Tiger (as in Woods): One of my Favorite Sports “Animals”

When a tiger roams the jungle, the animal kingdom’s largest cat is identified by its distinct black vertical stripes and reddish-orange fur.

However, when another Tiger – as in Woods – prowls the greens and fairways of the world’s top golf courses, he’s also instantly spotted.

In the case of our generation’s top golfer, this single named athlete is recognized by powerful drives, expert chipping, precise putting and bright red polo shirts.

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MIKE: See My List of 14 Sports Resolutions for 2014

In keeping with my annual tradition, here’s a list of my top 14 sports resolutions or things I’d love to see athletes, teams, leagues, sportscasters and fans bring to fruition in 2014.

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AP Names Serena Williams Female Athlete of Year

Congratulations to a deserving Serena Williams for being named AP Female Athlete of the Year.

It’s a record third time this amazing athlete has received the prestigious honor. In 2013 Serena posted an incomparable 78-4 record and won 11 championships.

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MIKE Releases Favorite Sports Nicknames Comic Book

I’m absolutely crazy about clever nicknames! Who isn’t?

I grew up with Tiny – ironically the biggest kid in class.

I sought help on my math home work from Digits – who was great with numbers.

I could never muster the courage to kiss Cali, short for Caliente, the hottest girl in school.

And, I refused to allow Booger, for obvious reasons, to ever touch me.

Clever, unique nicknames say so much about people. They capture the essence of a person, a moment, a movement or even a city.

Nicknames can make no sense at all, except when placed in context. For example, no one ever really saw the former Soviet Union’s feared Iron Curtain and no one I know actually heard the sound of the original Big Bang. But, we all understand what the names mean.

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Wimbledon Must Gag the Grunting in Women’s Tennis

Never knew tennis was such an obnoxiously loud sport. I always thought tennis, especially professional women’s tennis, was dignified, cultured and relatively quiet with polite clapping for pretty pony-tailed girls sporting shapely short skirts.

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McIlroy Wins Golf’s US Open to Choruses of “Rory Rory Hallelujah”

The cascading choruses of “Rory Rory Hallelujah!” started early Sunday at the Hollywood Country Club overlooking Belfast Lough in Northern Ireland. The same celebratory song continued across the Atlantic Ocean at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD as well … Continue reading

ESPN Announces Dancing with the Stars Spin-off (Satire)

(Satire) Dancing with the Stars kicks off Monday on ABC. In a surprise twist, Dancing with the Stars’ (DWTS) unparalleled success has now spawned a spin-off sports show slotted for next spring on affiliate network ESPN. Aptly named Dancing with … Continue reading