Is Carmelo Anthony an Underrated NBA Superstar?

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“I think I’m the most underrated superstar that’s out there (laughs) but that doesn’t matter to me,” Anthony told ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony uttered these words yesterday to ESPN’s Chris Broussard at the team’s training camp in West Point, NY.

I admire the New York Knicks star forward’s ability on the basketball court, but I believe he regrets his bumptious remark. I also think his perceived slight as a superstar really does prick his fragile ego.

Chalk up Anthony’s wayward words to immaturity, insecurity or an inability to win an NBA championship. However, let’s not give the guy a free pass on a foolish sound bite – even if he may have purportedly said it in jest.

When you just signed an unconscionable five-year contract that will pay you nearly $25 million per year and you monopolize New York media on a regular basis, you’re not the least bit underrated.

Overpaid, yes! Underrated, definitely not! Overrated, maybe so!

Carmelo’s comments prompted me to more closely scrutinize his NBA resume. After researching Carmelo Anthony’s less than stellar post season play, I’ve changed my position on his statement that he thinks he’s the most underrated superstar in the league.

Because he may not even be a superstar at all, at least during the NBA playoffs.

My findings led me to craft the following that may soothe his brittle ego. They also specify for him what he needs to do in order to shed the underrated superstar status label and put on the mantle of a more worthy NBA superstar he so desires to become.

Here ya go, Carmelo!

First suggestion – win an NBA title because currently you have no rings on your fingers.

Second suggestion – if you can’t win a crown, at least win an NBA Conference Finals series.

Third suggestion – improve upon your woeful 0 – 8 career record in first round NBA playoff series appearances.

Fourth suggestion – win a regular season NBA MVP award. A scoring title is great, but an MVP award may help extricate you from your perceived underrated status.

Fifth suggestion – get named All-NBA First Team and All-NBA Defensive Team like real NBA superstars.

Sixth suggestion – demonstrate a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James inspired indomitable spirit by coming through in the clutch. Your dreadful 1 – 17 record on 4th quarter and / or overtime game winning shots as a Knick gives credence to your perceived underrated status.

Ooo! Allow me to stop here because the aforementioned numbers don’t lie.

Scribes and fans shouldn’t quarrel over whether you’re underrated.

Rather, because of your sad post-season resume, they should debate whether you’re even the superstar at all!

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