Knuckleheaded New York Knicks Re-Sign Isaiah Thomas

Tell me James Dolan and Donnie Walsh aren’t a couple of Knuckleheaded Knicks.

What on earth were they thinking? I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream upon learning the news that these two senior NBA executives re-signed former NY Knicks President and Coach Isaiah Thomas as a special consultant to their organization.

Dolan’s and Walsh’s decision to rehire Thomas is deplorably, ridiculously, irresponsibly disgusting. Their knuckledheaded move sends the WRONG message…..that anyone can get rehired by your former employee even after you:

1. fail miserably at your job as a coach with a woeful 23-59 record in 2007-08

2. cost your former bosses $11.6 million to settle a lawsuit you caused

3. sexually harass a woman who worked for you

and worse yet…

4. throw your very own daughter under the proverbial bus when the police respond to your home to investigate your purported drug overdose / suicide.

I’m very curious to see whether self-righteous NBA Commissioner David Stern, so protective of the league’s declining image, weighs in on this abhorent NY Knicks news.

In a professional basketball league where “Amazing Happens” there should never be any room for the reprehensible decisions of Knuckleheaded Knicks.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE – thee American Made Voice on Sports!

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