2 Cent Tuesday: John Jay High School Football Incident in Texas

2 Cent Tuesday sports blogToday’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog beckons authorities to quickly come down hard on the two John Jay High School football players in Texas involved in last week’s ugly incident on a football field against a defenseless referee.

The long arm of the Texas law as well as the North Side Texas Independent School District need to act swiftly and forcefully in addressing the dangerous and unconscionable act of poor sportsmanship perpetrated by two John Jay high school players. The duo seemingly took retribution into their own hands and attacked the official who had just tossed two of their teammates out of the game.

Watching replays of the ugly incident is unsettling. It caused me to flinch as I witnessed an unwitting and unprotected high school football ref get blindsided by one athletic young man donned in full football gear and then get subsequently speared, as he lay motionless on the turf, by another football player.

Certainly, athletes, coaches and sports fans alike have vented at officials, umpires and referees for as long as they’ve been involved in their respective sports. But, to react violently against a person given authority to monitor a game and protect its participants is inexcusable and dangerous, too.

I am happy to read that local authorities are investigating the situation and that charges against the players will more than likely be filed. In addition, I am expecting that the local school district will weigh in with banishment of the players and release a strong statement decrying the heinous act.

Though this incident occurred in a small Texas town, its ramifications are huge and will be closely scrutinized by an eager national audience.

A line in the sand has been egregiously crossed and athletes everywhere, regardless the sport, need to comprehend that reprehensible behavior like this will never go unpunished.

NFL officiating guru Mike Pereira may have been over zealous in calling for the suspension of the entire John Jay high school football team in this isolated case apparently perpetrated by just two unwise players.

However, swift justice is required and a widely read poignant statement extolling the virtue of sports and excoriating the actions of those contributing to the destruction of it is absolutely necessary.

And, that’s my 2 cents.

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