Friday Sports Funny: Makeable Putt in Golf

MRO 76 Makeable Putt w borderThis “makeable putt” comic is an easy choice for today’s Friday Sports Funny.

Standing alone a few feet from the hole always elicits painful memories of my own golf game.

And no recollection is worse than bogeying an easy makeable putt in golf.

As a career duffer, I have a bad short game and my putting is horrible. I struggle at times to make the simplest shots on the golf course.

That’s why in today’s Friday Sports Funny I’m sharing a chapter from my FREE book Clever Sports Comics.

It features one of my favorite sports comics – the makeable putt.

You don’t need to be a PGA golfer to understand this ridiculously obvious sports cliché.

I love the comic above in which a golfer stands over his putt before a cavernous hole on the 16th green preparing for an easy tap in.

In this case, the caddy doesn’t appear too confident.

It’s evident that the caddy’s fingers are crossed and his facial expression shows that he’s a bit worried.

Today’s Friday Sports Funny paints a great picture for all of us NOT to take the seemingly simple things in life for granted – like in this case – a makeable putt on the 16th green.

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