NCAA March Madness: College Basketball Bracketology

MIKE Comic 1 March MadnessLast night, NCAA March Madness officially began and college basketball bracketology gloriously tipped off.

For weeks eager bracketologists have had their pencils poised, erasers ready and theories thought out.

That’s why immediately following the NCAA Tournament Committee’s selections, bracketologists’ prognostications were picked and their brackets filled out.

These rabid college basketball fans  eschewed sleep to compare selections with those of friends, co-workers, loved ones and even total strangers on the internet.

March Madness Bracketologists

By early evening, March Madness bracketologists began to speculate about the always dangerous Kentucky Wildcats, the determined Duke Blue Devils, the undervalued Big 10 teams, an overvalued South Carolina squad, an erratic North Carolina, the unpredictable Louisville Cardinals and the tournament’s #1 overall seed and defending national champion Villanova.

The debates didn’t stop there and certainly continued late into the night.

The same fans probably pondered the fate of a seasoned Kansas Jayhawks squad, an exciting Arizona Wildcats team and the always pesky Wichita State Shockers.

Can Gonzaga Reach Its First Final Four?

As expected, college hoops fans begun to postulate who will be this year’s bracket buster and whether a perennial favorite and mid major Gonzaga Zags team can finally reach its first Final Four.

History reveals that every college basketball fan has a hunch. Most will have theories. But, all will be mesmerized by the madness. Yes, March Madness has descended again upon a wanting college basketball crazed America.

Eager bracketologists, like those pictured in the above comic, best capture the exuberant fans that embody this maddening spring illness that intoxicates NCAA college basketball fans each year.

Man or woman, young or old, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat, former jock or just a fan, bracketology appeals to the masses and discriminates against no one.

Everyone can fill out a bracket. And, anyone can pick a Cinderella.

The avid and toothy college basketball fans in this comic are confidently filling in their NCAA tournament brackets.

Chaotic Spring Malaise of March Madness

It’s obvious they’re eagerly embracing the annual chaotic spring malaise of March Madness. How fun. How exciting. How maddening.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson often asks in his clever Discover Card commercials, “What’s in your wallet?”

Well, let me pose today’s questions to both experienced as well as budding college basketball bracketologists.

Who’s in your bracket?

Let the madness begin. Embrace March Madness!

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