Germany Stomps Brazil in World Cup Semi Final

Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio

The spectacular Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio de Janiero’s stunning beaches welcomes all visitors to Brazil.

In yesterday’s World Cup semi final contest, Germany took the statue’s metaphoric greeting quite literally.

A powerful, organized and talented German side immediately made itself at home on the favored host nation’s home pitch in Belo Horizonte and thoroughly dominated the match.

In one of the worst losses and most astonishing performances in World Cup history, the Germans stomped the Brazilians 7 – 1.

Germany scored five goals in only 18 minutes against a porous, sluggish Brazilian defense. Surprisingly, the invigorated Germans looked far superior in the match than the listless Brazilian side.

The stunning defeat crushed the spirit of a once buoyant, expectant nation that seemed certain, even without stars Neymar and Thiago Silva, it would celebrate a fifth World Cup title after getting past the Germans and then the winner of the Holland versus Argentina game.

However, these now demoralized fans witnessed the unexpected, unimaginable and most embarrassing defeat in Brazilian soccer history. No one, not even the Germans, could have believed yesterday’s outcome.

An incredulous media was quick to comment on Brazil’s humiliation.

ESPN’s velvet voice sportscaster Ian Darke called the game a “thorough chastening.”

Darke’s broadcasting buddy Steve McManaman referred to Brazil’s efforts as “amateur hour.”

And, ESPN studio host Mike Tirico during yesterday’s halftime show remarked, “Brazil was completely eviscerated.”

In the soccer crazed country of Brazil, fans took the humiliating loss hard, very hard. Today, an anticipated, unofficial national day of mourning seems certain.

On a speculative note, expect to see Christ the Redeemer shedding actual tears and the girl from Ipimena burying her head in the glorious sand on Rio’s beaches.

And, perhaps Brazilian officials may consider changing Christ the Redeemer’s welcoming upraised arms from being so hospitable.

Just ask the Germans. They felt so welcome that they thought the Belo Horizonte pitch was their home to do whatever they wanted.

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