FREE Sports Comic Book: Ref Swallowed His Whistle

MRO 34 Ref Swallowed Whistle

Regardless of the sport, referees, officials, umpires and judges are universally maligned for the impossible roles they perform.

Whether sitting courtside, in the upper deck, or even in the comfort of their living rooms, football, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey fans hoot, heckle and holler at just about every call a ref makes.

In this comic, one of my favorite sports clichés is brought to life. Just watch any soccer match, and it seems as if the players are always bellyaching whenever the ref blows his whistle.

Much to the disappointment of the agitated players on the pitch, the soccer official in this comic has literally swallowed his whistle.

The disgruntled guys believe the ref failed to make the proper call, and it subsequently hurt their team.

However, in hotly contested games, sometimes no calls from the officials are the best calls.

This soccer illustration metaphorically proves the old adage that the actions of the players on the court, diamond, field, pitch or ice should decide the outcome of a close game.

And, NOT a really bad call from an overzealous ref who should have swallowed his whistle in the first place!

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