Friday Sports Funny: Boxer Mike Tyson’s Famous Quote

Retired boxer Mike Tyson

Today’s Friday Sports Funny focuses on one of my favorite funny sports quotes of all-time.

Upon hearing the words uttered, sports fans would instantly recognize the squeaky voice and pronounced lisp of former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson.

“I guess I’m going to slide into Bolivia.”
~ Mike Tyson, retired champ, who meant to say “oblivion.”

No surprise here. Great athletes may be able to run faster, jump higher and put a ball in a basket better than others.

However, there are no guarantees that they are smart or know the meaning of common words or geographical location of South American countries.

Mike Tyson’s quote proves my premise.

The once mega-rich athlete, formerly known as the Baddest Man on the Planet, was not exactly the smartest guy, either.

Yet, Tyson fortunately found new life outside the ropes. Tyson was a huge hit in Spike Lee’s Broadway show Undisputed Truth.

Plus, he performed wonderfully in the FOX reality series Being Mike Tyson: The Real Deal. Engaging, fragile, complex and even childlike at times, Tyson revealed himself both genuine and candid on stage and before the camera.

With a 50 – 6 lifetime record, this once hard-hitting champ acknowledged his mistakes of the past. Mike Tyson confessed to feeling desperate and irate, admitting he’s now learned what not to do in life, thus insuring he now may avoid sliding into Bolivia. Lol

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