MIKE Sports Comic Book: Olympic Favorites

MIKE Olympic Favorites

Volume 6 of the MIKE Sports Comic Book Series focuses on my all-time Olympic Favorites.

My choices include six Summer Olympians and four noteworthy stars from the Winter Games.

A few of my picks may surprise you.

Eight are legendary Olympic athletes. One unlikely choice stands out as an unexpected winter Olympic team that hails from a beautiful tropical island. The other is memorialized for winning the single greatest game in Olympic hockey history.

Of the two swimmers in Olympic Favorites, one is famous for his nickname – The Thorpedo. The other, Michael Phelps, is legendary for hauling in the most medals in the history of the Olympic games.

A pocket-sized athlete cleans and jerks his way into the book for his extraordinary feats of strength, while another improbable athlete metaphorically flies into this book wearing an apron.

Olympic Favorites Known for Speed

Two speedsters sprint into the book. The first, Jamaican Usain Bolt, is known for his unparalleled recent accomplishments on the track.

The second, American Jesse Owens, breaks the tape for his ability to rise victoriously in the 1936 Olympics where he emerged as a beacon of hope for a sadly segregated America.

The most successful American Winter Olympian of all time, Apolo Anton Ohno, easily speed skates his way into my book for his excellence on the ice as well as on the dance floor.

Each of my picks has made a positive impact in the Olympic Games and is worthy of being recognized by a clever illustration that captures the nickname of the player, team or game.

In addition to the comics, I include a little history in each chapter about my selection and explain why I believe it belongs on my list.

If you didn’t see your Olympic favorites in this book, email me at mikeonsports@yahoo.com

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