New York Giants’ Odell Beckham, Jr. Not Cool!

New York Giants WR Odell beckham, Jr. - MIKE on sports!Entering his New York Giants team’s vital game yesterday against the Carolina Panthers, Odell Beckham, Jr. was widely considered one of the NFL’s brightest new stars.

However, following the Giants’ 38 – 35 loss, the once scintillating star may now be considered the league’s biggest “joke” for his needless, unsportsmanlike and unconscionable play against Panthers CB Josh Norman, one of the NFL’s best young defenders.

Witnessing Beckham’s inexplicable behavior in a key contest with playoff implications left most football fans both incredulous and angry.

Furthermore, Odell Beckham, Jr.’s once widespread popularity is certain to plummet. It’s just not because of the normally sure handed receiver’s surprising dropped pass for an easy first quarter touchdown.

But, the wide-out’s credibility will specifically suffer for his foolish, extracurricular activities on several possessions and, more obviously, for his deliberately vicious head-to-head blow on an unaware and unprotected Norman that could have seriously injured the star defender.

Plus, following the game, Beckham added to his folly by showing no remorse for his immature and reckless actions that were caught on film and repeatedly shown on sports media highlights.

Ironically, only a week earlier, Beckham brazenly sported Joker shoes on the field in the G-Men’s win against the Miami Dolphins.

Little did he realize that he would become the “joke” and sadly a “dirty joke” a week later for his egregious actions against the defenseless Panthers CB.

NFL fans have grown accustomed to self-aggrandizing, mercurial talents that have occupied the wide receiver position over the years, but they have never tolerated malicious behavior.

Diva wide receivers Terrell Owens, Michael Irvin, Chad Ochocinco, Keyshawn Johnson and Chris Carter have preened and prated and blustered and bragged far more than the average fans’ liking.

However, whether you liked them or not, these retired prima donnas backed up their bark by making big plays, scoring key touchdowns and playing aggressive, hard-nosed football with no malevolence directed against opponents.

Unlike Odell Beckham, Jr. who intentionally sought to sideline Norman and needlessly stepped over a line that fans won’t soon forget.

In light of the league’s keen interest in player safety, Beckham’s behavior and unwarranted helmet-to-helmet hit were totally inexcusable.

Not only the NFL, but also the New York Giants need to send a strong message to the young star that his reprehensible behavior will never be tolerated.

Regardless of how steep the fine and suspension, Beckham needs to understand the gravity of his actions and display remorse for them.

Without doubt, Odell Beckham Jr.’s actions were just not cool. They were dangerous, too!

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