NBA News: Guess Who’s Now Opting Out?

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Hey, NBA fans!

Guess who’s now opting out?


That’s right! I’m opting out of all news reports and discussions involving speculation, impassioned predictions and muckraking melodrama surrounding pending NBA free agency.

I’ve had enough of the non-stop media coverage concerning 2015 free agents.

Most of the marquee announcements have been expected, yet ESPN, Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, FOX Sports and other outlets report on them as if they just broke Pulitzer Prize winning stories.

Gee, never would have guessed LeBron James and Kevin Love would opt out in Cleveland.

Never would have expected LaMarcus Alridge would test the free agent waters outside Portland.

And, never would have anticipated Dwyane Wade would pack his bag, while pouting of course, and sought to take his talents out of Miami.

These highly anticipated moves were about as predictable as Draymond Green whining after a call, Manu Ginobli flopping after contact and DeAndre Jordan bricking most of his free throws.

Give me real NBA news and not soap opera nonsense.

NBA “news coverage” now resembles TMZ reports and sophomoric tabloid fodder. Sports media outlets now seem to be wallowing in innuendo and high school gossip with the same vigor as Entertainment Tonight.

Why can I envision Perez Hilton smiling and laughing loudly about the mindless murmurings that NBA fans are now exposed?

It’s easy to understand why I’m opting out of their reports.

I just don’t care if LeBron James and Kevin Love met poolside at some hotel.

It doesn’t bother me that Dwyane Wade surreptitiously convened with his former teammate about playing together again.

And, I choose not to follow the Kim Kardashian type sage in which DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl have become embroiled.

Tiresome free agent speculation has made me weary.

Media reports about incessant player tweeting have nauseated me.

Sadly, some franchises will foolishly pay exorbitant amounts to players past their prime for previous performance (can you say, Kobe?) and subsequently jettison away their team’s future success.

Unfortunately, petty accusations will flourish, veiled threats will surface and conspiratorial theories will abound.

However, the ineviatbel will happen. LeBron James, LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol will enjoy huge pay days. Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and DeAndre Jordan will be over joyed with their new jack.

All the while, ticket prices will certainly soar in the new season in which David Lee finds a new team, Carmelo Anthony remains stuck with a stinky team and the Spurs, oh the Spurs, reload, upgrade, improve and enter the next campaign with another opportunity to compete for a crown.

I don’t care what ESPN writes, Bleacher Report bloviates or even tiny SB Nation shares in their kindergarten length short paragraph length articles.

That’s because I’m opting out! And, that’s my 2 cents!

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