Brooks Robinson was the undisputed best fielding third baseman who ever played the game.

Named to Major League Baseball’s All Century Team in 1999, Brooks Robinson played third base for the Baltimore Orioles for an incredible 23 years.

Brooks “Hoover” Robinson Won 16 Gold Gloves in His Career

Robinson’s skill at third base is legendary. With fast hands, quick feet, uncanny expectation and an accurate strong arm, Robinson won an astounding 16 consecutive American League Gold Gloves from 1960 through 1975. He was also named to 15 consecutive American League All-Star teams during the same time. In addition, he finished tops in fielding percentage among third basemen 11 seasons in a row and was voted American League Most Valuable Player in 1964.

Thanks in large part to Brooks Robinson’s consistent stellar play at third base and at the plate, the Baltimore Orioles boasted the best record in all of baseball during Hoover’s 23 years with the organization. Robinson ended his career with a very respectable lifetime batting average of .267 and 2,848 total hits, 268 home runs and 1,357 runs batted in.

Hoover participated in four World Series. He won two of them with the Birds, one in 1966 and again in 1970 in which he was named the Most Valuable Player.

The Orioles retired Brooks Robinson’s number five jersey in 1977. He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1983 during his first year of eligibility.

This former Baltimore Oriole is also my #23 overall pick in one of my sports comic books Favorite Sports Nicknames.

Favorite Sports NicknamesNow an accomplished public speaker, Brooks Robinson may be the most popular player in the history of the Baltimore Orioles organization.

Comparing Robinson to baseball legend Babe Ruth, Gordon Beard, an Associated Press Baltimore-based sports reporter remarked about the player called The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, “Brooks never had a candy bar named after him. But, in Baltimore, people named their children after him.”

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2 Cent Tuesday: Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog weighs in on the newly launched Ice Cube inspired sports league cleverly named BIG3 Basketball.

The appropriately named BIG3 Basketball League combines rapper, actor, entrepreneur Ice Cube’s concept of former “big time” NBA players playing competitive 3 on 3 half-court games.

When learning about the BIG3’s debut, the hoops junkie in me just had to watch coverage of the games on FOX Sports.

Last night, I finally got my chance, and I was certainly entertained, but not how you might think. Basketball purists were probably mildly offended, but sports minded entertainment seekers were certainly satisfied.

Checking out the BIG3 action served up all the predictable, but entertaining content of Ice Cube’s top movies: Fist Fight, Ride Along and Barbershop.

Not Oscar worthy flicks, but the new BIG3 production was definitely worth watching especially if you’re a round ball fan.

The BIG3 Play Was Sloppy, But…

The quality of play and level of athleticism most commonly attributed to basketball players with NBA resumes was underwhelming.

The BIG3 play was sloppy, the players’ skill level had noticeably waned and the physicality of the games was ponderously ugly at times. Some players even failed to recognize the nuances of the 3 on 3 games for their advantage.

And, most of the players were big, much bigger physically than during their heyday. Most now tip the scales generously above their last known NBA playing weight. Yet, they still displayed a passion for the game and offered plenty of off-the-cuff remarks within earshot of microphones eager to pick up their comments.

Thankfully, no future Hall of Famers or recent All-Pro players suited up, thus keeping my fond memories of those legends safely in check.

However, former NBA “stars” now highly coveted BIG3 picks comprised the BIG3 rosters on display last night as they tussled with fellow former pros.

A much chubbier Rashad McCants was clearly the star of last night’s quadruple header. He dominated from the perimeter as well as off the dribble.

A heavier and greyed Cuttino Mobley showed little mobility, but still offered a whole bunch of scoring skill.

A very girthy Lee Nailon was even more unrecognizable in a BIG3 uniform than he was when few fans once knew him in an NBA jersey.

Former first pick in the NBA Draft Kwame Brown showed off the same raw athleticism with little accompanying skill as he did in a Lakers uniform.

And, a super-sized and absurdly immobile Michael Sweetney looked totally gassed after just a few half court possessions.

Congratulations to Ice Cube on BIG3 League

Congratulations to Ice Cube and his team for creating a buzz of excitement around the newly minted BIG3 league.

Though the level of play failed to meet my expectations, the quality of entertainment value exceeded them.

Last night’s electric atmosphere at the University of Illinois at Chicago reminded me of watching great summer pick-up games with friends at the local park. The buzz seemed palpable and the authenticity of the audience was genuine. Quite simply, people were having fun.

As a couch bound viewer, I was entertained by Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball games in the same vein as witnessing a WWE bout.

For example:

I laughed when I immediately noticed how Brian Scalabrine barely squeezed into his BIG3 team uniform.

I chuckled as I watched a chubby cheeked Allen Iverson actually attempt to coach his team. Imagine that? Allen Iverson coaching!

I grimaced when a few talentless players struggled to draw iron from the 3 point line or whiffed like cape wielding matadors attempting to guard their opponents.

I winced when I saw former NBA bully Kenyon Martin enter the game and get into a scrum on his very first possession and proceed to unnecessarily jaw about it for the next several possessions.

