Friday Sports Funny: Visitors Never Win at CHS

MIKE Sports Comic: Visitors Never Win at Central HighToday’s Friday Sports Funny sheds new light about visiting teams playing in supposed “hostile environments.”

Sports fans may recognize how tough it can be for their favorite teams to win away games at places like Duke’s Cameron Indoor Arena or LSU’s Death Valley Stadium.

However, just consider how impossible it would be for a visiting swim team to win a meet at Central High School’s pool.

It just won’t happen!

This may be an exaggerated view of an opponent’s home field advantage.

During away games and meets, players think the odds of winning are purposely stacked against them.

Well, at Central High, they certainly are. The barriers placed in the visitors’ swimming lanes make it impossible for anyone, even dolphin, to successful navigate in order to compete.

This comic actually serves as my #20 choice in my sports comic book aptly named Favorite Sports Comics.

That’s because it perfectly captures how visiting teams feel when competing against their fiercest opponent – on their rival’s basketball court, football field, baseball diamond or, in this case, in their swimming pool.

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I’m certain NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA and NCAA teams look upon their away games this way, too. They just need to find ways to work past the fictional buoys and avoid those metaphoric circling sharks!

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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