2 Cent Tuesday: My Favorite Sounds in Sports

2 Cent Tuesday sports blog

Today’s 2 Cent Tuesday sports blog lists my all-time top 20 sounds in sports.

While consuming terrific NBA Playoff action this week, sports fans can also feast on the many baseball, soccer and hockey games available on television.

In addition to being grateful for the amazing plays and the smorgasbord of sights we witness while watching these games, sports fans should also be thankful that big games don’t merely satisfy our visual appetites.

As sports fans, we also eagerly drink in the alluring sounds that add to our experience as spectators.

Here’s my list of my favorite top 20 sounds in sports.

20. Swish of Net in Basketball

This is not only a beautiful sight. The sudden rippling sound that accompanies the dancing basketball net indicates that a sweet stroking shooter has just buried a jumper.

19. Eruption of the Home Team Crowd

A home court or home field advantage is never more evident than when diehard fans simultaneously erupt in boisterous applause. This thunderous din is a welcome sound whenever a touchdown in football, a basket in basketball or goal in hockey gives the locals a lead.

18. British Soccer Announcer Ian Darke

Few Americans know of this silky smooth British broadcaster. However, Ian Darke’s World Cup coverage for ESPN showcased an unparalleled skill that expertly, efficiently and poetically broadcasts soccer on the sports world’s highest level.

17. Crack of Bat in Baseball

The crack of the bat is undeniably one of the most beautiful sounds in all of sports. Whenever fans hear this sound, they turn in unison to see where the ball is headed.

16. Tee Shot Off a Big Bertha Driver in Golf

Seems like the after-socks of its reverberating sound can be heard miles away from the golf course.

15. National Anthem at Super Bowl

Always gives me goose bumps and makes me proud to be an American.

14. Crushing Hit in Football

The powerful collision of shoulders pads and helmets (ouch!) may sound like a car wreck at times, but the palpable sound nearly always leads to a replay that more than likely makes a Sports Center Top 10.

13. Starter’s Gun in Any Sport

Clearly determines that the action, whether in the pool or on the track, has officially begun and the cheering, howling and nail biting can now begin.

12. Hockey’s Shushing Sound

You know what I mean! Shushing sound a hockey player makes when he stops suddenly and sprays ice shavings off his skates.

11. Singing at an English Premier League Game

A wonderful British soccer tradition even when sung by drunken, unruly, off-key hooligans. I could never see Cheeseheads in Green Bay, Hogs in DC, Terrible Towel wavers in Pittsburgh or any other NFL team fans adopted this tradition in their city.

Anyway, I just love the singing, especially in the English Premier League.

Shop for Autographed English Premier League Collectibles and Memorabilia at SportsMemorabilia.com10. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Okay, you’re lying if you say you haven’t used this legendary Indianapolis 500 starter’s saying before backing out of your garage.

9. Knock Out Punch in Boxing

Ouch! This immediately identifiable sound usually comes with a listener’s personalized grimace.

8. Pop of the Catcher’s Mitt in Baseball

Even if you’re seated in the most distant from the plate in Pigeon Heaven in a stadium filled with 50,000 fans, you can hear, almost feel, this beautiful baseball sound. Plus, with your binoculars, you focus on the catcher and look for the accompanying little puff of smoke arising from his mitt.

7. Silence After An ESPN DickieV Telecast

Dick Vitale may be passionate for NCAA college basketball, but his incessant screaming, Pollyanna platitudes and corny expressions makes me seasick. I usually mute the game.

6. Puck clanging Off the Post in Hockey

This distinctive sound always seems accompanied by a hush as fans in the arena know that the scoring of a goal was just missed.

5. Marching bands at a NCAA BCS Game

Love to watch perfectly aligned students in swanky costumes and plumed hats march in unison while playing tubas, clarinets, trumpets, xylophones and drums.

4. “Gooooooooooooooooooooooooal!”

We’ve all burst out in celebration and “borrowed” this infectious expression while watching a soccer match on television or scoring our own goal in a rec game or even fuseball at a local bar.

3. Hammond 3 Organ

Would never listen to organ music in my car or add it to my play list. But, hearing a Hammond B3 pipe out Take Me Out to the Ball Game at a baseball game or tickle the keys with an energetic dunt dunt dunt da dunt to get the crowd revved up at a hockey or basketball game is nothing short of a religious experience.

2. Hockey Horn

The perfect sound for a rough and tumble sport that sounds like a cruise ship is ready to dock in your living room.

1. ESPN’s Da Da Dunt, Da Da Dunt

Without doubt the siren song of sports guaranteed, when heard, to interrupt dinner or any conversation anywhere.

So ends my top 20 all-time favorite sounds in sports.

And, that’s my 2 cents!

Email me if I missed one of your favorite sounds in sports.

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