New MIKE Sports Comic Book: Favorite Flyers in Sports!

Houston's Phi Slamma Jamma

University of Houston Basketball Team

My new sports comic book Favorite Flyers in Sports features ten assorted sports icons with unique airborne pedigrees.

Known for their ability to take flight during games, these famous flyers breathe rarefied air.

They’ve not only elevated over fans, but have also soared passed all would-be competitors on the hardwood, gridiron, track and asphalt.

Of the ten is pictured in the comic above. This choice is a gravity defying team that changed NCAA college basketball in the early 1980s as a fictional, but fabulous dunking fraternity.

Another is an NHL MVP who may have never left the ground – or in his case – the ice. But, he proudly wore the name Flyers on the front of his hockey jersey.

One helium filled choice in this book is my only non-athlete. However, this high-flyer became a household name by hovering quietly above stadiums and arenas during the world’s most popular sporting events.

Goodyear Blimp

The Goodyear Blimp

The other seven favorites are captivating individual performers who have whooshed into international stardom for their athletic exploits.

For example:

A surreal NFL all-star named after a transformer robot literally transformed the wide receiver position in his sport.

NFL receiver Calvin Johnson

Detroit Lions’ WR Calvin “Megatron” Johnson

An Olympian, known for his shocking red locks, effortlessly aviated above mountains of snow on a small piece of fiberglass.

The Red Tomato Shaun White

Snowboarder Shaun White

Two international track stars – as if jet propelled – zipped and zoomed around Olympic stadiums more than a generation ago. In addition to collecting multiple gold medals, they broke through racial and societal barriers with their staggering performances.

the Buckeye Bullet Jesse Owens

Olympic Champion Jesse Owens

Three additional airborne athletes hovered over the hardwood.

One was an asphalt legend who never played in the NBA.

Herman The Helicopter Knowings

Rucker Park Dunker Herman The Helicopter Knowings


The other was known as a half-man, half-amazing leaper who plied his craft in Canada early in his NBA career.

NBA star Vince Carter

NBA high flyer Vinsanity Vince Carter

And, still another favorite, who regularly ascended over defenders, produced a dizzying display of dazzling dunks.

Human Highlight Reel Dominique Wilkins

Former Atlanta Hawks’ Dominique Wilkins

Enjoy my collection of soaring stars.

Sure, Michael “Air” Jordan is noticeably missing, but it’s my book with my choices. I even include a bonus chapter in the back of this book explaining the Jordan snub.

Email me at if you want to vent about my MJ omission or offer other worthy candidates that you think are missing from Favorite Flyers in Sports.

Book 12 Favorite Flyers in SportsLook forward to your comments.

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