ESPN College Basketball Dick Vitale’s Diaper Dandies

Dick Vitale's Diaper Dandies

NCAA Basketball Freshmen Diaper Dandies

By this stage of the NCAA college basketball season, fans start clamoring for ESPN’s highly animated Dick Vitale to put a lid on his preponderance of “diaper dandies”  references.

The sophomoric sports quote works great early in the season during the months of November and December. But, once the college hoops season swings into full gear and heads toward tournament time, the phrase “diaper dandies” becomes a bit tiresome.

As a colorful sportscaster, Dick Vitale has always had a talent for coining popular phrases. College basketball fans can easily recite and apply Vitale’s extensive, cliché-laden vocabulary.

Thanks to ESPN’s Vitale, fans understand that a P.T.P. is that special Prime Time Player. They also know who’s on everybody’s All Rolls Royce Team. Even more, fans know a Dow Joneser is an up-and-down performer on the basketball court.

For a former coach who speaks in corny sentences, leave it to Vitale to connect baby diapers with highly recruited college basketball freshmen. The term Diaper Dandies became famous when Vitale named Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant to this highly respected breed. His connection created one of the sports world’s most recognized nicknames – the Diaper Dandy.

However, as the 2014 – 15 NCAA college basketball season nears its eagerly anticipated annual March Madness tournament, the “diaper dandies” of November and December have matured into talented young men capable of taking over a game all by themselves.

This year’s crop of first year players is no different than Vitale’s original “diaper dandies”. Their once raw potential has become more refined and their amazing athletic ability has become complimented with a better understanding of the game.

This year’s crop of “diaper dandies” like Tyus Jones and Jalil Okafor of Duke, Devin Booker and Karl-Anthony Towns of Kentucky, Stanley Johnson of Arizona, Jakob Poelti of Utah, Melo Trimble of Maryland and perhaps this freshmen crop’s dandiest of them all D’Angelo Russell of Ohio State have failed to disappoint.

Vitale’s ponderous reference may be growing weary at this time of the year. But, these “diaper dandies” will display how a season of college basketball has transformed them into the talented, strong and smart young men we’ll be cheering as the annual NCAA post season tournament tips off in just a couple weeks.

Anxiously awaiting for March Madness to begin.

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