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Here’s a look back at Volume 1 of the MIKE Sports Comic Book Series featuring my all-time NFL Favorites.

These football favorites include six famous players, three legendary teams and the single greatest play in NFL history.

My choices may not all be Hall of Fame players; however, they have all earned a spot in this book for their positive impact on the sport or lasting legacy with football fans, most notably me.

The three teams on my list have always been fan favorites.

The Dallas Cowboys, or America’s Team, introduced clever formations on both sides of the ball more than 30 years ago that most NFL teams still utilize today.

The St. Louis Rams, or Greatest Show on Turf, brought new meaning to the circus term “greatest show on earth” for their unprecedented offensive production under the modern day big top known as the Edward R. Jones Dome.

And, the NFL’s only community based franchise, the Green Bay Packers, top off my list of NFL Favorites because of their championship success and the intense loyalty of their Cheese Head fan base.

In addition, this book chronicles former stars and current NFL play makers who have become household names.

You’ll read about a quick, but sure handed Slot Machine and a future Hall of Fame quarterback who routinely passes for huge numbers.

You’ll smile as you recall the immensely (in more ways than one) popular defensive tackle and fullback known as The Refrigerator.

And, you’ll admire two Hall of Famers who never shied away from the spotlight on the biggest of stages – Prime Time and Broadway Joe.

Lastly, the heavenly heave from 40 years ago during an NFL Playoff Game still ranks as the most incredible moment in NFL history.

Plus, each of my top 10 NFL Favorites includes a special sports comic that captures the nickname of the player, team or play.

In addition to the comics, I include a little history in each chapter about my selection and explain why I chose it for NFL Favorites.

NFL Favorites

I’m certain you’ll enjoy my picks. And, email me at with your own favorite football choices.

MIKE – thee ultimate talking head on sports!

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