Los Angeles Clippers: Biggest Cry Babies in NBA

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogFor the past few years, Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard has topped my personal list as the NBA’s most irritating cry baby.

However, Howard’s disreputable distinction now has a new title owner.

NBA all-star Dwight Howard

Houston Rockets’ Center Dwight Howard

In today’s Two Cent Tuesday blog, allow me to vent my displeasure about the unchecked immaturity I’ve witnessed in this year’s NBA Playoffs.

After watching just four games between San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers, I’ve decided to replace Howard with a newer, more worthy recipient for basketball’s biggest binky.

Stomping, wailing and moaning their way into my top spot as the NBA’s top bellowing brat is the Los Angeles Clippers.

As a team, the Clips have surpassed the Rockets’ mercurial center as professional basketball’s biggest bellyacher(s).

Certainly, Clippers Doc Rivers is one of the league’s best coaches. But, he’s also an epic moaner on the sidelines. Just watch game five in the series and you’ll immediately see what I mean. Rivers sets the wrong example for both players and fans. His non-stop bickering with officials is tiresome.

Seldom do TNT or ESPN cameras catch Rivers smiling. But, they regularly capture, in stunning HD quality, the Clippers coach scowling and contorting his face on what seems like every possession. The man can’t stop crying as he contests just about every call from NBA officials.

Rivers’ behavior should come as no surprise to experienced NBA fans who witnessed the exact same persona on the sidelines in Boston for several years. While coaching the Celtics, Doc allowed easily annoyed players Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo to ‘entertain” us with immature pouting whenever they failed to get their way on the Hub City parquet floor.

Rivers, and now his Clippers minions, must stop their incessant whining. Their hissing and hollering is hurting them. And, Rivers should know better.

Plus, ESPN’s NBA stats prove that the Clippers can’t bridle their on-court emotion and that they’re really good at is squawking.

According to ESPN’s NBA statistics, the Clips lead the league in technical fouls. Out of 360 total players in the NBA, the Clippers rank first in the league with the most techs, and dubiously place five of their players in the top 40 and three in the top 10.

To no one’s surprise the always protesting Matt Barnes tops the league’s “T” list with 11, followed by Blake Griffin’s 9 in the fourth spot and DeAndre Jordan’s 7 in sixth. A “better behaved” Chris Paul scoots in at #29 and reserve guard Jamal Crawford at #36.

Watching the Clippers on television is annoying. They yammer about nearly every call. They protest just about every whistle and seem to jaw with the refs whenever there’s a dead ball. And, sadly, so does their coach while no one in the broadcast says a peep.

Chris Paul is the biggest culprit. He may not get t’d up as often as his teammate Matt Barnes, but Paul is constantly jibber-jabbering, gesticulating and pouting.

The team’s constant bickering to officials affects their play on the court. Savvy and never shy TNT announcer Charles Barkley once cited their irksome behavior, but ESPN’s trio of Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Breen and Mark Jackson are mute and fail to cite the elephant, or in this case, howling coyotes, in the arena.

Rivers needs to set a better example, Barnes just needs to grow up and Paul must simply learn to bite his tongue. As team captain, Paul must eliminate the tempestuous body language he portrays on court.

And, as head of the National Basketball Players Association, he must set a better example to not only the fans, but for the players he represents.

Maybe even State Farm can intervene and give Chris Paul an assist.

Because not just me, but countless NBA fans have grown tired of Paul’s, Rivers’ and the Clippers’ constant tirades.

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