FSU Seminoles’ Lack of Discipline in Rose Bowl Loss to Oregon

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A college football team known for its players’ purported lack of self-restraint away from the field, the Florida State University Seminoles demonstrated last night that its squad could be equally as negligent in maintaining its discipline on the gridiron, too.

Embroiled all year in non-stop media discussions concerning its players’ alleged actions and actual misconduct away from the gridiron, FSU finally showed how undisciplined it could be on the turf of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

Yesterday’s eagerly anticipated game pitted the fun-to-watch Oregon University Ducks against the most polarizing college football team in the country, the Florida State Seminoles, whom most sports fans have found fun-to-malign.

Surprisingly, the formally unbeaten Seminoles morphed into the long awaited, prized piñata that most college football fans desperately hoped they would become.

And, it happened on one of college football’s biggest stages.

Florida State’s undisciplined lack of proper ball protection bit them badly while most of America was rooting against them in the first ever national semi final game. Oregon forced five key turnovers and quickly converted them into scores.

However, in last night’s humiliating 59 – 20 loss to an extremely talented and physical Oregon Ducks team, the Seminoles embarrassed themselves in the second half in more ways than one.

Normally reliable and resilient players like Heisman Trophy winning QB Jameis Winston (the poster child of a pampered college athlete) and gifted freshman RB Dalvin Cook (named in an open aggravated assault investigation in Tallahassee, but not suspended by the university) committed critical mistakes during the tide turning third quarter in last night’s contest.

Their fumbles forced the Seminoles to implode both on the field as well as on the sidelines. Following one giveaway, cameras caught the team’s routinely lenient coach Jimbo Fisher publicly berating his normally mollycoddled star QB.

And, immediately following the game, FSU’s true colors shown the darkest. ESPN announcer Kirk Herbstreit reported that 70% of the shameful Seminole team was slinking off the field without shaking hands with the victorious Oregon team.

FSU’s loss was epic. Their confidence was broken beyond repair. Their swagger shattered beyond recognition. And, their poor sportsmanship was unconscionable.

Ironically, this time there was nothing that neither the Tallahassee Police Department or the university’s morally weak administration could do to restore the luster to the team’s now tarnished reputation.

Despite a fabulous 29 game winning streak, the 2014 college football national champion Seminoles will be remembered as undisciplined players failing to protect the football and as cry babies lacking the common courtesy of congratulating their superior opponent.

And, all I can say is QUACK!

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