Another “Scary” October Sports Blog: The Undertaker

Mark William Calaway

WWE’s The Undertaker

In anticipation of Halloween later this month, several of my October blogs will focus on the spooky, scary and deadly stuff in sports.

Today’s blog features The Undertaker, Mark William Calaway, one of wrestling’s biggest stars ever.

When it comes to reporting on deadly sports stuff, the fake sport of professional wrestling conjures up the most frightening images.

Since 1993, Mark William Calaway has expertly embodied The Undertaker nickname and ranks as the most tenured WWE wrestler of all-time.

The Undertaker doesn’t need to use his famous Choke Slam, Hell’s Gate or Tombstone Pile Drive moves to be profiled in this blog.

His success in the ring rather than his frightening nicknames earned him the respect and admiration of wrestling fans as well as solidified his #3 ranking in my sports comic book Deadly Sports Stuff.

Deadly Sports Stuff

Once known by an assortment of macabre monikers like Big Evil, Mean Mark, Master of Pain, The Painkiller and Lord of Darkness, Kane the Undertaker debuted in the ring in 1993.

He eventually dropped the first name Kane and became simply The Undertaker. However, he kept his consistent mean and morbid persona and subsequently compiled impressive career earnings of approximately $16M, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

When entering the ring, Calaway has regularly appeared sporting deathly black eyelids and wearing long black medieval clothing.

At 6’ 10” and nearly 300 lbs, The Undertaker intimidates, then systematically and metaphorically buries all of his opponents.

As one of WWE’s most popular stars, this cadaver-like personality held an unblemished 21 – 0 lifetime Wrestlemania record until Brock Lesnar defeated him earlier this year in Wrestlemania 30.

In addition, The Undertaker not only captured 18 Wrestlemania titles in a row, the longest record in the history of the sport. But he also was an eight-time individual world champion and a six-time World Wrestling Federation tag team champion.

While becoming perhaps the best wrestler of his era, The Undertaker has employed a range of noteworthy signature moves.

Calaway has used his famous Choke Slam, Hell’s Gate and the Tombstone Pile Drive moves when competing in events specifically and appropriately named after him. These deadly sounding sports events included The Casket Match, The Last Ride, The Buried Alive Match and Hell in a Cell.

On a personal level, the giant sized wrestler once played basketball at Texas Wesleyan University during the mid 80’s. Given his rough and tumble predilections, it’s easy to understand why Calaway has also become a huge MMA and boxing fan. defines an undertaker as someone who makes funeral arrangements in order to prepare a dead body for cremation or burial.

However, when it comes to sports, the WWE is dead on when it declares Mark William Calaway, arguably one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, as The Undertaker in its fantastic fake sport.

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