ESPN’s Musburger Calls Auburn vs. Oregon BCS Title Game for All the Tostitos

Auburn kicker Wes Byrum’s last-second field goal may not be what sports fans remember most about the Tigers’ 2011 BCS title game 22-19 victory over the previously unbeaten Oregon Ducks.

ESPN sportscaster Brent Musburger’s surprising remark ’bout Byrum’s boot being “for all the Tostitos” may live on as one of the most timely, clever, yet inappropriately cheesy comments belched out of the broadcast booth in recent sports memory.

Musburger’s murmur culminated Monday night’s coverage in coup-type fashion for BCS’ title game title sponsor Tostitos.  

In doing so, Brent’s quick blurb blurred the line between broadcasting integrity and petty pandering to a national sponsor.

If ESPN fails to rectify Musburger’s marketing remark, what can the American football fan, focused on this weekend’s NFL playoffs, expect next from rival networks’ silky-smooth sportscasters?

Will GE-owned NBC compel Cris Collinsworth to consistently comment that only NBC “brings good things to life” when covering the NFL playoffs?

Will FOX Sports force Hall of Famer Howie Long to forsake his Chevy allegiance and only refer to hard-nosed linemen as Ram Tough in deference to the network’s Dodge sponsor?

Will CBS Sports stipulate that Phil Simms finagle fickle football fans to “stay passionate” throughout the entire game by tuning into the network’s Viagra-sponsored halftime UP-date?

If ESPN cannot properly address Musburger’s BCS “all the Tostitos” comment, then the worldwide leader in sports must quickly solicit help from two of the network’s high profile advertisers: Staples and Apple. Such a move would be as simple as hitting the Easy Button…and rest assured Apple already has an APP for that!

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