2 Cent Tuesday: Time for NBA Suns Markieef Morris to Grow Up

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog examines the brouhaha surrounding NBA Phoenix Suns’ majority owner Robert Sarver and one of the team’s talented players – Markieff Morris.

Sarver recently attributed his team’s woes on a pervasive “millennial culture” in society that has impacted his team and cited Morris as one of the recipients of that millennial malaise.

Certainly, the Baby Boomer Sarver could have more deftly addressed the growing, public discontent exhibited by him much younger, millennial player whom his Suns management recently signed to an $8 million per year salary.

However, cursory Google searches will assist interested observers in this “he said, then he said, then he’s not talking cat fight” among grown men to determine what most needs to be done to squelch this needless nonsense.

Simply, it’s about time Markieff Morris grows up.

The millennial Morris couldn’t have chosen the era in which he was born. But, he could have demonstrated a lot more maturity over the past half dozen years in how he’s handled the privilege he’s been afforded as a major college athlete and now as a handsomely paid professional.

Markieff Morris’ Checkered Past

Morris’ recent resume is checkered with the exact immaturity and ungrateful spirit the impulsive Suns’ owner decries.

In addition to being suspended for two NBA games and fined a whopping $145, 455 for throwing a towel at his coach, Morris has also aired his laundry openly in the Phoenix media. Squawking over being separated in a trade from his twin bother Marcus, Markieff immediately earned a fine of $10,000 for failure to curb his tongue.

The physically talented Morris has shown aplomb on the hardwood with enviable numbers of 10.5 ppg and 4.7 rpg in 23.4 mpg. Not bad, Markieff.

However, personal responsibility and controlling one’s temper are definitely not his strong suits.

In addition to his public pouting with the Suns owner and foolishly demeaning Suns fans in the press last season, Markieff, along with brother Marcus, is facing felony aggravated assault in a Phoenix court. They took umbrage to 36 year-old Erik Hood’s tweet about what they thought was an inappropriate text about the Morris’ mother.

Furthermore, documented incidents during his time at Kansas University could also be throw on an already tinder box to prove Sarver’s reckless rant about the millennial Morris and his casual approach to discipline.

My 2 Cents

However, in spite of being pampered and mollycoddled for most of his life as a star athlete whom his boss (Sarver) thinks can’t handle setbacks, my 2 cents is that Markieeff Morris has the strength and ability to grow up.

He’s shown the discipline and work ethic to become a well-paid NBA player and just needs to challenge that same energy and drive to take control of his emotions as well as his tongue.

The metaphorical ball is now in Morris’ hands.

And, I say, you can do it, Markieff.

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