#TBT Sports Blog: NFL Punt Returner Devin “Anytime” Hester

 Anytime Devin Hester

NFL’s Anytime Devin Hester

Ironically, today’s #TBT sports blog remembers Devin “Anytime” Hester whom the NFL Baltimore Ravens just released yesterday.

Hester was cleverly named “Anytime.”

That’s because whenever the electrifying returner or wide receiver caught the football, he could score a touchdown at anytime on anyone and anywhere.

On September 19, 2014 during the Atlanta Falcons’ 56 – 14 shellacking of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Devin Hester went the distance on the football field for the 20th time in his celebrated NFL career.

With the 62 yard punt return, the former Atlanta Falcons returner broke his friend Deion Sanders’ NFL record.

Sanders, a television analyst, watched Hester’s return from the sideline at the Georgia Dome. Hester high-stepped the last 10 yards or so, his left hand bobbing behind his ear — a tribute to the signature move of “Prime Time.”

“It’s tough to break the record of the guy who is my No. 1 mentor,” Hester said. “I’m kind of emotional right now.”

Fortunately for those few fans still tuned into the dreadful Thursday Night Football game in the third quarter, they got a glimpse of the elusive Hester, the most dangerous returner in NFL history.

Devin Hester Could Score on Anyone at Anytime and Anywhere

Hester’s incomparable ability to score on the football field on anyone from anywhere at anytime engendered this athlete’s simple, but clever nickname.

With blazing speed, keen vision and an innate talent to juke the drawers off would-be tacklers in the open field, Devin Hester perfectly personifies his nickname – Anytime.

Hester: Multi-Dimensional Player for Miami Hurricanes

For the Miami Hurricanes, the immensely gifted Hester played offense, defense and special teams, a feat highly uncommon for even the best BCS football players.

Hester’s rare versatility to play five different positions as a wide out, running back, defensive back, punt returner and kick-off return specialist prompted the Chicago Bears to select him in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

Though criticized for drafting Hester with a high round pick, the Bears proved the skeptics wrong. Anytime immediately contributed and quickly emerged as a star while gaining recognition as the most dangerous return man in the NFL.

Hester’s five return touchdowns during his rookie season helped lead the Chicago Bears to Super Bowl XLI. Although the Bears lost to the Indianapolis Colts, Anytime became the first player in NFL history to return a Super Bowl opening kickoff for a touchdown.

Due to his extraordinary ability, many opposing NFL teams kicked away from Hester, ensuring good field position each time his team’s offense took the field.

With his ability to effortlessly make would-be tacklers miss on punts and kick-offs, Hester made reality look like a video game.

Like the opponents he faced as a returner for the University of Miami, NFL teams also recognized there was never a good time or bad to kick to Hester.

Why? Simply because whenever former NFL speedster Devin Hester returned a kicked football, he could find pay dirt on anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

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