An Old Sports Cliche: The Roof Caved In

MRO 40 Roof Caved InHere’s an old, but scary sports cliche – the roof caved in!

Can you imagine how tragic it would be if the roof actually did cave in on the rink with hockey players still on the ice?

Frightened hockey players would flee for their safety while incredulous fans would helplessly look on from the stands if the roof ever physically caved in during a game.

However, this scary scene could metaphorically happen in any NHL game or any NFL, NBA, MLB or FIFA event for that matter if a team isn’t adequately prepared to face its opponent.

The comic’s literal depiction of the caved in roof mirrors the figurative roof caving in on the Vikings team which finds itself trailing 6 – 1 in only the second period. Ouch!

This exaggerated comic cleverly captures the story of how one team was not the least bit ready for its game.

Helpless Vikings fans in attendance literally and figuratively witness the roof caving in on their beleaguered team in this poorly contested hockey game.

But, the metaphorical roof caved in badly for a couple teams that experienced the worst defeats in NHL history.

Here are two sad examples:

On March 3, 1920 the Montreal Canadiens scored the most goals ever in HHL play when they throttled the Quebec Bulldogs 16 – 3.

Well, at least the Bulldogs found the back of the net.

On January 23, 1944 the Detroit Red Wings shut out the New York Rangers 15 – 0 in the worst blanking in NHL history.

Now, that’s ugly and scary, too, and not just an old sports cliche.

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