NBA Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Dominique Wilkins Statue

Human Highlight Reel Dominique Wilkins

Former Atlanta Hawks’ Dominique Wilkins

Dominique Wilkins earned his Human Highlight Reel nickname for his non-stop, jaw-dropping highlights on the hardwood, or better yet, from ten plus feet above the hardwood.

The former Atlanta Hawks star regularly rose above his NBA peers as that one special athlete whose extraordinary athletic achievements merited the clever moniker.

But, beginning this weekend, Hawks fans will no longer look into the air to see the Hall of Fame athlete. Ironically Nique’s been grounded directly in front of the team’s home court.

A huge 13.5” tall and 18,500 lb. statue of Wilkins will welcome fans into Philips Arena in Atlanta.

The Hawks bronzed the face of their franchise and memorialized his likeness for his loyalty to the Atlanta organization and its fans.

Nique was quoted, ”Nobody loves this organization more than I love it,” Wilkins said. ”I bleed and breathe Hawks. Even when I played for other teams I felt funny, because I was a Hawk.”

This NBA legend’s hardwood exploits brought instantaneous expectation wherever he played. Wilkins never limited his game to just one incredible play per night. Instead, he consistently produced a film reel full of them.

As Dominique’s neat nickname suggests, the Human Highlight Reel defied gravity. He electrified fans with his high flying dunks every time he stepped onto the basketball court.

Wilkins won the NBA Slam Dunk Championship twice. Plus, his thrilling dunks from the 1985 and 1990 dunking contests are still regularly watched on You Tube.

A nine-time NBA All-Star and the 1985-86 NBA scoring champion, this University of Georgia product averaged 24.8 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game during the 14 seasons he played.

However, Wilkins will be best remembered for his powerful windmill dunks as well as his acrobatic ability to score from the most unlikely places on the court.

Wilkins currently works as an executive in the front office with his original NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks.

Atlanta fans hope he can transform his on-court success as a player into a future off-court Human Highlight Reel as one of the league’s top execs by assembling a team that competes for a future NBA Championship.

Now that would be a highlight reel worth watching!

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