The Heckler: A Favorite Non-Athlete in Sports

the heckler

Baseball’s rowdy fan – the Heckler.

Because I enjoy his clever antics at games, this big mouthed sports fan is an easy and fun choice for my FREE sports comic book Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports.

This big babbler is the guy who plays the role of the annoying fan at games. He’s seen and heard at every pro game in every sport.

The colorful and, at times, irritating big mouth sits courtside at NBA games or behind home plate at Major League Baseball games and creatively maligns the opposing team’s players. His duty is to toss barbs at the other team and their fans.

Universally known as the Heckler, this super fan ironically may not boast too many fans of his own.

Some fans may find him insulting, but I like him and think he’s an expected, entertaining part of attending a professional sports event.

He’s pretty funny, especially if he’s rooting for the same team.

Plus, I can handle his non-stop heckling. That’s if he’s seated far enough away and doesn’t make the little hairs on the back of my neck stand at full attention with his non-stop jibber-jabbering.

And, I get a kick out of watching rival fans deal with the Heckler during a game. The guy’s entertainment factor wears off quickly, especially when he’s not cheering for their squad.

Soon, opposing fans within earshot realize this guy has a bullhorn for a voice box and no off switch for his grating trash talk.

During the rest of the game, these same rival fans are constantly on edge, much to my delight and that of all of my fellow fans.

For the rest of the game, I’m entertained by watching these rival fans try to keep themselves in check.

In a fight to the end, they struggle to restrain themselves from dumping their beer on this loud mouthed guy who’s universally known as the Heckler.

That’s why the Heckler – when he’s rooting for my team – secures the #8 spot in my FREE sports comic book Favorite Non-Athletes in Sports.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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