#TBT Sports Blog: NBA Icon “Dr. J” Julius Erving

NBA great Julius Erving

Today’s #TBT sports blog features one of my NBA hardwood heroes.

Mention the name Dr. J and sports fans will immediately recognize this basketball legend.

“Dr. J,” or Julius Erving, revolutionized the game of basketball. He elevated it to a much higher level. Erving’s amazing athleticism changed the NBA style of play from a below the rim pick and roll game to an entertaining aerial act above the basket.

Erving’s brilliantly flashy play created a new basketball vocabulary. It featured innovative terms that included “slam dunk,” “no look pass” and “cross over dribble.”

Julius Erving probably never sought a medical degree. He probably can’t read a hospital chart, hold a scalpel correctly or perform surgery. But, this self-styled basketball doctor knew exactly how to operate on the basketball court.

A high school friend originally named him “Doctor” when Erving referred to his friend as “Professor.” The “Doctor” nickname turned into Dr. J and eventually stuck for the rest of his career.

Dr. J’s game on the hardwood brought a new level of excellence to the NBA. Julius’ style of play brought new life to basketball in the same way great laboratory discoveries bring new life into the medical profession.

Erving dissected opponents on the basketball court as easily as an experienced medical professional handles a scalpel.

“Dr. J” Julius Erving Named One of 50 Greatest Players Ever

In addition to being named one of the fifty greatest basketball players of all time, the 6’7” and 210 lb. Dr. J was admired for his individual expression of talent on the court. Off the court, he became known as an unofficial ambassador and spokesman for the game of basketball.

Dr. J won both an ABA title as well as an NBA title. He also received three MVP Awards in the ABA and another in the NBA.

An 11-time NBA All Star during his Hall of Fame career, this Doctor may have never been a medical expert.

But as a basketball player and a representative of the game, Dr. J knew how to operate as the consummate professional while on or away from the hardwood.

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