And, I covered my eyes when the refs swallowed their whistles and allowed a slug fest to take place on just about every possession.

However, I watched all four games last night and went to bed grinning.

Ice Cube’s new entertainment endeavor made me smile.

The same swarms of people normally seen at Las Vegas prize fights came out in style in Chicago. Chance the Rapper, Minister Farakkan, legendary Detroit Pistons’ Bad Boys Rick Mahorn and Mark Aguirre, wormy Michael Rappaport, actresses, street hoods, oddsmakers, playground wanna-bees, wives, girlfriends, former mistresses and basketball lovers of all shapes, sizes and colors were in attendance.

The play may have left me wanting.

But, the sense of a developing new community, a desire for a new basketball fraternity, a chance for folks of all kinds to be seen, a profound love for an ever evolving game and the overall entertainment value of Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball made me a fan.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

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MIKE – the ultimate talking head on sports!

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Friday Sports Funny: Fans Are On Their Feet

MRO 37 Fans on FeetToday’s Friday Sports Funny lampoons the common sports expression: “the fans are on their feet.”

My post’s comic depicts what sports fans witness at nearly every game in every sport.

Rabid fans acknowledge their team’s exemplary play.

For example:

In the NBA, Golden State fans are passionate for their Warriors, and they have transformed Oracle Arena into the loudest in the NBA.

In the NFL, Cheeseheads are crazy for their Packers. Amazingly, the waiting list for Green Bay season tickets exceeds 100,000 and Packer Backers sell out Lambeau Field even during the harshest of winter weather.

In Major League Baseball, New Englanders fill up Fenway for their beloved Boston Red Sox. The iconic park holds the record for 820 consecutive sell-outs which ended back in 2013.

In the NHL, New York Rangers faithful religiously cram Madison Square Garden to root on their beloved home town team.

And, in FIFA play, rabid Bayern Munich fans pack stadiums and belt out their team song. It’s no wonder why Bayern Munich is mentioned in the same breath as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea as one of the world’s greatest clubs.

Much like diehards from Northern California, Green Bay, Boston, New York and Munich, this comic captures similar enthusiasm, while it lampoons the notion of actual fans rising to their feet.

A figurative family of fans – box, portable, ceiling and oscillating – are all on their feet rooting on their favorite home team.

In addition, this silly comic is one of 25 sports comics I include in my FREE ebook Clever Sports Comics. 

MIKE Vol 7 CleverJust click on the purple cover above to safely download this FREE sports comic book. Also, email me any suggestions of sports comics that I can include my future sports comic books.

Enjoy the read and feel free to share the pdf of the book with others.

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#TBT Sports Blog: MLB’s Wizard of Oz Ozzie Smith

Former St. Louis Cardinals' Ozzie SmithToday’s #TBT sports blog features one of my favorite MLB players ever – former St. Louis Cardinals’ shortstop Ozzie The Wizard of Oz Smith.

If Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow were baseball fans, they’d be off to find Major League Baseball’s wonderful Wizard of Oz. He played not too far from the Gateway Arch in the old Busch Memorial Stadium in St, Louis, MO.

Ozzie Smith’s incredibly quick reflexes, unparalleled aptitude with his glove and accurate arm contributed to his magical, wizard like play at shortstop. Smith’s skills made him a most worthy recipient of his clever Wizard of Oz nickname.

The Wizard of Oz is Also Featured in Favorite Sports Nicknames on Amazon

The Wizard of Oz is also included in the #19 spot in my sports comic book titled Favorite Sports Nicknames available for only 99 cents on Amazon.

Osbourne Earl “Ozzie” Smith retired in 1996 as arguably the greatest shortstop in Major League Baseball history. A 1982 World Series champ with the St. Louis Cardinals, Ozzie Smith ended his stellar 19 year career as the all-time leader in career assists (8,375) and double plays by a shortstop (1,590). The “Wizard of Oz” also set a National League record of 2,511 consecutive starts at his position.

The 5’10” and 175 lb. magician with a glove captured the National League Gold Glove Award an unprecedented 13 years in a row. He was named National League all-star shortstop an incredible 15 times.

Baseball’s Hall of Fame Inductee: Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz’s defensive brilliance, coupled with an impressive 2,460 career hits and a lifetime .262 batting average, enabled him to whisk down baseball’s proverbial “yellow brick road” directly into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot in 2002.

The St. Louis Cardinals retired Ozzie Smith’s #1 jersey in 1996. The Sporting News recognized his amazing defensive play and 2,000+ career hits by naming him #87 on its list of the top 100 greatest baseball players ever.

Baseball fans everywhere, even Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow would do back flips of excitement, just like the Cardinals’ Ozzie Smith, while watching this dazzling Wizard of Oz perform on the baseball field in St. Louis.

Remembering the Wizard of Oz in today’s #TBT sports blog is as easy as Ozzie Smith handling a ground ball from his shortstop position in a Cardinals’ uniform.

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