Friday Sports Funny: NFL Blue Collar Teams

blue collarToday’s Friday Sports Funny should furnish some levity for this coming weekend’s NFL television viewing.

Whether their uniforms are red, green, black or orange, blue collar teams can be found in every sport.

Blue collar workers are a blast from the past.

It’s a reference to industrious men with jobs requiring physical brawn and a tireless work ethic and not those farmed out to distant lands like India or the Philippines.

Even today, when describing hard scrapple NFL teams, this sports cliché still resonates.

Steelers, Bears & Packers: Blue Collar Teams

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, and Green Bay Packers are traditionally recognized as NFL blue collar teams. They perennially field squads that embody the strong work ethic of their fans.

Plus, blue collar teams in the NFL have traditionally played smash mouth football. They regularly run the ball off tackle and boast stout, aggressive defenses.

You may never witness ESPN or the NFL Network featuring NFL players carrying aluminum lunch pales, sporting hard hats and donning blue collared shirts.

However, the slobber knocker, “three yards and a cloud of dust” mentality that these tough teams embody guarantees fans lots to root for.

Because blue collar teams will always work hard and never back down in any NFL game they play.

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Enjoy this weekend’s NFL games.

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