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LeBron James sending out tweet about post game plans.

Before the metaphorical twit hits the fan, let me publicly confess that I’ve got some major issues with Twitter.

That’s why the topic of Twitter in sports gets a podcast of its own.

MIKE on sports podcastClick on yellow cover above to listen to the podcast.

I am definitely NOT a fan of athletes, like LeBron James in the comic above, on Twitter sharing what they’re eating for dinner after the game, what their dog is doing and where they plan to go sneaker shopping next.

I’m an old-school-write-it-out-in-long-form-type-of-guy who really gives a twit about sports journalism.

I take my sports writing seriously, and I’m not a big fan of horse-twit Twitterati wanna-bees who think sports journalism is shooting the twit in abbreviations that cover only two real lines of text.

Any good twit – or for that matter – any bad twit that happens in sports worth writing about can’t possibly be done with 140 twitty characters!

When you tweet, you can never say enough important twit in 140 characters, thus leaving readers questioning if you ever really knew your twit in the first place.

So, don’t be a Twithead.

While covering a sports story, don’t send out cheap twit tweets because you’ll eventually find yourself up twit creek without a paddle.

Plus, your loyal sports readers will tell you to go eat twit. They’ll also think you can no longer tell the difference between twit and shinola.

Sports fans want to relive the exciting twit that happens during a game and not piece together chicken twit abbreviations further complicated by hash tags, RT’s, direct messages, nudges, faves and tiny curl links.

If you have issues with Twitter too, then stop bull-twitting around.

Don’t rely on this new stupid twit they call micro-blogging for your journalistic expression.

You heard it from me first, because the twit stops here.

Without doubt, the topic of Twitter in sports also belongs in my FREE sports comic book Worst About Sports.

Worst About SportsJust click on the yellow cover above and safely download the FREE sports comic book. Feel free to share the pdf with friends.

Yes, Twitter deserves a #hashtag all its own. Because I find it to be one of the worst things about sports.

Straight talk. No static.

MIKE on sports!

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