2 Cent Tuesday: NBA’s Draymond Green Needs to Grow Up

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Golden State Warriors star forward Draymond Green finds himself in the news again today.

That’s why my 2 Cent Tuesday blog beckons the NBA star to grow up – fast!

With his outstanding overall play these past three seasons, Green has emerged as a a complimentary NBA star on an already star studded team. The versatile player has demonstrated that he’s also perfectly capable of dominating a game on his own.

A highly intelligent and immensely skilled player, Green has made a huge impact with the Warriors. He can defend multiple positions, handle the ball like a guard, shoot the three, pass off the dribble and, also, aggravate the heck out of opposing players and fans alike.

In addition, the easily agitated Green has quickly developed a less-than-enviable reputation as an immature, whining NBA bad boy.

Known for his animated personality, pesky defense and high energy game, Draymond Green stirs up controversy both on the NBA hardwood and away from it.

Yesterday, the former Michigan State star commented to ESPN about his most recent brush with the law by indicating that he doesn’t need to change.

Really, Draymond? You can’t be serious.

Warriors fans can probably hear thunderous groans from coach Steve Kerr and Dubs’ stars Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and newcomer Kevin Durant.

That’s because last week, Green lost his cool again and slapped another former Spartan athlete in a public setting.

Plus, last month, Green’s immature cheap shot antics became media fodder during this year’s NBA Playoffs.

The Warriors’ forward intentionally kicked OKC Thunder center Stephen Adams in the cojones, drawing a controversial flagrant foul instead of a one game suspension?

In the next series, Green took a swipe at LeBron James’ personal package and had to sit out an NBA Finals game? His foolish foul more than likely cost his team a second championship in as many years?

Green Says He Doesn’t Need to Change

Now, Green is admitting that he doesn’t need to change when he’ll soon be representing his country in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

Maybe he needs to spend time with USA coach Mike Krzyzewski or call his former college coach Tom Izzo for immediate counseling. Both men would be able to see the path that Green has recklessly embarked upon.

Draymond Green’s infractions may be benign to some, but his penchant for petty punching, quick trigger whining and growing hubris are cause for concern.

What’s next?

More flagrant fouls? A hard punch in lieu of a silly slap? An insidious comment instead of a controlled, mature response.

Draymond Green, you are now a bona fide NBA star. Behave like one and grow up – fast!.

And that’s my 2 cents.

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