Friday Sports Funny: Celebrating National Hat Day

MIKE Sports Comic: A Hockey Hat Trick

Today’s Friday Sports Funny blog on the Hat Trick is a no brainer.

That’s because jubilant number seven in the blog’s comic has two reasons to celebrate.

One – he just slipped another puck passed the goalie and recorded his third goal, or a hat trick, for his Bears team.

Two – he’s spinning three large hats on his finger that he can wear, once he takes off his helmet, to celebrate National Hat Day.

Yes, January 15th of every year is National Hat Day. Seriously!

As Americans, we designate the unofficial, non US Congress sanctioned National Hat Day on the 15th of this month every year.

Sure, it’s a totally different day to acknowledge, but so is celebrating a furry rodent who climbs out of his hole to look for his shadow on National Ground Hog Day.

Speculation always surfaces when determining the genesis of this special day. Research dates back to the late 1800’s when the craft of millinery, or the design, manufacture and distribution of hats, reached a plateau. To boost stagnant sales shrewd marketers more than likely created this fun, but meaningless day. And, their notion to acknowledge noggin ware has stuck.

Now, each January, clever ad campaigns energize lid lovers to race to their favorite retailer to buy another New Era, Kangol, Stetson, Bailey or Jaxon product to not only cover their heads to retain the escaping heat, but also to sport their individual panache.

Today’s unofficial national holiday doesn’t discriminate either.

You may prefer a ball cap in lieu of a skull cap, a stevedore over a sombrero or a cowboy hat instead of a coolie hat.

Maybe you can’t decide between a bowler and a beret or you simply fawn over fedoras. Don’t worry!

National Hat Day celebrates you and your very own statement of style.

So, athletes and fans, tip your ball cap, headband, do rag, beanie or helmet and celebrate along with the hat trick scoring number seven in this comic by recognizing National Hat Day.

MIKE on sports!

MIKE Sports Comic: Hockey Footer

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