NFL Press Conference: Indianapolis Colts Release QB Peyton Manning

Finally, I’ve stopped laughing!
For three days, I’ve enjoyed a seismic sized belly laugh compliments of Wednesday’s NFL press conference in which the Indianapolis Colts released Peyton Manning.
Not since former President Bill Clinton uttered his infamous words, “I did not have sex with that woman,” have I laughed so heartily at the absurdity of a bold face untruth about an emotional moment witnessed on national television.
Did Colts owner Jim Irsay expect sports fans to believe that his releasing star quarterback Peyton Manning was “never about the money?”
Yes, I am aware that the four time NFL MVP played 14 seasons in Indianapolis and led the Colts to 141 career wins and a Super Bowl victory in Miami a few years ago. And, I heard Irsay said, “Peyton will always be a part of the horse shoe.”
But, did Irsay accidentally hit himself in the head with a giant sized Colts horse shoe? Does he hold true his own horse hockey?
“It was never about the money,” a teary-eyed Irsay said, sounding more like a disingenuous flim flam man than respected NFL team owner.
Are you kidding me? Those who accept Irsay’s blubbering probably also think that Kim Kardashian has finally found her soul mate in the Saudi Billionaire she’s now dating and that her new love affair has absolutely nothing to do with fortune, fame and future reality television fodder. Lol
Allow me to provide one reason, better yet, 28 million compelling reasons why Irsay’s statement was so preposterous.
The Indianapolis Colts released Manning primarily for financial reasons. Having already paid Peyton a whopping $18 million for the entire 2011 season he missed due to neck issues, the now struggling Indy franchise was obligated to pay the 35 year-old quarterback an exorbitant $28 million roster bonus on March 8th.
Paying the outlandish bonus would severely limit, probably cripple, the floundering Colts franchise from rebuilding by signing new draft picks and wooing high priced free agents to Indianapolis. Forking over that much jack for an aging QB with an uncertain healthy future would just be foolish. 
Surely, we wish Manning the very best as he endeavors to resurrect his career in another NFL city. Unfortunately, the economics of the game forced the Colts’ hand to part with Peyton prior to his big pay day.
However, Irsay’s absurd assertion that releasing Peyton was “never about the money” had to cause Bill Clinton to cackle too! 
Straight talk. No static.
MIKE – aka Mike Raffone – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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