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One of the worst sights in all of sports is old, woefully out-of-shape baseball managers sporting the same form-fitting uniforms as their players. This horrible site is a no brainer for Worst About Sports.

Let’s not expose ourselves any longer to the horrific sight of managers wearing the same uniforms designed for younger and more physically fit athletes.  Otherwise, we may be scarred for life.

Just look at some managers donning XXXL MLB jerseys that barely stretch around their beer keg bellies. Their jerseys look like Halloween costumes that have been spray painted on their rotund bodies.

You never saw Phil Jackson sitting on the Lakers bench wearing his old Knicks jersey with matching short shorts.

Or, you don’t see Bill Belichick roaming the Patriots sideline sporting his high school football helmet and shoulder pads under his hoodie.

So why should we be subjected to the frightening fashion faux pax of baseball managers?

This is nuts.  Worse yet, it’s dangerous for our eyes, our heart and our overall health.  Like the old Obama campaign sticker said, Change is Needed! Pass the legislation now or at least start a petition today.

Email MLB’s commissioner.  Implore him to learn from other major sports and put an end to this nonsense ASAP.

The Commish needs to eliminate this scourge on baseball by demanding that baseball managers wear a suit and tie in the dugout.

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