Latest NY Jets’ Fiasco in Rex Ryan’s Zoo Involves Tim Tebow

NY Jets Back-up QB Tim Tebow maligned by teammates

Since the New York Jets hired Rex Ryan as head football coach, the locker room of stunning Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ has evolved from a state-of-the-art facility for Jets players into the NFL’s latest menagerie housing undisciplined wildlife with little regard for human reasoning.

Brash talking linebackers, cocky cornerbacks and loud-mouthed linemen have transformed a once widely respected and potentially feared team on paper into a highly over-rated squad now jokingly referenced in newspaper and media outlets as Rex Ryan’s Zoo.

The most recent NY Jets’ incident emnating from the Big Apple not only rots to the core, but also fans the flames of disdain for this far too-talkative coach as well as several guys who play for Zookeeper Ryan.

Instead of ferocious tigers, snarling bears or menacing lions terrorizing opponents on the football, the latest animals in Ryan’s menagerie have squirrlishly provided ample fodder for the New York tabloids. These cunning weasels have inflicted the Gang Green locker room with the worse kind of gangrene malady, certain to exacerbate an underwhelming 3 – 6 team that has already disgruntled its loyal fan base.

Yesterday’s NY Daily News article reported that unnamed teammates thought Tim Tebow was terrible and should never be considered a viable replacement for struggling current Jets QB Mark Sanchez. The public betrayal by these treacherous unnamed sources who refuse to stand up and claim responsibility for their words will certainly widen the rift in the Jets locker room and label Ryan as an out of touch zookeeper incapable of controlling his team’s own locker room.

Credit Ryan for calling out the unnamed sources in a Jets team meeting and attempting to ferret out the informers who, ironically, hadn’t thought twice, or maybe not even at all, because of the brazen environment Ryan unnecessarly created for his team. Yes, credit Ryan for this latest fiasco because of his continual, well-documented bravado and senseless jabbering that neither he nor his team have been able to back-up.

Lastly, let’s credit Tim Tebow for his expected professionalism in handling the cheap shots from his own teammates with uncommon calm. Tebow may have expressed sadness over this current melodrama, but the private pain and frustration will certainly have their effect today or on any given Sunday when he’s afforded the opportunity to demonstrate just how “terrible” he actually is as an NFL quarterback.

Straight talk. No static.

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