LeBron James: Propose BIG Changes to New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver


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LeBron James should propose BIG changes for new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

On February 1, 2014 the new NBA Commissioner formally took over the league reigns from his long time mentor David Stern.

When Silver assumed the duties of the office, current NBA MVP LeBron James expressed a desire to meet with him to offer his insight on ways to improve the league.

And, immediately James’ request got me thinking.

Should LeBron sit with Silver, allow me to arm James with these suggestions to make the NBA an even better product.

Let LeBron propose that Silver should not only work with the players, but also with the media to immediately put an end to the ridiculous stuff that ruffles the feathers of die hard NBA fans like me.

Here’s what Silver should do.

Stop the snarky Gregg Popovich interviews. The surly Air Force vet would be found insubordinate if he still served. Pop’s arrogance is getting old whenever a TNT or ESPN microphone is placed in his face.

Stop the speculation surrounding Carmelo Anthony’s pending free agency. Specifically, stifle all quotes coming from Anthony’s wife La La. NBA fans don’t care what La la has to say. Plus, they have grown tired of the Anthony rumors and have come to realize he’s not the same caliber leader, defender and passer as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant.

Schedule Doris Burke for more games. Her poise, insight and spot on commentary are fantastic.

NBA announcer Doris Burke

ESPN’s Doris Burke

Stop NBA game announcers, whether on TNT or ESPN, from shamelessly making excuses for multimillion dollar athletes who bemoan playing back-to-back games. Imagine if these overpaid young fellas had to pull back-to-back overtime shifts at a steel mill.

Stop the close-ups of Miami Heat’s Birdman Chris Anderson. The personal low self esteem that prompted him to degrade his entire body with all those tattoos wigs most fans out.

Schedule Jeff Van Gundy for more games, too. I appreciate his analysis and love his candid comments.

Stop all the pre-game pomp and circumstance like laser light shows, pyrotechnic displays, dance troupe routines, dimming of arena lights and player introduction histrionics. Just get the guys to play the game NBA fans tune in to watch.

Stop showing close-ups of NBA announcer Marv Albert’s ludicrous toupee. Viewing Marv’s rug is about as bad as listening to Shaq’s inarticulate mumbling on the NBA on TNT telecasts.

Stop affording excessive coverage for Bill Simmons pontifications on ESPN. The Sports Guy has never laced them up in the NBA, so his opinions pale in comparison to those of Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Greg Anthony, Jon Barry, Chris Webber and even Shaq, when you can understand him.

Stop referring to Dwyane Wade as a role model father. Sure, he authored a good book on fatherhood, but let’s set the record straight. Wade has fathered babies from multiple women and currently has a job as an NBA player that takes him away from his sons for eight or nine months a year. How good of a father can he be if he’s absent from his kids for most of the year? Not the role model I want.

Stop the “hack-a-Howard” non-sense. NBA fans want to see action on the hardwood and not cringe while witnessing a sculpted athlete’s chronic embarrassment from the free throw line.

NBA all-star Dwight Howard

Houston Rockets’ Center Dwight Howard

Stop any and all references to former NBA owner and rap mogul Jay-Z. He’s made mega millions from selling his songs’ foul lyrics that have poisoned the minds of a generation of young kids from all races, creeds and colors around the globe.

Show more of the good that NBA players and league programs have done to positively impact the world.

Stop televising the ridiculous display of the “missed free throw celebration.” These “failed free throw festivities” occur whenever NBA players enthusiastically approach their brick-laying, free throw shooting teammate. They oddly congratulate him with high fives and pats to the butt after he just clanged an important freebie from 15 feet? ESPN announcers need to decry the dreadful display of celebrating ineptitude whenever a shooter misses a gimme from the charity stripe.

Stop the flopping! No additional explanation is necessary here.

Please stop the flopping and let it begin with you, LeBron. You’re too great a player to stoop to such amateurish shenanigans. You’re supposed to be basketball’s The King.

Miami Heat star LeBron James

The King LeBron James

So, remember that, LBJ, if you ever get that opportunity to sit down with new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

To borrow from the popular NBA marketing slogan BIG, the above suggestions for Adam Silver aren’t BIG. They’re HUGE!

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