How a Sports Fan Goes Green on Earth Day

going green on Earth Day

It’s Earth Day today.

Americans can thank the late Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson for championing the need for our nation’s growing environmental awareness way back in 1970.

The lawmaker’s vision subsequently spawned the Environmental Protection Act, the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. Most would agree that all of these bills of legislation have contributed to protecting our beautiful country while also adding to the United States’ already bloated bureaucracy.

In the sports world, every team regardless of their color palette, should recognize this special day of global observance. Players, fans and franchises need not discriminate because of the absence of green in their team uniforms.

Therefore, fans of the Syracuse Orangemen, Cleveland Browns, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Red Wings, Army Black Knights, Alabama Crimson Tide, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, New York Red Bulls and Chicago White Sox must set aside their own color preferences today in order to honor this international day of ecological and environmental significance.

I’m Going Green, Too, Today

To celebrate this annual Earth Day, I’m going green, too.

But, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not a left leaning, hybrid driving, granola crunching, tree hugging environmentalist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

No, I’m not measuring my carbon footprint, taking shorter showers or even recycling any of my toilet paper.

Instead, as a die hard sports fan and now nationally recognized sports columnist, I’m creating my own Earth Day tradition. I’m celebrating in a way that’ll make not only make Mother Earth proud, but is sure to impress Commissioners Roger Goodell, Adam Silver and Robert Manfred, Jr.

How am I doing this?

I just purchased an awesome green and yellow Green Bay Packer Titletown hoodie. A kelly green Celtics sweatshirt. A Fence green (that’s right, look it up!) Boston Red Sox tee shirt with a replica of the Green Monster.

Plus, all this merchandise is certified hand made on pedal-push sewing machines using organically grown cotton. I’m told the products will be delivered to NFL, MLB and NBA warehouses by socially sensitive vegetarians who will transport the merchandise by fervent anti-fossil fuel cyclists.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the way a true sports fan goes green.

Check out today’s podcast to learn more about how I’m going green the way a true sports fan should go green on Earth Day.

MIKE on sports podcastClick on the yellow cover above to listen to the podcast.

So, sports fans, Happy Earth Day as you skip today’s shower, ride your bike to work and show off those swanky new green tights in yoga class tonight!


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